Chapter 114: Still Dare to Come?

Chapter 114: Still Dare to Come?

History has already proven that only espers could deal with espers, and by the same logic, only aliens can manage aliens due to the similar circumstances they were in.

Han’s plan was very successful, the Red Dragon tribe quickly took over the supervision of the 150 thousand alien immigrants, and maintained order in the ship.

But why was the Red Dragon tribe willing to come forward?

Very simple, it was because of Ke Lake.

Ke Lake was the most admired warrior in the Red Dragon tribe and he was treated like a brother by them. The Red Dragon tribe might now be willing to do things for Han, but if Ke Lake needed them to do something, they obviously wouldn’t refuse.

As for the other alien fighters, if a human like Han said, “Come with me and let’s do it together!” They might not agree.

But if the Red Dragon tribe comes forward and says, “People from Earth can be trusted, let’s do it together with them!” Then the other alien races will certainly consider it.

There was no other way, humans have done too much harm to the aliens in Milky Way. There are few aliens that don’t hate human. Han had no choice but to first convince the Red Dragons, and then let them be the middleman to convince more people.

The Polo Class high-speed cargo ship approached Earth’s orbit, Han and Mu Tata stood by the window and watched.

“Look! This is Earth, my home. I didn’t lie to you right? Earth is really beautiful.”

It was not the first time Han viewed Earth from outer space, but he still could not help but feel excited. To any people from Earth, home was not just a word. It was accompanied with the sincerest feelings from the heart.

Mu Tata lightly nodded and said in a deep voice, “It is truly beautiful. Three years ago when I took Destroyer in, I never thought that one day I will visit his hometown.

Han asked curiously, “How did the Destroyer end up in your tribe?”

Mu Tata shook head and said, “Don’t know, not even he remembers. A very old and damaged spaceship landed in our territory and the Destroyer crawled out from the cabin. I remember how he was looking at the stars, dazed.”

“We, the Red Dragon tribe, don’t like humans, so the soldiers decided to kill him. But unfortunately, even with the whole tribe coming together we still couldn’t do it, and that’s when we realized how terrifying of a soldier the Destroyer actually was.”

“Just like that, the Destroyer settled down beside our village. He never spoke to us nor attacked us, and gradually the kids inside the village got to know him first. They would always steal some food and give to him, and he would play with the kids. The people inside the tribe felt that the Destroyer was rather nice and different from other humans so the hostility slowly disappeared. But out of caution, we still did not have much contact with him.”

“Until one day, the tribe was attacked by a brutal star beast, and just when our whole army was about to collapse, the Destroyer flew right over and knocked the beast out with one punch.”

“We, the Red Dragon tribe, knew how to be appreciative, since he saved our tribe we began to regularly send him something to eat or use. Later, we invited him to live in our tribe and he didn’t deny too.”

“Then he became involved in hunting with us, and soon he became the hero of our tribe. We accepted him as a member of the tribe, and named him the Destroyer, until we were all caught by humans and the whole tribe got captured.”

Han slightly nodded. Ke Lake was obviously powerful, he had the most powerful flying descent ability, Celestial Dominator.

As for star beasts, Han knew about it too. Red Dragon tribe was one of the best hunters, and they had always killed Star Beasts for a living. They were the typical battle type tribe.

Just like the Kui race where Old Mo was from became skinners, all the alien races that still existed today were all elite leaders in some field of work, and all those that didn’t specialize in anything were all eliminated by humans a long time ago.


In the dark night, the cargo ship landed on the Nazca wilderness.

Finally, home. Han and Ke Lake walked down the ship side by side, breathing in the air of the Earth.

“It’s always a good feeling being back home! Even Earth’s air is different from other planets, you guys try!” Han excitedly showed off to Mu Tata and the others.

“Han Lang!” Talin and Li Yu pushed Long Chuan on a wheel chair and they shouted.

Han smiled, pushed Ke Lake forward.

Suddenly, Long Chuan and the others all froze there. Han didn’t mention anything about Ke Lake in the messages he sent back and just said that he got some immigrants for Earth and told Long Chuan and the others to get ready to help the immigrants settle.

Ke Lake’s suddenly appearance gave a big surprise to Long Chuan and the others, but Ke Lake only felt that Long Chuan, Li Yu, and Talin looked very familiar and couldn’t really remember who they were, so he had a look of embarrassment on his face.

“These three were your teachers in the past. Go” Han gently pushed Ke Lake’s back and said.

It’s been a decade since the last goodbye, Long Chuan and the other two thought they would never see Ke Lake again. Today they were actually able to reunite so they were naturally overjoyed. The eyes of the four guys who were the 4 strongest elites on Earth, actually all turned a bit red, with tears circling inside their eyes.

Mu Tata let out a light sigh, “These must be the Destroyer’s family members right?”

Han shook his head, “They are the Destroyer’s teachers, more like brothers. Although they are not related by blood, but the relationship between each other are just like families.”

“Let’s go, there’s a grand welcoming banquet in the dinning room. The Earth Federation welcomes all brothers from the Red Dragon tribe!” Han waved his hand and shouted.


The Nazca wilderness was where the B-class relic was located, there gathered the strongest army on Earth, the cafeteria on campus was huge. 150 thousand new immigrants could all sit down and still have room.

Delicious food was brought up one by one, good drinks were served bottle by bottle, everyone sat together and enjoyed the party.

Han already said to treat these new immigrants nicely, so whether it was the staff in the cafeteria or representatives sent by the military, everyone had a warm smile on their face.

Mu Tata and his people couldn’t believe it at all because in their memory, human beings were evil and they treated alien races with a very prejudiced attitude. But apparently Earth was a bit different from their expectations, and there was no obvious discrimination from the way they looked at the alien races.

Among the 150 thousand new immigrants, the Red Dragon tribe were at 100 thousand, and the rest of the 50 thousand were the Kui race, He Yuan race and some others.

Originally they were not too as happy as the Red Dragon tribe about settling down on Earth, but seeing Earth’s enthusiasm, they seemed to have been affected too. Humans welcoming alien races with good drinks and delicious cuisine? That’s something they would’ve never imagined.

Why don’t the people on Earth hate aliens?

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