Chapter 234: Total Annihilation of Puppet Army!

Chapter 234: Total Annihilation of Puppet Army!

The war began.

The earth was trembling, cloud rolling, hundreds of elite-level puppets charged towards Han and his genetic beast herd.

Judging by appearance, Sha Emperor’s puppet army was more majestic, its quantity was close to tenfold of Han’s army. In addition, these puppets were all carefully crafted by the Sha Emperor, each one could be called a piece art. On the other side, the majority of the genetic beasts on Han’s side were snatched from other beast trainers.

The situation became critical, and within a few second, Han would be under the puppet army’s siege.

At this moment, Han suddenly threw his right hand to the back, there was a bottle of a red solution in his hand. The bottle was immediately crushed, the drug inside vaporized and entered the genetic beasts’ respiratory tract and latched onto their skin.

Within a blink of an eye, this crowd of genetic beasts became blood-red, heavily panting, with a shocking outbreak of murderous intent.

It was a drug!

The emperor didn’t know: Han was also a pharmacist!

Although Han wasn’t necessarily the best out there, but he also had a very powerful teacher. The disciple of Night Ruins just needed to casually learn a bit and that was enough to screw up the enemy.

The red liquid inside the bottle was called the Mutation Shock Wave. It was not an ordinary stimulant drug, and it unlocked the genetic beasts’ potential from the lowest biological level, namely the DNA and cell level.

This was one of the most radical types of stimulation. The moment the genetic beasts took this kind of drug, they could burst out with all the energy hidden inside their body.

Of course, the more powerful the drug, the more powerful the side effects. From this moment on, the genetic beasts were all enveloped by death. The moment the efficacy of the drug wore off, they would die.

Fortunately, these genetic beasts were all snatched from other people, Han wouldn’t be too stressed if they all die.

Of course, the three small monsters were exceptions. They obeyed Han’s order and stayed far away, and so did Fusion Beast #1. The reason Han didn’t let #1 take the stimulant was because Han knew that this thing wasn’t very loyal, and he would be in deep trouble if this bastard became more powerful and bit back at him.


The dozens of mad genetic beasts under Han’s command charged at Sha Emperor’s puppets, completely disregarding the fact that the enemy’s quantity was tenfold theirs. The genetic beasts that took Han’s drug could think about nothing but to kill.

These beasts had never been so furious as today nor have they been this desperate to kill enemies. All of the credit went to the drug.

As for Han and the three little monsters, they followed behind this group of mad beasts to go for the kill.

The genetic beasts after taking drugs were furious, but their minds also became very inflexible. They couldn’t feel pain nor know fear, and they just kept charging forward.

This was the time when the clear headed allies were especially important. Han, the Ghost Claw, Demon Claw and Silver Fox, they jumped in whenever they saw an opening, delivering a fatal blow to the puppets, and then quickly backing off.

This was a bulldozer tactic!

The mad genetic beasts desperately pushed forwards, and Han and the others just hid behind the bulldozers, specially taking out the puppets that posed the most threat to the beast herd. As for the ordinary puppets, Han just had the beasts handle them.

Sha Emperor almost couldn’t believe his eyes. His army was clearly bigger in number, but they couldn’t make any advances against the mad genetic beasts, and were getting forced back step after step. Han was rolling over Sha Emperor’s army with his drugged up beasts!

How was this possible?!

Sha Emperor suddenly remembered what Han said earlier with a bit of a mocking tone, “You want to try?”

Sure enough, there was still a huge difference between puppets and real lives, and such a gap existed because puppets were inanimate, and the genetic beasts were living things, and in this universe, any lives had their potential.

So when Han used drugs to bring out the genetic beasts’ ultimate potential, a very unbelievable scene appeared on the battlefield: The genetic beasts herd of only one tenth of the size of the enemy was stomping over the puppet army step after step!

Of course, some credit still goes to Han’s smart tactic, but what was more important was still the vitality.

A genetic beast usually had hundreds of years to live, or even thousand years or more.

But now, Han compressed this long millennium life of the genetic beast into only ten minutes, it could only be imagined what kind of ten minutes this was.

This will for sure be the most brilliant and violent ten minutes in the genetic beasts’ entire life!

So, Han’s genetic beasts could of course crush the puppets that were tenfold in quantity!

In comparison to those lifeless zombies or simply wooden or alloy-forged machines, genetic beasts were killing with their lives! Only they deserve the victory of this battle!

Coupled with the cooperation of Han and his three small monsters which made up for the lack of tactics of the overly violent beasts, everything already made this battle lose its suspense.

Ten minutes quickly passed. The ground was a mess, covered in broken parts of beasts and puppets.


The last genetic beast fell from the sky. That was a six-winged bat. It killed all the flying puppets in the air and then died, falling to the ground.


At the same time, the last puppet also died under Han’s Star-Strangling Boa, sliced into two pieces by the bright force carried by the sharp edge.

Han pointed the blade forward, with the three little monsters lined up behind him, they approached Sha Emperor.

Hundreds of puppets, completely annihilated!

Sha Emperor was so butt-hurt, almost most driven mad by anger!

This was a lifetime worth of effort! All destroyed by Han’s hands!

“Impossible, this is impossible!” Sha Emperor shouted.

Han coldly replied, “There’s nothing impossible in this word. Once I believed in Ares-class sharp blades, I also believed in starships and giant cannons, but I slowly realized that the strongest power in the universe was not any of these weapons, but life!”

“Although you are one of the strongest puppeteers in the Milky Way, but your puppets are lifeless! So you lost. You didn’t lose to me, but lost to life itself.”

“Power of life?”


Sha Emperor suddenly hesitated for a second, and began laughing crazily.

His murderous aura was thickening, source energy was also ascending, as he shouted, “I don’t believe in the power of life at all! Life is cunning! It’s betrayal! It’s greed! Although my puppets are lifeless, but they will never betray me!”

“That’s because you are stupid!” Han mercilessly ridiculed him, “My little monsters have life, but they will never betray me.”


Sha Emperor was extremely angry, he felt that Han was too abhorrent, not only did Han destroy his puppet army, now he was also making fun of him.

He opened his arms, slowly untied his cloak.

Han’s eyebrows suddenly tightened. Even the Ghost Claw and Silver Fox were shocked.

This was because they saw Sha Emperor’s body. That was not a normal human’s body, but a mummy, pitch black in color, completely lifeless. The inside of the body had likely become like other puppets, with mechanical structures implanted.

“You still insist that life is the strongest force in the universe?” Sha Emperor threw away his cloak and asked coldly.

“That’s my faith.” Han replied.

Sha Emperor sneered, “Humph! You can die now. To us puppeteers, extinguishing life is the path! At first, I killed the lives of the puppets, and in the end, I killed my own life!”

“Only when I become a puppet myself, I could possibly stand at the top of puppeteers!”

Han shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “I really want to vomit all over your face. You lived that many years, and it all went down the toilet?!”

“I have a bunch of robot friends. Although they are robots, but they dreamed about having lives and becoming real humans!”

“Yet you erased your own life and made yourself into a puppet? If that’s the case, then even if you become the king of puppeteers, what’s the point? You are still going to be just a puppet!”

Whoever knew Han knows, Han loved lives, loved living, and was filled with curiosity.

The Sha Emperor that despised lives, Han was disgusted by him. He will obviously kill him, but he wants to win the verbal battle too.

Sha Emperor maybe felt that he couldn’t win the argument, he just ignored Han and lightly pressed on a head on his shoulder. That human head went into Sha Emperor’s body.

The Emperor originally had a black shriveled mummy-like body, but now, after a head entered his body, that body suddenly became inflated, full of sharp muscle lines as hard as pieces of steel.


Sha Emperor let out a long breath. He coldly eyed Han and said in a deep voice, “If I didn’t turn myself into a puppet, then how can I absorb the ultimate power of warlords.”


Sha Emperor then pointed at the three remaining heads on his should, “I can have four warlord powers in one body! How about you?”