Chapter 432: Black Egg, Xiao Bao, Evolved!

Chapter 432: Black Egg, Xiao Bao, Evolved!

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The Sky God descended and golden light showered the world!

The strong light was so irritating that people were unable to open their eyes. With Lone Abyss in the center, a golden flame in a circular shape was ignited and a crack appeared in the sky. A huge, golden giant with a long machete jumped out.


Lone Abyss threw off Wai Late Dao, who had become weak from the loss of blood and let out a soul shattering scream.


Lone Abyss in his strong black armor looked like a huge insect after the transformation. He was currently screaming and shaking all over due to fear.

And the golden giant who appeared out of nowhere didn’t waste any time and raised the long machete in his hand and stabbed it into the back of Lone Abyss.


The long machete stabbed right into the mysterious symbol that was drawn on Lone Abyss’s back, one stab was enough to freeze his heart.

Han and everyone else who was at the scene was at a loss for words. Soul formation spells could be this f*cking strong?!

Wai Late Dao used his own blood to draw out the symbols and was able to invite a Sky God to help? And with one hit it ended Lone Abyss?!

From the distance, Lone Abyss’s cry became lower and lower. Clearly, he was at the edge of death. Unless his soul power was on the 9th level peak, anyone who was attacked would die, Lone Abyss was not an exception.

Then the golden giant put away his machete and flew into the crack in the sky. The crack closed and the golden light disappeared along with the giant.


Without any warning, Han was thrown into the sky by an explosion in the earth. Just when Lone Abyss died, the Eight-Claw Flying Nether self-exploded, causing Han who was standing on its head to be affected.


Han free fell from the sky and landed on the ground.

From afar, the Eight-Claw Flying Nether that was over 1000 meters turned into a pile of crumbs, shells, cells, and nervous units. It was scattered everywhere.

From the Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s corpse a blue hand reached out, and then it was a face that Han was very familiar with.

"Xiao Bao!" Han rushed over and hugged him.


The tough and chaotic battle was finally over, Han was wrapping up Wai Late Dao’s injuries. He had lost a lot of blood so his face was paper white, but it was obvious that he was okay mentally.

Xiao Bao who had done really well this time was sitting on the side obediently, with the same humble look on his face. It was just that there were a lot of unimaginable changes that took place in his body.

Xiao Bao seemed to have turned bluer. He used to be the same as Boya who was of the blue bloodline. Their skins were light blue, but now Xiao Bao was dark blue.

And now Xiao Bao’s energy vibes were stronger than before. Even though he was still obedient to Han, his eyes were definitely more confident than before.

Han finished treating Wai Late Dao, and then he carefully observed Xiao Bao, Blue Star, and Silver Fox. After he made sure that they weren’t in danger, he took a step back and relaxed.

When Han asked Xiao Bao for what he had experienced, Xiao Bao waved around and said a lot, but unfortunately, the language he spoke in was very complex, Han couldn’t understand.

"He said that the original body of the Eight-Claw Flying Nether was his uncle, and his uncle saved him by giving all his energy to him. Unfortunately, his uncle died now, and his soul no longer exists." Wai Late Dao translated with great difficulty.


Xiao Bao nodded and made an unfortunate look. In this world, he was still alone, in the race of the liquid nether. He was the only one left, he didn’t have anyone else as family.


Han petted the head of Xiao Bao and said, "Don’t worry, you have us, we will take care of you!"

Xiao Bao was slightly stunned, and then he patted his chest and said something.

Wai Late Dao translated again, "Xiao Bao said he doesn’t need you to take care of him. He must learn how to take care of himself so he can change his fate."

Han chuckled and said, "I believe you."

Wai Late Dao said apologetically, "This was my fault, I dragged you guys down. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will pay you guys back!"

Han sighed and said, "It’s okay, it is hard to chase after the past. I like to look forward, it is not that interesting to fight over past events."

"Furthermore, it is not like I got nothing out of this. Look, this is Lone Abyss’s corpse and his blood. I collected all of his blood, even though I don’t know whether it would be useful, but I feel like it will be."

"Also, I got a batch of really good raw material, it is enough for me to construct another genetic beast."

"You aren’t angry that I am talking about this right? You are from the Golden Family as well after all!"

Wai Late Dao shook his head and said grudgingly, "I am not the same as Lone Abyss, we are mortal enemies! In addition, even though the Golden Family has the looks of humans, we are of the beast race. If you use it to create genetic beasts, then it is pretty fitting. I also trust that you wouldn’t do weird things like Lone Abyss, using these material and power to bring horror to the world."

Han smiled, "Since you don’t mind, then I will gather all these raw material, these are all very valuable."

And then, Han gathered all the cells, organs, and especially the nerve units into Lunar Mark. But there were too many and they couldn’t all fit. Luckily, Wai Late Dao had a dimension ring that was over 1000 cubic meters, and with that, they were able to gather all the raw material.

Recently both Wuyun and Han were worried that they didn’t have enough material to create new genetic beasts, because they basically couldn’t find any beasts in this Cursed Zone.

But now that problem is solved, Han gained priceless materials, especially Lone Abyss and his armor. The armor was made from the insect king, it was extremely high level. As well, Han had never attempted to make genetic beasts with the insect race, he didn’t know whether he could succeed and what effects it would have if it does.

All in all, this battle in the golden tower, there was a lot of pain, but also a lot of gains. If nothing else was taken into consideration, the state that Xiao Bao was in today made Han very happy, not only did he improve his abilities, but he also became braver.

When he rushed into the head of Eight-Claw Flying Nether, if Han didn’t see it with his own eyes, he probably wouldn’t even believe that it is true.

Han frowned and said, "I have a lot of questions that I don’t understand, firstly it is about the Golden Family, who is Lone Abyss? And who are you? Both of you are from the Golden Family but why must you guys fight?"

"And then it was your fighting technique, your soul formation six trials are very similar to my Six Path of Void. In terms of force, energy, it is basically the same, what was going on?"

Wai Late Dao paused slightly, "Six Path of Void? Capable of destroying 9 Layers of Hell! Easily able to annihilate the 6 paths of reincarnation?"

Han nodded, "Yes yes, you indeed know about it!"

Wai Late Dao said, "I only know a bit, because of your Six Path of Void, my Soul Formation Six Trials, and Xiao Bao and his special language, all came from the same place."

Han was shocked, "The same place? Where?"

Wai Late Dao said, "The west side of the dark network, the place we are at is the east side, between the west and the east, is a spatial law barrier. Apparently, on the west side of the dark network, there are a lot of intelligent races and many many weapons and techniques. Their levels are much higher than the east side."

"The Golden Family is no longer here, it is because they went to chase higher targets on the west side of the dark network. I am certain that Lone Abyss’s armor, and that powerful insect, they all came from the west."

Han asked again, "What about Xiao Bao?"

Wai Late Dao glanced at Xiao Bao, "There is a very strong power in the west, and the only reason that fate organisms are cursed was because they pissed them off. I am guessing that Xiao Bao’s family was trying to escape their fate and that was why they moved here from the west."

Han was shocked. This was the first time he found out that he was actually located on the east side of the dark network, and there was a west side too.

Jian Jia frowned and said, "I heard from my grandfather that the ultimate goal of the Big Fives was to go to the west side, but apparently it is very difficult. You cannot get there easily."

Wai Late Dao nodded and said, "Yes, it isn’t that easy to cross the spatial law barrier, oh yeah, what level are you at with practicing the Six Paths of Void?"

Han said expressionless, "I have finished it all."

Wai Late Dao was stunned immediately and was clearly shocked, "What? Have you completed the 7 paths? How is that possible?"

Han was confused, "7 Paths? No.. Sky, Earth, Man, God, Demon, Yao, there are 6 in total, where is the 7th?"


Wai Late Dao shook his head and said, "So you don’t know the hidden path. Okay, yeah I was saying if you have fully mastered the Six Paths of Void, then that would be extremely terrifying."

Han was suddenly shocked, he didn’t know there was a hidden path. The person who introduced this to him had never mentioned it either.

Right when he wanted to continue asking questions, Wai Late Dao said, "Let’s leave this place first, the questions you are asking cannot be easily explained within one or two days."

"Mhm, okay."

Han agreed and stood up, he looked at his surroundings and he realized an important question, Black Egg hasn’t returned yet?

"What if something happened? No, I must go find him!" Han said urgently.


Right when Han finished his sentence, something exploded in the distance!

Black shadows covered the entire 8th level of the golden tower.

It was a scary black shadow, tens of thousands of meters in height. It looked very scary.

Everyone jumped out of fear by the shadow that suddenly appeared.

Immediately after, a ray of black light rushed forward from the distance! The speed was very fast, perhaps even faster than Black Egg’s speed.

The little creature stopped beside Han, waving his wings in midair.

"Black Egg!" Han was shocked, he yelled loudly, "What the f*ck did you turn into?!"

Black Egg looked like he was in a good mood, he didn’t even mind that Han was swearing at him.

Black Egg definitely changed. A row of spikes grew on his back, two fangs appeared in his mouth, but his eyes were still bright gold.

It also seemed like Black Egg was smaller, he used to be the size of Han’s palm, but now he was about ⅔ of his palm.

Han thought that Black Egg looked like a little devil in cartoons, especially with the two white fangs, hanging outside his mouth, curved. If Black Egg carried a little fork, then he would look exactly like a little devil.

Without a question, this was the evolution that Black Egg went through after consuming the Fierce Duo of Ice Realm. It was just that the direction of evolution confused Han, he thought Black Egg would grow bigger, but he turned smaller.

There was something else in Black Egg’s hand, it looked like a heart. He reached out with his hand and gave it to Han, it seemed to be a present.

"Don’t take it!" Wai Late Dao yelled, "That is the key to the 9th level of the golden tower!"

Unfortunately, Wai Late Dao yelled it too late.

When Han took this heart in his hand.