Chapter 231: Battle, Terrifying Puppeteer

Chapter 231: Battle, Terrifying Puppeteer

Han was surrounded by a large number of puppets. Although these low-level puppets couldn’t really pose any real threat to Han, the situation wasn’t looking optimistic.

The enemy was very likely trying to assess Han’s strength using these lowly puppets, and deliver a fatal blow when they analyzed his strategies and skills. This was a very common tactic of puppeteers.

In the Milky Way, Puppeteering was a special profession that was even more rare than beast tamers, but that was not a reason to underestimate them.

The situation right now couldn’t help but remind Han about Wuyun’s spider army. This was too identical, both great in numbers, and both were fearless and obedient.

Thinking about Wuyun, Han started sweating, because he didn’t want to meet an enemy like Wuyun at all. Wuyun also loved using his spider army to assess the strength of enemies.

And what happens after the assessment is done?

Wuyun will deliver the fatal blow! Let out a large group of terrifying Godly Armored Beasts!

But Han knew very well, the Godly Armored Beasts were not Wuyun’s strongest card for sure. He certainly hid something else to be used for critical times.

Thinking about this, Han gritted his teeth and started praying that the opponent wasn’t too strong. Puppeteers and beast tamers were very similar, and if the enemy was at a level similar to Wuyun, then Han will be pretty screwed.

“Follow me and break the siege!” Han shouted.

Han led Silver Fox, the Ghost Claw and Demon Claw and immediately charged up.

Now the only way out was to do the opposite of what the enemy wanted.

This puppeteer wanted to see the cards in Han’s sleeves but Han won’t let him! He will break the siege first!


The Ghost Claw played the role of vanguard, clearing the path ahead, while Silver Fox and Demon Claw covered the sides.

Now that he believed the opponent was very likely someone at Wuyun’s level, Han stopped attacking and just let the three little monsters to handle the low level puppets.

The Ghost Claw was like a grandmaster at the front, and the puppets were completely no match for him. One strike one kill, tearing them into pieces right on the spot.

Very soon, Han came to the edge of this giant crater, and he was just about to break out from the siege.

At this time, Han felt a violent trembling underground, as if something was quickly approaching him from below.

Maybe the puppeteer noticed that the low level puppets alone couldn’t assess Han’s strength, so he summoned something stronger.

“Demon Claw!”

Han pointed to the ground, and the Demon Claw with its nine claws and a crimson red tail immediately began digging underground.

Assess Han’s strength?

Not that easy!

It was only underground puppets and Han had the Demon Claw! Who was the real expert in underground combat?


Hearing the underground tremor getting more and more violent, Han knew that the battle between the Demon Claw and underground puppets has began.

Shredded puppets were tossed out from underground one after another. This Demon Claw guy, it could reach a speed of hundreds of kilometers per hour underground, and although there was only one of it, it was still clearing out all the underground puppets at a rapid pace.

The workmanship of these underground puppets were a lot more exquisite than the other one: purple red rosewood property, cleverly-designed joints, shaped like flees, and the digging claws were even forged with a metal alloy.

Unfortunately, they were still not enough to be the Demon Claw’s match. The Demon Claw after evolution had now become Han’s number one fighter, even stronger than the Ghost Claw.

During a short time, tons of puppets were thrown out from the ground, and crushed into pieces, making the scene a mess.

Although some of the underground puppets had their bodies torn apart, their mouths were still intact, opening and closing while the eyes made of iron-ore stared at Han.

Han slightly frowned. When he killed Mandala of the three Witch Kings, he obtained some information on puppet surgery, and he knew that only top tier puppeteers could make puppets that had the ability to attack on their own.

That meant the puppeteer perfused his will on these wooden machinery, and they will follow the will to take initiative to find and kill the enemy.

In the distant, Han saw a black mass on his starship, as if it was covered by something.

Seeing Han, the black birds clustered on his ship flew up right away. They were actually flying puppets! After spreading their wings, they were like large vultures, and they seemed to be grabbing onto something red on their claws.

“They are bombs!”

Han soon realized the purpose of those flying puppets.


Han gritted his teeth, his finger slightly moved past Lunar Mark into the air, throwing out a blue seed.

“Air Defense Formation! Blood-Thirsty King Vine!”


When the blue seeds touched the ground, it immediately started growing out at an incredible speed! Within seconds, it reached thousands of meters in height!

This was the top tier defense weapon in the department of plants, the Bloodthirsty King Vine!

The advanced version of the Blood-Thirsty Dark Wind Vine was the Blood-Thirsty Sky Vine, and this King Vine was a further improved version of the Sky Vine!

No matter if it was the Dark Wind Vine or the Sky Vine, it needed to be planted on a human’s army, growing by absorbing human’s energy and blood. Although powerful, its weakness was also very obvious. If a soldier planted too many Dark Wind Vines on his arm, he will die from the loss of blood.

But the King Vine does not have this weakness. Every Blood-Thirsty King Vine needs to find a host, and be a parasite inside a soldier’s body for one hundred years.

During this time, the King Vine’s speed will constantly absorb the energy of the host, and that’s why when these plants were actually used, it didn’t need to absorb any of the users’ energy.

Of course, it was easier said than done. As the speed grew, it will absorb more and more energy, and during this process, the host must stay alive, and that’s why low level soldiers couldn’t become the host for the King Vine. At least a quasi-warlord level elite is needed!

But another problem came. Find a quasi-warlord elite, tell him, “Come, help me feed the Blood-Thirsty King Vine, let me plant the seed in your body for a hundred years and let the seed slowly suck the life out of you until you die.”

This was equivalent to using a quasi-warlord’s life to exchange for a seed. Such a cruel cultivation method, even idiots wouldn’t agree!

So the methods to cultivate the King Vine was limited. Spend tons of money to buy a quasi-warlord level servant and plant the seed, or send some elites to kidnap some quasi-warlords and force them to become hosts.

Every King Vine needed the life of a quasi-warlord in exchange, and that warlord also needed to be in his or her prime years, can’t be too old.

Han only had two King Vine’s seeds and he got them from an exchange on Path of All Gods. Until he has to use it as a last resort, he wouldn’t even be willing to think about it.

But today Han had no choice but to use it, because he suspects that he was facing a grandmaster at the same level as Wuyun!

The thought of that pushed Han to give it his all, because he knew way too well how terrifying that level of enemy could be.


Blood-Thirsty King Vine was worthy of carrying the word “king” in its name. It was filled with the breath of a tyrant!

Green vines instantly rose to five thousand meters high!

The tough branches and leaves were like god’s whips, swiping at those puppet vultures, suddenly becoming an insurmountable wall, an invincible barrier!

Underground, the King Vine also grew python like roots that were deeply entrenched into the ground!

Doesn’t matter if the enemy hds tens of thousands of troops, aerial or underground, no one could pass through!

Soon, all the puppet vultures were eliminated!

All the underground puppets chasing Han were eliminated!

The normal puppets, all of those that dared to approach Han were all eliminated!

This was the power of the King Vine!

It was the top tier defensive plant made from the evilest means.

“You actually used Blood-Thirsty King Vine? Very well! Go, Thousand Feet Golden Cicada!”

Suddenly, Han heard a voice shouted in the distance.

“Eye of Darkness!”


Han’s right eye immediately turned black and started looking for the whereabouts of the enemy.

But soon, Han was disappointed again and shouted, “Damn puppeteer! This was the Puppet Sounding Technique!”

Puppeteers not only can control puppets, they could even take form in a puppet, attaching his spirit onto a lifeless puppet, borrowing the puppet’s eyes to observe the battlefield, and borrow its mouth to speak.

As for the puppeteer himself, he was likely not at the scene at all, but was far on another planet!

Han almost forgot, puppeteers that reached the top level were able to remotely control puppets over incredible distances!

This was a cunning and terrifying enemy!

The battle had progressed to this stage, Han was already forced to use his precious Blood-Thirsty King Vine, but he still hasn’t even seen the shadow of the enemy.

As to boarding his starship and fleeing, Han didn’t dare to do it at all. Who knows what kind of shit the puppeteer already did on his battleship!


At this moment, a violent tremoring came from the ground again, and the thousand-meter kilometer wide pit began to collapse.

Suddenly, a black shadow jumped out from the depth of the mine pit. A massive puppet, like a thunder cloud, leapt towards Han’s Blood-Thirsty King Vine.

This was the puppeteer’s Thousand Feet Golden Cicada!

With a closer look, those 1000 feet were actually 1000 sharp blades!

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