Chapter 233: Witch Clan Sha Emperor

Chapter 233: Witch Clan Sha Emperor

It was a laser net!

The pupils of two flying puppets’ suddenly shrunk. They saw the silver metal ball bloom like a lotus and shoot out hundreds of powerful laser beams, forming a net 50 meters in diameter in the air.


The flying puppets obviously knew the terror of the laser net, they immediately attempted to adjust their course and speed of flight, trying to flee from it.

Unfortunately for them, the timing Han used for deploying the net was precisely calculated. He deliberately had the Demon Claw take him so that as the two puppets continuously accelerated, he could calculate their trajectory. When he gathered enough of enemy’s flight data, he finally gave the fatal blow.


The laser net quickly flew past the two flying puppets, cutting these two guys into pieces! Molten hot chunks fell down from the sky.


Han used two hands to steady himself on the ground, landing in his battle stance. At the same time, the two flying puppets that were chopped up also fell not too far away from Han.

He clearly saw that these were two mummies. The inside of the bodies had been modified with mechanical parts.

“What other f*cking tricks do you have! Just take them all out” Han shouted to the sky.

This was a strange battle. The puppeteer didn’t want to show himself and was battling with equipment against Han, to see whose gadgets were better in quality and quantity!

The battle has just begun, Han already used two shoulder-fired laser cannons, one laser net, and a precious defensive plant, the Bloodthirsty King Vine.

But the puppeteer, his loss seemed to be more serious. Countless low level puppets went to waste, on top of the two flying puppets and a large-sized beast puppet.


Another high-level puppet came out. That was a cunning python puppet; its means of attack didn’t rely on its mouth or teeth, but with the countless blades on his body.

Those blades were implemented into the giant python puppet’s body, making this 150-meter-tall big guy look like a spiky sea urchin.

These spikes were not only sharp, but also toxic and could freely stretch.

Sometimes Han intended to close in, but the giant python puppet suddenly enlarged to almost ten meters in length, forcing Han to have no choice but to retreat right away.

At this time, Silver Fox’s small size came into handy. He passed through numerous poisonous stingers, flashing his little claws, tearing open the Python’s body and rushing in.

Not for a few minutes, the puppet python was already finished, with its insides completely destroyed.

Not knowing why, the puppeteer suddenly stopped his attack.

After a bit, Han heard a gnashing voice, “I indeed underestimated you and made a fatal mistake”

“All my puppets were not made easily, I really cherish the use of them, so I hoped to only need to use one or two puppets to kill you.”

“But this thought was completely wrong! When dealing with an enemy like you, I must give it my all.”

“That being the case, let me use my entire strength to send you home.” (TL: home also means death)

Han slightly frowned. This time the puppeteer didn’t hide himself. The sound came out from a low level puppet in the distance, it should be a remote message.

But very soon, Han found in surprise that this wasn’t a remote message at all, that puppeteer had been there all along. It was just that Han didn’t know what technique he used to avoid being detected by Han’s dark vision.


The low level puppet bent down, and a series of firecracker-like explosion sound came.

The puppet’s body became bigger and bigger, ultimately breaking apart from the black combat suit.

Turning around, Han saw the face of the puppeteer. His face was covered in colored paint. A hooked nose, sunken eye sockets, with the typical characteristics of the Witch Clan.

There were four heads on his shoulders, two on the left and two on the right.

Don’t know if the four heads were his weapons or just decoration, but in short, sewing heads on shoulders, such an act nauseated Han.


Puppets climbed out from the underground one after another. There were big ones, smalls ones, flying ones, insect-types, beast-types, and humanoid puppets.

Han felt that he came to a museum that showcased all kinds of puppets, getting dazzled by the huge variety.

These few hundred puppets were no doubt all very high in level, comparable to the few Han just fought before.

And that’s not even what made Han the most nervous. What’s more nerve-racking was the four heads on the puppeteer’s shoulders and the wolf-fanged hat he was wearing. Even the puppeteer himself was also full of a mystery temperament giving Han a profound and unpredictable feeling.

“Eye of Darkness!”

Han said in his mind, using his dark vision to observe the puppeteer in front of him.

Very soon, Han closed his right eye, and couldn’t help but pinch his palm.

This puppeteer had no sign of life, just like those puppets, appearing like a pitch black rock under the dark vision.

A living thing, with no signs of life?

Just when Han felt curious and was thinking, that puppeteer talked again.

“You are Han, I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

Han nodded, “That’s right, I’m Han, and you are one of the three witch clan kings, Sha Emperor, also known as King of Puppets.”

Sha Emperor sneered, “Since you already guessed who I am, you should know why I must kill you now right?”

Han replied, “Probably, you must be avenging your brother King Mandala.”



Sha Emperor suddenly started laughing crazily, and said in disdain, “Us Witch Clan, even our fathers and mothers can be killed or eaten, where does this talk about brothers come from?!”

“That Mandala guy is the King of Poison, and he’s also the most vicious-thinking guy in the Witch clan! He had secretly poisoned me long time ago to control me and blackmail me for various precious puppets.”

With a sudden change in tone, Sha Emperor’s snake-like insidious eyes glanced at Han and he continued talking, “Of course, I obviously didn’t let him go easy! I used a humanoid puppet technique on him, so it was like a draw, we both have something on each other.”

“Originally this was nothing, us Witch Clan has always been controlling and framing each other. But unfortunately, this damn Mandala died in your hands! I let him borrow the control puppets, so I knew very well that you are the culprit of his death!”

“We all set a fatal trigger for each other. If he dies, I must avenge him, or else the poison will take affect and I will die; and if I die and Mandala is still alive, then he must avenge me, otherwise the parasite puppet I have on him will take effect and kill him!”

“Now you understand why I must kill you now? Because if you don’t die, then I can’t live either.”

Han slightly shook his head, and said with a smile, “I think you might’ve been tricked. I know a bit about pharmacology. This magical poison you talked about, it doesn’t exist in this world.”

“But I can’t take this risk.” Sha Emperor deepened his voice and said, “Because the parasite puppet isn’t fake. If I die and Mandala didn’t avenge me, he will really die.”

“So, I think, with our Witch clan’s character, that Mandala guy for sure didn’t lie to me. His poison must exist.”

Han sighed, “Sigh, the strongest Witch clan member Sha Emperor, I didn’t expect you to actually be scared by these words from Mandala. To tell you the truth, my pharmacology teacher is poison addict Night Ruins (TL: Night Walker’s real name), if it’s not something my teacher can do, then I don’t believe Mandala can do it.”

Sha Emperor doesn’t seem to be interested in who Han’s teacher is, but he cared more about how Han said he’s the strongest.

He frowned, “Who told you that I’m the strongest in the Witch clan?”

Han shrugged his shoulders and said, “That’s what has been going around in the Milky Way.”

“Bullshit!” Sha Emperor is a bit angry, “These idiots. If I can become a threat to Fantasy Neptune, he would’ve killed me a long time ago.”

“Oh, so Fantasy Neptune is the strongest warrior of your clan?” Han’s curiosity strikes again.

“That’s because he has a very -”

At mid-sentence, Sha Emperor stopped, and that really made Han’s heart itch as he waited for Sha Emperor to continue but Sha Emperor just didn’t want to say it.

“In any case, you will die today for sure!” Sha Emperor resumed his murderous atmosphere as he shouted, “I underestimated you before, but now, prepare to welcome the most terrifying puppet storm in the world! I will use all the puppets I have stored in my lifetime, all the most powerful ones, to completely crush your puny human existence in one breath! Tearing both you and your damn genetic beasts into crumbs!”

He took a deep breath, and his eyes swept past the hundreds of powerful puppets.


In silence, Han’s finger slightly hovered over Lunar Mark and at the same time opened another one hundred cubic meter dimension ring.

Shua~ Shua~ Shua~

More genetic beasts appeared beside Han. Not too great in quantity, just 50 or so, and that included the not very loyal Fusion Beast #1.

When he just entered Path of All Gods, Han and a group of god-race beast tamers were all grouped to one battlefield. Because Han was originally a warrior, those beast tamers were completely no match for him. While Han killed a batch of them and robbed a lot of dimension rings and other things, he also got more genetic beasts.

Some of these fusion beasts were taken apart by Han as building materials. For instance, a lot of the materials from Fusion Beast #1 came from these genetic beasts.

But there were some decent level ones which Han kept, and they were the ones on the battlefield right now.

Because Han had always liked a smaller but elite force, and the genetic beasts from the god race weren’t that strong, Han didn’t like using them normally.

After all, Han was still very cautious. Those that he trusted the most were still the fusion beasts he crafted with his own hands. He believes that the Demon Claw, Silver Fox and Ghost Claw will never betray him. As for the genetic beasts the other beast tamers created, Han doesn’t have too much trust in them.


Sha Emperor sneered, “Just a few decently good genetic beasts, with these, you intend to take on my puppet army?”

Han replied casually, “You want to try?”

“No need to try, I said you will die, then you will die for sure! Not even the gods can save you!”

“Go, tear this human and his genetic beasts all into pieces!” Sha Emperor waved his arm and shouted.

This was not only a war between Han and Sha Emperor.

It was also a war between a beast tamer and a puppeteer!

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