Chapter 433: Three-Eyed White Ghost!

Chapter 433: Three-Eyed White Ghost!

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When Han caught the heart, he felt a momentary burn on his left arm. He lifted up his battle suit that was already ripped and noticed that there is a stamp on his left arm. It was black, almost like the claw of some sort of animal.

Black Egg also lifted up his fat arm proudly, there was a stamp on his arm too that was exactly like Han’s.


Wai Late Dao frowned and said, "This is the key to the 9th level, the only way to be qualified for entering is to kill the Fierce Duo of the Ice Realm and take his heart. Now that you guys have both been marked, you guys must complete this challenge within one year."

Mhm mhm mhm!

Black Egg nodded continuously. He was extremely excited, it seemed like he knew this rule before. In Black Egg’s opinion, he wasn’t bringing trouble to Han by inviting him to the 9th level of the golden tower, but it was a way to thank him.

"Look, I am letting you come because we have a good relationship." That seemed to be the message that he was trying to communicate through his eyes.

Han didn’t know whether to laugh or be mad, he asked Wai Late Dao, "What is on the 9th level?"

"A monster." Wai Late Dao said, "The name is the Three-Eyed White Ghost."

"Maybe you already know but the Golden Family evolved from beasts with the golden bloodline, as time passes, our ancestors gained higher and higher IQ and gradually evolved out of the body of beasts and into human-ish looks.’

"The key to these evolutions is intelligence, any high-level creatures would become smarter and smarter as they evolve, but there are also some creatures that did not develop intelligence and only evolved their fighting capabilities."

"This Three-Eyed White Ghost is one of the oldest beings in the history of golden beasts evolution. He has been around for a very very long time, and he evolved to be more and more powerful but he lacks higher level intelligence. Not only would he attack other races, but he would also kill creatures with the Golden Bloodline."

"According to an ancient legend, when the Three-Eyed White Ghost was evolving, he ate something that he shouldn’t have, constraining his IQ and intelligence from further developing. But he didn’t stop evolving all together, so he was only able to develop his energy and fighting abilities."

"A creature that cannot develop intelligence but is still very powerful gave the Golden Family a headache. He was strong and once he developed intelligence, he would become the best in the Golden Family."

"On the other hand, he was also a destroyer, because he wasn’t intelligent he became a scourge. Everyone was too scared to approach him, if they did, their only ending would be death."

"In the end, the chief of the Golden Family at that time made the painful decision of locking Three-Eyed White Ghost into the 9th floor of the golden tower, but he never gave up hope on him, and let him continue to live."

"Look at this golden tower, from the first floor to the eighth floor, regardless of how strong the beasts are, none of them have a golden bloodline. Only the Three-Eyed White Ghost on the 9th floor is like me, golden blood flows inside him."

Han tilted his head and asked, "So after that long talk, the Three-Eyed White Ghost is a relative of yours?"

Wai Late Dao waved his hand, "Can’t really say that. Before humans evolved into they are today they were apes, would you say apes are your relatives now?"


Han didn’t know what to say. If an ape said he was his relative, then the situation would get ugly for him fast.

Wai Late Dao explained, "In today’s world, there are new definitions for creatures, and the definitions are set with intelligence and emotions as standards. For example, if a tree had similar intelligence and emotions as us, then they can be recognized as equal beings to us."

Han asked curiously, "If what you are saying is true, then the Three-Eyed White Ghost had been on the 9th level for a very long time. No one had won the challenge?"

Wai Late Dao said, "Back then, the elders of the Golden Family never gave up on the Three-Eyed White Ghost because he was too strong."

"Putting him on the 9th level in the golden tower was temporary. They were waiting for a younger warrior that was more powerful than the Three-Eyed White Ghost. If that was the case, then he could kill the Three-Eyed White Ghost to prove himself. This way, there would be value in the death of the weirdest being in the history of the evolution of the Golden Family."

"As for a successful challenge, there had never been one. The guard on the 8th level had changed a couple of times, but the 9th level had always been guarded by Three-Eyed White Ghost. In the history of the Golden Family, no one had been able to leave that room that could be compared to Hell."

"Now do you understand how dangerous it was to take the key? You have one year of time, within one year, you must go to the 9th level of the Golden Tower, or your arm will start to rot, and then eventually your whole body will too. This was the punishment the elders of the Golden Family had set up for people who were afraid of the challenge. "

"And the rotting isn’t caused by a poisonous material. Rather it is like Xiao Bao, it comes from a curse."

After Han had heard everything, he was speechless, Black Egg was so inconsiderate, he at least should discuss it with Han before doing this? Now Han had no ways out!

Han looked at Black Egg and honestly couldn’t not be pissed off. This little guy’s eyes were sparkling, whatever Wai Late Dao had said didn’t scare him, but even ignited a stronger desire to fight!



Black Egg glared and howled excitedly, it was like he wants to go to the 9th level now and challenge the legendary Three-Eyed White Ghost. While Jian Jia had a scared look on her face and she couldn’t help but hold onto the sleeves of Han.


Suddenly, Wai Late Dao’s body shook, he almost fainted.

Han realized that he had been wasting too much time here. Wai Late Dao forced himself to talk to Han, but now he needed proper treatment. It would be optimal to take him to the blue lake and heal his body using the power of the crystal lotus. Han, Blue Star, and Silver Fox needed to rest too.

"Let’s go, we will leave here immediately," Han said.

"Don’t forget the prize." Wai Late Dao rubbed his temples and said, "There are prizes for passing the 7th, 8th, and 9th level of the golden tower, follow the way my finger is pointing."


The Golden Tower was supposed to be an open area that was constructed by the Golden Family. During that time, the Golden Family wasn’t hated by everyone. Historically, the Golden Family had been a symbol of power and openness.

It was like how Han was practicing his soul power through the golden tome. It was a practice space made by the Golden Family yet it was still open to humans like Han. Evidently, the reputation of the Golden Family wasn’t too bad back in the days.

It didn’t take long for Han to arrive at the exit.

It was a golden pavilion, and when Han stood on it, a huge screen opened, displaying the scores Han and his crew had and what he could exchange with his points.

Han’s eyes lit up. 9527’s space station had a lot of good things. In this period of time, the daily operations of their base camp had been relying on the material that 9527 had brought into the Cursed Zone.

But everyone is greedy, especially after Han started using the Flying Feather Bow. He noticed that there were actually God tier weapons in the world. And the power of Godly weapons wasn\'t really comparable to these so-called high tier equipment.

So Han began to become very picky, slowly he stopped liking what 9527 had on his space station, and he continued to look for equipment that was on the same caliber as the Flying Feather Bow.

The Golden Family had prepared a lot of prizes for challengers that completed the challenge. They all looked great but there was a lot which kind of confused Han.

"Do you have any suggestions?" Han asked Wai Late Dao.

Wai Late Dao said lightly, "I just want one of the biological arms with genes from the Golden Family, I don’t need anything else. But for you, I can tell you a secret. In the past, the Golden Family was famous for their integrity, things that needed the most points to redeem were the best."

Han touched his chin, he first used 9700 points to exchange for a biological arm for Wai Late Dao. This arm had genes of the Golden Family and can perfectly integrate with the arm Wai Late Dao had lost.

But everyone knew that the original body part will always be the best, regardless of how advanced the technology is, or how perfect the product is. Wai Late Dao’s left arm will never be the same as before.

And then Han went to the end of the screen to see what costs the most points.


Han frowned, the thing that needed the most points wasn’t some sort of equipment, but it was a seed. A black seed, there was no explanation, no words, but it needed a million points to exchange.

If Han exchanged for this seed then he would have less than 30,000 points left, and he could only pick a couple of non-valuable equipment.

When Han couldn’t decide, Silver Fox felt that the little bean sprout was calling him. He swung his tail to in front of his eyes and asked, "What is it?"

Little bean sprout kept on pointing to the seed on the screen.

"You want master to get this seed?"


"But is this seed valuable?"


Little bean sprout continued to point to the seed.


Silver Fox ran to Han’s shoulder and pointed to the black seed with his finger.

"You think we should exchange for that?" Han asked.

Silver Fox nodded.

"Okay fine, I trust you."

Without another word, Han tapped the screen lightly.



When Han was transported to outside the golden tower through a golden light. He saw a troop that was tremendous in size. There were millions of fighters and hundreds from the 5 corporations that gathered outside the golden tower. They had left backup troops outside the Cursed Zone, and they all came after they realized that something went wrong.

Han also saw his crew, they were doing something that he couldn’t believe.

With Sima Hunfeng as the head, there were less than 400 of them who surrounded Lu Shui Qiu Lin, Time Activator, Bruce, Lu Shock Scale, and Dark North. From the looks of it, they were at the stage where one wrong word could cause a violent fight to break out!

"You told us that Han was on the 7th level, and then when we arrived at the 7th level you said Han had already left. Explain yourself, where exactly is he?" Pathless Origin who was covered in the blood of beasts was pointing a blade to Lu Shui Qiu Lin, and then he continued ferociously, "Do you believe that I can kill you right here?!"