Chapter 375: Spiritual Blue Organism

Chapter 375: Spiritual Blue Organism

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Han was curious too but he didn’t want to continue waiting. Even though anyone who knew anything about battle tactics would understand that under a situation like this, a forced attack was the worst choice to make. But Han no longer had the patience and time to wait, Black Egg needed to restore his energy and it was up to him as his master to help him.



"Let’s fight them in close quarters." Han said to Pluto.



As Pluto agreed, he quickly pushed with his feet and his whole body flew up. He had a lot of strength and a few clear cracks began appearing on this weird but extremely tough blue ice.

At the same time, Han took out his Flying Feather bow and aimed it at the Three-Eye White Wolf!

Han was not in a rush to shoot the arrow. He let Pluto rush to the front of the Three-Eye white wolf, and smash wolf on the head with his fist.

Pluto’s power was extraordinary, even though he couldn’t use his superpowers anymore, the strengthened fiber that covered his body gave him incredible power. Han wouldn’t even doubt that

Pluto could just use his fists to crack open the 6 meter thick strengthened armor of an aircraft carrier.

As for the head of this Three-Eye white wolf, if it came into contact with Pluto’s fist, it would shatter into a million pieces.


As Pluto raised his fist high up, the Three-Eye white wolf started howling at Pluto.

Following the loud howl, countless white Three-Eye wolves jumped out from the blue ice around them.

Was this a hallucination or did they actually exist?

Han glanced around him quickly. The Three-Eye white wolves jumped up from the blue ice and bared their vicious fangs. There were at least a couple of thousands of them flashing their sharp

fangs and claws at Han and his crew.

Han’s heart skipped a beat.

If this is a hallucination, then there was only one original body within the thousands of Three-Eye white wolves. Han needs to shoot the correct wolf in order to break them out of this situation.

If this was not a hallucination, then they just couldn’t win this battle.

Boom boom boom~

Just as Han was thinking, Pluto\'s punch already landed on the head of the Three-Eye white wolf.

The Three-Eye white wolf shattered into numerous blue ice shards and disappeared into the sky.

"It is a hallucination!" Han screamed in his heart.

Even though this technically wasn’t real, they were still in grave danger.

It was already proven that even if these wolves weren’t real, they still had enough power and strength to kill the team. That was how Demon Claw and Ghost Claw died.

This Three-Eye white wolf was clearly higher level than the black wolves. The hallucinations it made were the exact same as itself, making it impossible for Han to tell them apart.

"Shoot! Quickly!" Lance yelled nervously.

But there were thousands of Three-Eye white wolves, which one should Han shoot?

Even though the Flying Feather bow was powerful, it would burn a lot of Han’s energy. At the level

that Han was at today, his limit was capped at 7 arrows in a row. He did not have enough energy to

shoot this many enemies.

Han was sweating in his palms, even though his analytical thinking skills were far more advanced

than other people, but all of this happened within only a couple of milliseconds. Han couldn’t think

of a correct strategy to turn this situation around.


Right at this dangerous moment, thousands of Three-Eye white wolves changed directions.

They all jumped towards the sky using their powerful legs.

The sky?

What was in the sky?


From the top of this blue cave came a surprised scream, it was like a child who was found during

hide and seek, the voice was full of sadness and desperation.

Soon after, 9 long tentacles appeared in the sky, they were each over 15 meters long. Each tentacle

was like the arm of a child, they were very slim, and at the end of each arm there was a light blue


The 9 tentacles were like whips, hitting these Three-Eye white wolves.


A couple of wolves were shattered into ice shards after being hit by the blue arms.

Apparently there was a magical hidden organism above Han, and that was the target of the Three-

Eye white wolves.

Han quickly came to the conclusion that this invisible organism with long tentacles had been following him around and he had never noticed, but now the Three-Eye white wolf found out about

its existence.

So Han was used as a bait and was brought here, and the mysterious organism followed blindly and walked right into the trap of the Three-Eye white wolf!

What a sly animal, the Three-Eye white wolf’s ability to set up traps was very impressive.



The creature in the sky was clearly powerful, but it did get trapped. In a hurry, it shattered a wave of enemies with its arm, but due to the number of enemies, it was bitten.

The mysterious creature’s tentacles were extremely flexible. Even though they were bitten by the wolves, its tentacles weren’t hurt. But these wolves didn’t give up, they kept on trying to pull it down from the sky.



More and more white wolves jumped up to bite him. The mysterious creature screamed out of pain, it could no longer be invisible, and it was even struggling with flying, finally crashing towards the ground at a fast speed.

Han noticed that it looked like an octopus, it had a blue body, nine tentacles and each tentacle had a gem at the bottom. It had blue eyes that also looked like gems and a small mouth without any teeth.

At this point, the mysterious creature pouted its lips and had tears in his eyes, like a child that was about to cry.


At this moment, Han finally shot out his arrow!

He selected an angle that allowed him to shoot through three white wolves all at once.

"Help him!" Han screamed.

Pluto heard the order and rushed forward. He took out two knives from his sleeves, and Blue Star rushed over too like a flying blade.

Why did he want to save this blue octopus that looked kind of dumb?

It was very simple, in Han’s mind, he knew that the enemies of his enemies were his friends!

Whatever the enemy wanted, Han must protect!

There was no reason in the world to let the enemy get anything they want.

There doesn’t need to be a reason! He just did things against whatever the enemy wanted!

"Path of Yao!"


A ray of black light appeared in Han’s hand, it was almost as if he triggered heavenly thunder and

earthly flame!

Even though the Flying Feather bow was strong, it wasn’t suitable for a lot of enemies. But that was

okay because Han still had a forbidden technique! The Six paths of void!

Han and his crew rushed towards the central location, dispersing the formation of the white wolves.

Even though Han had less people than the wolves, but they were still extremely experienced fighters.

Among all the people who had escaped into the Cursed Land, the strongest fighter was Sima Hunfeng, without a doubt. The second would be Pluto and Han would come in third. As of today,

Han’s previous 3 teachers would probably even lose to him in a fight.

Even though the strongest fighter Sima Hunfeng stayed behind to protect the base camp, but the

second and third ranked fighters were here today.

It must be mentioned that Blue Star, as the heir to Ghost Claw and Demon Claw, also inherited the

loyalty of the two claw demons. But his attacks had changed dramatically from his ancestors.

The two claw demons were known for its ruthless attacks, but Blue Star was far more adept in

accurate precise attacks.

Blue Star’s cross stars showed explosive strength as it shot itself out, and without any unnecessary moves, it entered the throat of the enemies. Direct and to the point.

Blue Star could also spin, his four claws were like four knives, if an enemy wanted to stop him, he would use his first claw to cut off the enemy’s arms, and use his other claws to stab the enemy’s throat, heart, and eyes.

All in all, Blue Star’s attacks could be described as fatal blows!

With one blow, he could kill off all enemies!

Extremely accurate! Extremely violent! Extremely deadly!

Han wasn’t worried about his force lacking a violent fighter. Black Egg was very violent, so if only

Black Egg could wake up, then Han’s crew and battle formation would be perfect. Yuan Yuan was the epitome of intelligence, Black Egg was a representation of violence, Silver Fox was a

manifestation of craftiness, and Blue Star was the element of precision.



Blue Star who had inherited the memory of Demon Claw and Ghost Claw didn’t inherit their violent methods, but he was more deadly than them. He became a killing machine!

He took the shortest route, using the fastest speed, and the most accurate attack, to kill the enemy with one blow.


Suddenly, the pack of white Three-Eye wolves let out a long howl and backed up to one side.

The blue mysterious creature that looked like an octopus swung its tentacles with a scared look on its face, and hid behind Han.

Han slightly frowned, was thinking quickly. This weird creature was clearly not mature enough and

lacked battle experience and mental capacity. Han now had to take care of it while fighting this pack of Three-Eye white wolves. This was a huge disadvantage to Han.


The pack of Three-Eye white wolves started split into multiple.

It was like cells multiplying rapidly, from one to two, from two to four.

Within seconds, Han was no longer faced with a couple of thousands of wolves, it became tens of thousands.

Lance’s face was white as paper. Even though he could turn invisible and he was not any weaker than Silver Fox, both Silver Fox and him would not leave Han.

"We must turn this situation around!" Han thought to himself.


Suddenly, Han’s eyes lit up, he raised his Flying Feather bow and aimed it at the blue ice above his head.

"The enemies want to trap us here, then we must try our best to leave!" Han yelled.


Han used all his power and shot the arrow aimed at the blue ice above!