Chapter 150: Nuclear Attack!

Chapter 150: Nuclear Attack!

Undercurrent Fortress. It’s high noon.

Forin arrived on time to the execution ground outside the city near the free market. The reason that the execution ground is chosen to be there, it’s to send a warning to everyone. After all, trade is one of the main pillars of this place, and if everyone tries to avoid paying taxes like these salvage workers, then the wealth of Undercurrent Fortress will greatly shrink.

A 300mm howitzer cannon placed at the center of the execution ground, and 100 meters away from the muzzle are the 58 salvage worker representatives. They are all tied together, and their faces are all pale.

There are a lot of people crowding around, but they are already used to this unique method of execution here. After launching the artillery, the shells will directly hit the bound prisoners and turn them into freshly squeezed human jam. And what if someone gets lucky and survives?

Very simple, take another shot.

Forin is very proud of his execution method, he is convinced that in this lawless wilderness, only the cruelest punishments can make people yield.

Forin doesn’t really have too many soldiers. Aside from the fleet, there are only about 2000 people on the ground security forces and they are all concentrated in the vicinity of the place of execution.

In the galactic wilderness, one still need to mainly rely on aerial fleet, and that’s Forin’s real elite force. As for the ground security, they basically play the role of a police and are lower tier than the Undercurrent Fortress fleet soldiers.

Forin is a skinny old man, sunken eyes, like a walking skeleton. It’s said that he had been a 5-star esper but came to the Undercurrent Fortress after committing too many heinous crimes in the Milky Way.

He started off working for the previous generation owner as a thug, ultimately successfully in his position by putting a knife in the past owner’s throat. There are no rules here, so such examples are very common.

Every base, every market, will go through a bloodbath every few years, with people stepping on the bodies of their predecessors onto the throne of the tyrant. Then, every few years later the positions of those people will be replaced by someone else.

Whatever goes around comes around, and whose fists are bigger then he’s the king. The galactic wilderness had always followed the law of the jungle.

Sneered, Forin walked to those worker leaders, pointed at Lynch’s nose and said, “Old Lynch, I think I was being very generous towards you guys, but I can’t believe that you guys will do such thing behind my back.”

“You are about to die. Any last words, worm?”

Lynch smiled bitterly and said, “What a generosity that’s worth mentioning. The parts that us workers worked hard to salvage, you just have to move your lips to take away 80%. It’s obviously us that are working day and night, but we can’t even fill our stomach or send our kids to school.”

“Such life, it’s not worth living anyways!”

Forin laughed and said, “What a traitor, I charge taxes from you guys because I respect you guys! If I’m cruel enough I already turned you guys into my slaves! Today you guys can just wait for your death! I will let everyone see, the result of being a traitor!”

Lynch still wanted to curse some more but immediately got his mouth stuffed by Forin’s man and also received a few slaps in the face.


Forin proudly walked back, ready to walk back to his seat and announce the beginning of the execution.

Suddenly, they saw an obscure black dot flying near. It’s a Vulture-class frigate, it did not enter the airport to dock but flew low above the ground towards the Undercurrent Fortress city.

Forin looked up in curiosity and muttered, “What a disrespectful pilot. When he docks, triple his tax!”

On the side a henchman recorded rightaway.

Just at that moment, they just saw the Vulture-class frigate taking a turn and it seemed to be heading towards the military airport now.

At the Undercurrent Fortress, Forin’s fleet is not docked at the same place as other ships. After all, Forin has his own military so he has his own airport. There are 24 warships in total, and the largest model is the Caracal-class Guided Missile frigate, and they are considered a decently strong presence in the galactic wilderness.

They just saw the Vulture-class frigate speeding up its flight as it completely ignores the navigation tower’s stern warning.


When flying over the military airport, from the Vulture-class cabin dropped a medium sized bomb.


The next second, the whole world was quiet.

Then everyone just saw rising plumes of fireworks in the direction of the military airport, which flew high enough into the sky for at least 10,000 meters.

Then immediately after the firework faded, a huge mushroom cloud soared into the sky.

Light travels faster than sounds, so when the mushroom cloud just appeared, the people at the execution ground and in the city just heard the deafening sound.

The noise was like a tide, roaring as it rushed over. Despite the fact that the military airport is at least 400 kilometers apart from the Undercurrent Fortress city and market, the strong airflow and current still blew people off balance, even shattering some windows of those high-rise buildings.

“It’s a nuke!!!”

Even in a world with borderline magical powers and indescribably huge intergalactic warships, mentions of a nuclear weapon still send shivers down most men’s spines.

Don’t know who shouted, but all the people that originally came here to watch the execution all began to frantically flee.

It’s a nuclear strike!

The king of weapon of mass destruction, the big killing machine that the Milky Way Alliance has banned a long time ago!

Who would’ve thought, such a small frigate actually dropped a nuclear bomb and sped away.

Just minutes after the nuclear explosion and the mushroom cloud didn’t even reach its climax yet, Han’s powered complex radar array began broadcasting live, filling all current communication channels, sending everyone a surprising message.

“You guys listen the f*ck up! This is just a warning!”

“If you smart the get out of my way! This is a war between me and Forin!”

“If he doesn’t surrender, then I will just drop my greater tonnage hydrogen bomb and blow you all to kingdom come!”

The crowd began desperately fleeing, flocking to the airport. They don’t even care about their products or money, life is more important!

Even fools know, the guy that’s speaking is not joking. Who has ever seen someone that doesn’t even declare war and directly drops a nuke in front of someone’s front door?

Nope, they’ve never seen such a ruthless man!

Don’t know how much this man hates Forin, he even putted nuclear weapons into use?!

The nuclear weapons changed quite a bit from the past. Originally, a nuke that’s enough to destroy a city is already considered powerful, but now, weapons are condensed, a humble-looking hydrogen bomb can blow up half a planet!

But having said that, how can an old-fashioned Vulture-class frigate be carrying a nuclear bomb?

Sh*t, the owner of this ship must be a madman. This might even be just the vanguard troops and he might even got more reinforcements coming in!



Starships took off from the airport one after another, rushing straight into the outer space without even looking back. The shock that brought to the people by the nuclear bomb, only those that have witnessed can understand. Someone that dares to directly use nuclear weapon to start a fight, is usually a madman that people are afraid to offend!

“Where’s my fleet?! Where’s my fleet?!” Forin jumped up in rage and shouted at his men.

“The warships that were docked at our military airport are all destroyed. The remaining fleet is in space orbit and they have begun chasing!”

“Wreck this damn Vulture-class, I want it and its damned pilot cut into pieces!” Forin loudly ordered.

But who would’ve thought that just after he finished, at the not distant sky a bright sun has risen.

No, it’s not a sun, but the light produced by detonating a nuke in space!

Another nuke?!

Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes, what the f*ck is going on? Could there be a nuclear war breaking out?!

“Reporting! The damn enemy arranged a nuclear bomb on our fleet’s pursuing route. When our fleet passed by we were ambushed!”

“The flagship has been hit hard! Suffering 75% of power. Destroyer Nightingale and Night Cat were completely destroyed due to being too close to the explosion! And also frigate Yeman, Yeli, and Yeshu, they are all finished!”


The skinny Forin sat in his place, sweat raining down.

Instantly, the fleet that he worked so hard to manage, was three-quarters destroyed.

Nuclear attack? This is too crazy!

The opponent seems to not follow rules at all, doing whatever is most brutal and lethal!

“Our fleet has engaged in a fierce battle! Although the opponent only has a frigate, but that frigate’s speed is extremely quick! Without the assistance of flagship, our fleet can’t catch up to them at all, nor do we have long-range weapons!” When his underling reported the news, Forin is no longer surprised, because this Vulture-class has given him too many surprises today already.

“Leader, how about the execution today?”

Forin looked at the tied up workers in disgust, impatiently waved his hand and said, “Kill them! Kill them all! Tell the fleet, if they can’t finish off that Vulture-class today, they don’t need to come back anymore!”


Immediately, a few of Forin’s soldiers walked to the 300 mm howitzer in cold face.

Just when the executioner is about to reach the cannon and press the launch button.


A white beam burst out!

It’s a shoulder-fired laser cannon!

It landed on several soldiers, immediately burning off their upper body, leaving only a few legs still standing on the ground, emitting horrible smell and smoke.

Laser weapon?!

The ground soldiers were all scared senseless. Laser weapons are even more scarce than nuclear weapons, they are precious output from the Extinction Domain. There is no good way to counter laser weapons, one will need to be high enough level and have fast enough reflex, and these soldiers clearly haven’t reached the level to be able to dodge laser weapons.

At last, the shoulder-fired laser cannon carrier Han appeared on the execution ground. There’s a man in his hand, it’s that Mr. Liu that was responsible for connecting Han and the worker leaders. He’s about to become a dead fat man, already beaten into non-human-like, kneeling on the ground and shaking.

“It really wasn’t me! Brother Han, I really didn’t tell the secret!” Fat storekeeper Liu begged.


Han didn’t say anything, but his blade went down and sliced that fat man’s head off, said coldly, “Your words, I don’t even believe in a punctuation mark.”

Lynch and the others that are tied up all looked at Han in shock, it’s actually him!

But isn’t he a one-man-army? If he’s here, then who’s controlling No. Demon Claw?

Of course it’s Yuan Yuan. Han just need to tell him what to do, and all strikes can be launched through remote control.

“Little brat, you dare to invade Undercurrent Fortress by yourself? I think you don’t want to live anymore?! Even if you have laser weapon, you don’t stand a chance against all of us!” Forin began shouting at Han.

It was just intended to motivate his men. Han has nukes and laser weapons, and those soldiers are just mercenaries that want money. When they really meet a strong enemy, it’s hard to say whether they will really stay loyal to Forin.


They just saw Han smiling, with finger gently moved past Lunar Mark, and immediately 10 fusion beasts appeared on the execution ground, they are Armored Godly Beasts! The top tier fusion beasts so far in the Milky Way Galaxy!

Han went to the front of the 300mm cannon, gave a hard push, and actually pushed this monstrous cannon of over hundreds of tons 180 degrees, and the muzzle that pointed at the Lynch and the others to directly at Forin and his underlings.

“First of all, I’m never alone!”

“Second, my shoulder-fired laser cannon is certainly not powerful and prestigious enough, so I want to borrow your little mortar for a second!”


Han never do things sloppily, when his voice just faded, he slapped down onto the launch button of this giant howitzer.