Chapter 77: The Han with a Huge Bounty

Chapter 77: The Han with a Huge Bounty

Han helped Long Chuan up. No one made any sounds at the scene, except for the never-resting wind on the plateau.


A few seconds later the soldiers finally reacted. Loud cheering bursted out of the crowd, and everyone tightly surrounded Han and Long Chuan.

You will never be the strongest man on the planet?

What did Han mean by that?

That was no doubt the declaration of a winner. After Ke Lake and Long Chuan, the only other man that stood at the pinnacle of Earth’s fighting strength was not Heinrich, but Han!

The signature unconventional way of fighting, the unique power of void end, and the incredible force of the dark fist! Han no longer had any rivals on Earth!

Han, everyone already knew. He was that Tough Boned guy, the one that single-handedly protected the South Pole relic, the soldier that killed Boss Lucas of the Thorn Birds gang, and the only one on Earth that made it to the Milky Way Meet finals.

But what was Han’s rank on Earth in terms of combat strength? It had been a controversial topic. In general, most people tended to believe that Han was the leader in the younger generation, but looking at the entire planet, Talin, Long Chuan, or even Li Yu, should all be slightly stronger than Han.

But today, Han displayed his remarkable fighting power, killing Heinrich in one punch. There was no longer doubt, the Han right now was the strongest fighter on the planet!


In the infirmary, Han visited Long Chuan who got his wounds taken care of. His face was paler now, and he was whispering something to Li Yu.

Han finally felt relieved. Long Chuan cannot die because he was a symbol of the Earth Federation army, someone admired by all soldiers. Even after losing his strength, Long Chuan’s status in the army remained unshakable.

Li Yu’s face wasn’t looking good, he slightly nodded at Han and said, “You did well! Now, the Milky Way Meet will be all in your hands, but I just got the news…”

Li Yu didn’t finish and Long Chuan gently kicked him. Li Yu couldn’t help by shake his head with a bitter smile and said to Han, “In short, you can prepare for the Milky Way Meet in peace. The military will specifically prepare a frigate for you, send you and the Federation prime minister Pan Yulin together to where the Meet is hosted. You don’t need to worry about other things.”

Han nodded, and said in a deep voice, “I will take care of my stuff, but you guys don’t have to hide it from me because of how developed information technology is now. I already knew that there have been 3 cases similar to the Heinrich events that occurred on Earth in a row.”

Li Yu hesitated, then he let out a long sigh and said, “It’s quite unfortunate for Heinrich. He had always been one of leaders among the espers of Earth, yet he still embarked on the wrong path.”

“As for the other two riot espers, they have always been scum so they deserved to die.”

Han said, “I agree that they should die, but I smell something fishy here. I just finished doing a simple analysis on Heinrich’s blood and found a large number of biologically active molecules in his blood that shouldn’t be there. Obviously, Heinrich took some forbidden drugs which led to his mutation. While his power source index improved significantly, the mutation also affected his brain and thinking, resulting in a riot.”

Long Chuan’s eyes lit up and said, “Almost forgot, you know a bit of pharmacology, and my life was saved by you before.”

“In fact, you didn’t have to tell me that. We have already guessed who’s behind all this. It’s no one other than those countries that want to colonize Earth. Our intelligence department have long found Heinrich exhibiting abnormal behavior. It’s just that we were his old friends so we couldn’t make the final move to execute him. Looks like our hesitation actually leaded us to the worst result.”

Han said, “As long as you guys have an idea then I won’t say more. Looks like enemies have arranged many eyes on Earth. I feel like the quantity of harassment against Earth will just increase more and more after I leave Earth.”

Long Chuan smiled. He dragged Han to his side, patted him on the shoulder and said. “Everyone has their own division of responsibility. You got us old bones taking care of our home, you just have to focus on your Milky Way Meet.”

“Riot of esper soldiers, although it will bring casualties, but it still cannot shake the foundation of the Earth. My real fear is that enemies will play dirty again against you during the Meet, and if they do that, then none of us could help you.”

Han replied lightly, “I understand.”

Long Chuan nodded and said, “Before you go, is there anything you want us to take care of? Or do you have anyone you want to say goodbye to?”

Han shook his head and said, “No that’s fine, I’m just going to the Milky Way Meet, it’s not like I’m dying or something. We will go according to the original plan. I will leave right after my package arrives.”


Three days passed in a blink of an eye and Han finally received his package. It contained items that Pathless told Han to bring with him, for the reason that it would be beneficial for exploring extinction domains.

Travelling with Han was the Prime Minister Pan Yulin and a few other personnel around him. The Milky Way Meet had 3 main projects, the first one was exploring the Extinction domain, then a meeting between the representatives of 13000 member countries in Milky Way will take place, Lastly, there was an award ceremony recognizing some contributions that countries made to Milky Way Alliance in the past decade.


A Falcon class frigate carrying Han and Pan Yulin quickly left Earth’s orbit. Han didn’t say goodbye to anyone, because he doesn’t like the atmosphere when saying farewell. In addition, as the only qualified soldier from Earth attending the Milky Way Meet, the amount of pressure on him could only be imagined.

Although Han didn’t inform anyone when he was leaving, but when the ship was taking off, Han still saw his brothers at the camp gathering at the square and waving at him.


At the same time, the Centaurus, Sally Empire.

Sally Empire’s Star-class battleship were all ready to go. Compared to the lonely atmosphere when Han left Earth, it felt much more celebratory when their prime minister and soldiers were leaving for the Meet. Not only did hundreds of officials come to say farewell, just the soldiers that got qualified reached 36 people, which was the most among all countries in the 57th Sector.

Pan Yulin and Hans mission was to do everything possible to keep Earth independent and not be colonized, but Levi’s mission was the completely opposite.

Overall, Han went to the Milky Way Meet for the survival of Earth, but Levi was going for the benefits.

Shortly after their ship left Centaurus, Levi summoned all the qualified soldiers to his room and arranged a secret mission.

His eyes quickly scanned this group of young soldiers that represented the future of the empire. He smiled and said, “Only a few hours away from the Empire is a country called Earth, do you guys know?”

All the soldiers nodded.

Levi then said with sinister eyes, “Then you guys should also know that someone placed a one billion bounty on the only soldier from Earth that’s participating in this Meet?”

All the soldiers nodded again.

“Good, I want to say, if nothing goes wrong, then after this Milky Way Meet, we will colonize Earth. If anyone among you guys can kill that man from Earth called Han, not only will you get the one billion GC high reward, but also a ten thousand square kilometers territory on Earth, plus a noble title.”

All these young soldiers were shocked. Although the GC are tempting, but the title and territory was even more attractive!

After all, in the Sally empire, having that title meant they will become a noble in the future and enjoy rights that could even be passed down to future generations. It will be a giant leap, from a soldier to privileged class of an empire.

“Rest assured, this man from Earth won’t get out alive from A-19.”

“He’s dead this time!”

Motivated by the huge bounty and reward, all the young soldiers were fired up for the mission.

Unlike the virtual environment pressure exam, people could really die in the A-19.

Far from home, dangerous prehistoric relics and countless enemies wanted his head. Han’s journey has only just begun, but his path was already covered by thorns.