Chapter 232: Laser Canon Battle!

Chapter 232: Laser Canon Battle!

The Thousand Feet Golden Cicada was 3000 meters long, and every leg was like a curved blade.

Just like a flying mothership, the Thousand Feet Golden Cicada jumped up and charged at Han’s Blood-Thirsty King Vine.


After hearing a loud noise, the powerful defense type plant collided with the sturdy puppet.

The King Vine wanted to use its branches to whip away the Golden Cicada, but it was immediately suppressed. Countless claws hooked onto the King Vine, not letting it escape from the entanglement of the Golden Cicada.

The next second, Han, who was about to charge up to provide reinforcement, cursed and then took the Demon Claw, Ghost Claw and Silver Fox and ran to the opposite direction.

The Golden Cicada’s body began to become red and shining, evidently gathering energy into itself and becoming unstable!


Sure enough, right after Han and the others ran away, the Golden Cicada detonated itself, creating a loud shockwave that was more intense than a nuclear explosion, setting off a large amount of sediment and directly burying Han and his monsters.


Han punched away the dirt and sand on him and stood up. After looking around, he noticed that two large pits appeared in the direction of where the Golden Cicada detonated. The smaller one was caused by the Golden Cicada.

Han’s eyes were widely open!

Without question, this damn puppeteer was putting everything on the line to fight Han!

The Golden Cicada of 3000 meters long must have been built with an enormous amount of time and effort, but this crazy puppeteer, in order to kill Han, detonated such a godly weapon so easily!

Han doesn’t even know where the hatred stemmed from. Anyways, now it was clear that a puppeteer at Wuyun’s level was desperately trying to get rid of Han.

The situation became very difficult.

Technical fighters like Puppeteers were very difficult to deal with. He will release large amounts of puppets, each stronger than the previous one, until Han was eventually killed.

When fighting against puppeteers, the most effective method was to just kill the puppeteer himself, because when he dies, no matter how strong his puppets were, they were just going to be a pile of garbage.

Unfortunately, Han couldn’t do it. He already observed with his Eye of Darkness, there’s no sight of the puppeteer at all around him. It was very likely that this puppeteer wasn’t even on this planet, and was controlling the battlefield at an ultra long range.

“Today, I will take your life!!!” That puppeteer’s voice sounded again, “Demon Cliff Gemini!”


Right after his voice sounded, two lights fell straight down from the sky, and when they were about to approach the surface, they quickly pulled up into a low-altitude flight.

Han used his Eye of Darkness and saw the two new entities clearly. They were actually humanoid puppets!

Humanoid puppets were the most vicious existence of all the puppets. The puppeteer would turn a living human into a zombie that lost its consciousness and only followed orders.

Speaking of humanoid puppets, it was kind of like the technology Han used to forge the Ghost Claw. Ghost claws were the recombination of humans and animals, and humanoid puppets were the recombination of human and machinery.

The Demonic Cliff Gemini were two puppets that could fly. They looked identical, presumably being twin brothers during their lifetime.

The puppeteer had given them each a pair of wings, and also made modifications to other parts of their body.

When they got close to Han, both puppets stretched out their arms at the same time, and their wrists folded upward, exposing dark metal barrels.

“Laser weapons!”

Han shouted and commanded the Demon Claw, Ghost Claw, and Silver Fox to immediately scatter.

Laser weapons were very lethal against espers. Unfortunately, they were relatively cumbersome to carry around and also inconvenient to use.

But this puppeteer directly installed the laser weapons into the puppets, and came up with two flying humanoid laser cannons!

As a result, the shortcomings of laser weapons were avoided. It was indeed a very powerful design!




The rapid-fire laser cannon fired continuously, and any one experienced knew that shooting from above was far more advantageous than shooting from at a target at the same elevation.

High-level soldiers could dodge laser weapons by relying on their own nerve reaction speed. From the laser weapons locking on, to pulling the trigger, to the energy being shot out and hitting the target, the entire process has one tenth of a second of time difference, and high level soldiers could easily rely on this one tenth of a second to calmly dodge fire.

But now the situation was that of two puppets having birds-eye view. Their vision was very clear and they could also predict Han’s dodging direction and speed to improve accuracy.

The situation became difficult immediately. Han and his buddies were scurrying all over the place trying to dodge all the lasers shot from above.


Han became a bit anxious being on the passive side. After cursing out loud, he quickly took out two big cannons! These were the shoulder-firing laser cannons!



Han didn’t hesitate to fire a few shots into the sky, but unfortunately he couldn’t shoot down those two damn flying puppets.

That couldn’t be helped. Han’s well trained and had fast reflexes, capable of allowing him to avoid the Gemini puppets’ rapid-fire laser cannons.

The Gemini puppets also had fast reflexes, allowing them to do the same!

Now, the battle became extremely violent!

Han carried two laser cannons and was exchanging blows with the two fighters that could fly!





Under a minute, the ground was already covered by craters. The two laser cannons on Han’s shoulders already started overheating, and the energy supply was also being exhausted.

“Demon Claw!”

Han gritted his teeth and threw the two empty laser cannons onto the ground. At this moment, the Demon Claw received the order and came quickly to him, allowing Han to leap onto its head.

“Charge! Use the fastest speed you got!”

Hearing this, the loyal Demon Claw began to work with its 9 claws, lowering his head and began charging madly. Wind whistled beside Han’s ears, one of his hands was pressed on the Lunar Mark while his eyes were locked onto the two puppeteers in the air.

The Gemini puppets only slightly hesitated for a second, and immediately began to chase Han. They rapidly approached in the air and fired with their laser cannons at the same time.

The Demon Claw ran in a zigzag pattern, braving the huge risk of being hit at any time to carry out Han’s command. Many times the laser fire landed only a few meters beside the Demon Claw, almost toppling Han and Demon Claw over.

Despite the tense situation, Han was still processing precise calculations in his brain. His face becoming a little grim.

Silver Fox and the Ghost Claw were very anxious seeing this situation. They didn’t understand why Han didn’t take them but only took the Demon Claw, so they just chased at the back like mad.

In fact, the reason was very simple. Such a dangerous tactic, Han must use the Demon Claw, because only the Demon Claw doesn’t understand the concept of danger. It didn’t think and only executed Han’s orders.

“Now! Jump!”

Han squinted eyes suddenly opened up wide, the moment he was waiting for finally came!


The brainless existence known as the Demon Claw was extremely loyal to its core. Even if there was a bullet storm, the moment Han ordered, it will jump immediately.

Its strength was already incomparable to before, such explosive power actually brought Han to over a thousand meters in height! Achieving the same level of height as the Gemini puppets!

The Gemini puppets saw that Han and Demon Claw jumped up and bridged the distance, they were pleasantly surprised and immediately started firing at the two.

At this moment, they saw that Han’s right arm turned to a strange black color and he threw a silver metal ball directly towards them.


The silver metal ball flew through the air. Suddenly, like a blooming lotus, it exploded!

At the same time, the pupils of the two flying puppets suddenly shrank in the face of danger.