Chapter 115: Stomped! (Part one)

Chapter 115: Stomped! (Part one)

“Vanguard troops have broken through the enemy defense! Beginning to enter the passage to the relic!”

“Passage open! Storm troopers are ready to enter!”

“Encountering the enemy’s all out defense. These Earth soldiers’ bones are tough enough, but unfortunately their opponent today is us. Give me one more minute and I will blaze a trail!”

“Defense legion has begun to erect defenses. Rest assured, we won’t even let in a fly!”

The white faced devil Han Wu proudly listened to his men’s report, as he strode into the military base located in Earth’s Nazca wilderness…

Levi was very clear when he hired them. Not only did he want victory, he also wanted to stomp on Earth’s army.

Han Wu never felt that this request was in any doubt because his men were all battle-hardened soldiers! In comparison to the galactic pirate and raider groups, the difference was like earth and sky.

“Complete the mission within three minutes! We will sweep clean the so-called Earth forces! Let our brothers enjoy the killing! Han Wu shouted in the communication channel.”

Blazing a trail into the relic within 3 minutes and roll over Earth’s army? As a professional soldier, the white-faced devil Han Wu had always been that confident!

But just as Han Wu finished, he heard a piece of news that he did not like from the vanguard division.

“General, I’m afraid that we can’t kill our way in within a minute! Earth’s defense forces are more formidable than I thought!” The speaker was Delicaton, one of three 5-star aces under Han Wu.

“Accelerate the progress!”

Han Wu hesitated, and commanded the Storm Trooper division where he was to accelerate progressing forward.

When Han Wu’s storm trooper division and vanguard division converged, he was also shocked by the battle scene in front of his eyes.

Rather fight to the death than run!

All the soldiers that were stationed at the entrance of the extinction domain were like on crack. No one knew where they got so much courage, not only didn’t they collapse, they still dared to launch counter-charges without worrying about death!

How tough!

Are they really not afraid of death?

Han Wu gasped. He did not know that “Tough and unyielding bones” had already become the creed for all the soldiers on Earth!

Such a robust style, was no double influenced by Han.

They still remember what Han shouted in the past when fighting against dozens of raiders by himself, “I don’t have anything else, but I still got a bunch of tough bones!”

Unconsciously, Han marked a deep imprint on the hearts of Earth’s army.

Although the soldiers of Earth might not have too high level, but everyone of them were like Han, having an unyielding spirit and a body full of tough bones!

“Brothers! Follow me and charge! Let’s stomp flat this damn land!”

As a very experienced general, Han Wu already saw through. There were only 2 or 3 thousands Earth soldiers and their levels were very low too. It was just that their bones were tough enough, and the passage was also very narrow which was not good for large scale attacks. This was why the vanguard division was blocked by the crazy people on Earth

However, strength was the factor to everything.

Han Wu himself was a quasi-warlord, and he also had 3 strong men that had already reached 5 stars.

Such a defensive line that was purely relying on willpower to maintain, it was really not worth mentioning in front of real elites.

Just when Han Wu was preparing to charge and tear apart Earth’s defense.

Suddenly, the earth tremored and the sky shook.

Behind him, a fierce battle also broke out!

“Enemy Attack! Enemy Attack!”

“The Defense legion is about to collapse! General, please immediately withdraw!”

What was happening?!

Han Wu was greatly shocked. The Defense legion was a division he used to help him cover his rear and ensure that the vanguard and storm trooper divisions could safely withdraw after blazing their way into the relic.

And now the situation became unimaginable. The Defense Legion wasn’t even in the fight yet, and they are already saying that they are going to collapse?

This collapsing speed was a bit too quick!

Freeman, the strongest five-star esper under Han Wu was responsible for commanding the defense legion. An army of 20 thousand troops, Han Wu allocated 10 thousand to the Defense Legion, which was evidence that Han Wu treated rear support with a very high degree of attention.

Han Wu obviously knew Freeman’s capabilities. Unless he encountered super powerful soldiers that were at the level of reverting heaven, he wouldn’t be directly calling Han Wu to withdraw without being able to hold it for even a moment!

There was no doubt, the defense legion ran into a huge problem.

With no time to go take care of the vanguard division that was stuck by Earth’s defense line, Han Wu immediately led his army to rush back.

And the moment he rushed out of the passage to the relic, tears were almost falling down!

It had just been a minute since the beginning, and the defense legion that was composed of 10 thousand elite espers was actually cut down to less than half! The ground was covered by the dead bodies of Han Wu’s men!