Chapter 25: South Pole Base

Chapter 25: South Pole Base

Just on time, hours before leaving for the South Pole, Han finally received the package sent by Pathless Origin. He didn’t even have time to open it before he was already on the military plane with Li Yu.


The United Government’s God Strength grade military cargo airplane was travelling at an incredible speed. Aside from carrying Han, Li Yu and a few other passengers, the cargo was also carrying supplies and resources for the base at the South Pole. Although these military grade cargo airplanes were gigantic, it was also capable of ascending vertically and was equipped with 6 super turbo-engines.

The plane quickly arrived at the aerospace in the South Pole. Han looked down from the plane, only to see a world covered in white snow. The Extinction Site Administration base looked like a chessboard from the sky. There was a giant spherical carbon fiber building in the center, surrounded by a couple more smaller spherical buildings that were connected by pipe-like transparent corridor. It looked quite modern.

Stepping off the plane, Han’s two feet touched the icy ground and he could immediately feel the chill entering his body.

“We are here, this is our base. Anyone that enters this base will have to go through security, and if you want to leave the base you will need to write a report for approval. This place is not somewhere to just go in and out at will.” Wu Di (previously called Xiao Wu by Li Yu) carefully explained to Han.

Han nodded, the bases of the Extinction Site Administration were Earth’s secrets, so the management and administration part was obviously stricter than anywhere else.

A lot of people came out of the base to help transport the cargo, and Wu Di introduced Han to everyone. After hearing that Han cured Li Yu’s zero-degree region atrophy, they all gave him a big thumbs up and became very welcoming towards him.

After all, Li Yu was the pillar that was supporting the Extinction Site Administration, everyone’s leader. Han did a huge favor for Li Yu which was the same as doing a huge favor for everyone here, and not one of them knew how they could ever repay the favor.

Li Yu went to the control center while Wu Di took Han on a tour around the base.

You could tell that the Extinction Site Administration was very well funded and had access to a lot of resources due to all the equipment in the base. Aside from facilities that catered to normal day lives, there was even libraries, pool tables, tennis courts, 12 virtual training pods, spacious multi-purpose gyms, and so on.

Han got a single room of about 20 something square meters, the window went all the way to the floor which gave a beautiful view of the snow. There was also a vertical showering unit, a study desk and a small sofa.

“You can leave your things for now, let me take you to register your DNA data.” Wu Di said.

Han threw his stuff onto the bed and followed Wu Di to the center of the base. At the center of the base lied the headquarters and it also served as the entrance to the Extinction domain (an alternate space that you enter after entering the Gate at the Extinction site).

Wu Di pointed at a spherical machine and said, “This is a complete DNA assessment system, it will not only record your DNA data but also track and record your Power Source Index. You just have to stand on this machine for a few seconds, and you can come back anytime later on and to check your progress. The machine will automatically generate data table, telling you how effective your training is and what improvements to make. In addition, your DNA data is recorded as well and that will be your passport here. We don’t have any access cards at the base, we only use DNA.”

Han nodded, shocked by how advanced the equipment was, just one machine could have that many purposes.

At that moment Li Yu walked past with a few commanders from the administration and saw Han was about to do the DNA assessment. He was pretty interested in the results and he stopped to introduce Han to the other colleagues, “Here, this is Han, it’s all because of him that I’m able to come back to base.”

Everyone nodded with respect and looked at Han with appreciation.

The machine was silver colored and it was like a tube. When someone stands in the tube, there will be a red ray that scans the entire body.

Han stood still. Seconds later, the system screen displayed Han’s basic statistics.

“Natural Growth rate is 2.1?! That can’t be right!” Wu Di looked at the results and was completely shocked.

“Let me see.” Li Yu curiously walked over, he stared at the screen for a long time and finally said in a deep voice, “It’s really 2.1… Oh my god.”

“Chief, did you just come back from the hospital or Taobao (Chinese Amazon)? Growth rate 2.1, every day he just have to stand still and he can grow 2.1 points, honestly where did you dig up this monster?”

“That’s an incredibly high natural growth rate! It reminded me of Ke Lake.”

Within 3 days, Han’s Power Source Index increased by another 6 units, now he has 48 points of Power Source Index. Including Chief Li Yu, everyone was thoroughly impressed by Han.

Of course everyone was also confused. With such a high growth rate, Han should’ve already been a high level warrior… Why is it that he was already an adult but he just hit the 48 mark. It was as if he had just acquired his power or something.

Actually, Han indeed did just acquire his power recently, but he obviously had no good way of explaining power crystals, so he had no choice but to play dumb and pretend that he didn’t know too.

Li Yu patted Han on the shoulder and laughed, “Chu Li was just calling me last night asking me if you really agreed to join the Extinction Site Administration, I said yep, and he got so mad that he hung up my phone. So that’s why! Such talent!”

Li Yu continued, “There’s no point trying to discuss why your Power Source Index didn’t grow in the past, what’s most important is to capture the present. Wu Di will take you to the training facility, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask him. And if I’m not busy, I will be paying attention to you too!”


Han got to know a lot of people on his first day at the base, he received a lot of compliments, especially on his natural growth rate. He didn’t have to move a finger and he could already grow 2.1 points every day, and if combined with the 46 Ensemble Training (TL: explained later), the growth speed would be even faster. Everyone thought he was someone god sent from Heaven.

That night, Han spent a few hours like usual to write the drug index, then he stopped at Pathless Origin’s website and opened the chat window.

“Teacher, I found a very ideal location for training. It’s a miraculous body of water that doesn’t freeze when the water goes below zero. I will soon be going in there to practice 46 Ensemble Training, will there be anything I should do or pay attention to during training?” Han asked politely.


Pathless Origin responded really quickly. In the past Han always waited for a long time, but unbeknowst to him, his response time has dramatically decreased. Now, Han gets a response immediately after he asks a question.

“The first time is of course very important, did little Black (TL: referring to Night Walker) give you any drugs?”

“I bought some source energy pills from him.”

“Source energy? I guess that will work, take three doses of source energy pill, don’t bring your battle suit or weapon. Just go in naked into the water that’s not lower than -10 Celsius. Stay there for at least 3 hours, only practice the first Ensemble of the 46 Ensemble Training.”

Han was shocked, going into the freezing water naked and train? Take 3 times the normal dose of source energy pill? Hold for at least 3 hours?

If Han didn’t know that Pathless Origin was a pro, he will think that he’s out of his mind for sure!

This kind of training, it was a suicidal pace!

Although Han had a little doubt on the inside, he knew that Pathless Origin had a bad temper so he didn’t dare to say more. He quickly thanked him and turned off the window.

Han looked at his body, ever since he became an esper, his physical body properties have had very significant improvements. But will his body be able to hold 3 hours under -10 degrees Celsius water?

On the bed was placed the Black Celestial Python suit and his Tritanium dagger Tremor. The black battle suit had a great texture, it could reach 3 stars high for physical defense. Originally Han planned to wear this precious battle suit but guess he has to wait a little longer.

Han put away his suit, weapon, and laptop, retrieved the dark net access software back to his necklace and left the room. He headed towards that miraculous water spot.


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