Chapter 377: A Desperate Battle Between Cornered Beasts

Chapter 377: A Desperate Battle Between Cornered Beasts

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"Let me go!"

Han opened wide his eyes, his facial expression became ferocious.

He smacked the Little Octopus’s arm which startled it to release him.

"Let me go too!" Pluto said in deep tone.

"Me as well, let go of all of us!" Lance yelled out loud, "Damn, screw it!"

In a flash, Little Octopus realized the people it spent so much effort to save all jumped back down! They all looked aggressive and fierce as if they were a bunch of devils!

It was such a dilemma!

They were only one more step before escaping out of this blue lair. But the people that saved earlier were all rushing back down towards the lair.

What to do now?

To a battlefield rookie, it’s hard to understand what Han and his friends were thinking!

But soon, Little Octopus\'s whole body began to shiver as if it received the summoning of some sorts of powerful energy and couldn\'t move its eyes.

It saw Han fighting against the White Three Eye Wolf like a mad man. The little Silver Fox was biting on the tail of the Three-Eye white Wolf, Blue Star was protecting Han with his body, Pluto was holding tight onto the white Three-Eye Wolf with a final bout of courage, and Lance was hacking the enemies aggressively with the blade that was hidden in his sleeves.

These people had all gone mad!

What type of power could drive them to act like this without hesitation? And have such unbelievable courage?!

"Forget about me! Shoot him! Shoot him!" Pluto yelled out loud while holding onto the white Three-Eye wolf.

Han gritted his teeth and drew the Flying Feather Bow for the fourth time. The bow was directly held against the Three-Eye Wolf’s face.

No one would expect that Han was actually going to shoot the white Three-Eye Wolf together with Pluto.

But Han still knew what he was doing. At the very last second, he tilted half-inch of the angle of the Flying Feather Bow, and the arrow avoided shooting through Pluto.

But just because of this twist, the White Three Eye Wolf now had a chance to retaliate. It suddenly flung its legs in the air and kicked Han right in his stomach. Han was kicked away and the Flying Feather Bow\'s then became more tilted and shot right by the White Three Eye Wolf’s right cheek.


Half of its face and its ear were directly shot through by the bow! It began dripping golden blood on the ground.

Looking at Han, he was kicked so hard that his whole body smashed onto the blue ice which caused the ice to break and collapse. Han yelled out loud immediately.


Right when everyone thought Han failed, nobody expected Lance who actually rushed up and stick his blade from his sleeves into the white Three-Eye Wolf’s soft belly!

"I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna kill you!"

With bloodshot eyes, Lance was crazily waving his two daggers that were passed down from his family.

At this moment, he no longer looked like a well-trained killer at all, but a total butcher! He was chopping and stabbing with all of his effort!


But the White Three Eye Wolf was indeed powerful. After those consecutive attacks, it was actually still alive. Instead of dying, it burst out in rage and became even more fierce than before!

Pluto could only restrain the wolf\'s body but not its claws. The White Three-Eye Wolf suddenly scratched Lance’s shoulder with its claws and smashed his armor. His blood sprayed out immediately and some bones on his shoulder were even exposed!

However, Lance was still stabbing desperately!

Never give up!

Fight till death!

Now, this was not only the characteristic of Han, but also a personality trait of the whole team!

This was the power of a role model!

With Han as an example of a tough bone, Lance also became one with the toughest bones among all assassins!

When the white Three-Eye Wolf was trying to get rid of Pluto\'s chain lock, it was held up tight by Blue Star’s four large claws; when it finally got rid of Lance\'s dagger strikes, Pluto charged up again and started waving his fists; and when it kicked Pluto away again, Han came back again and started beating it, using the Flying Feather bow like a stick.

All in all, the spirit-like Little Octopus was amazed.

This group of people were indeed a bunch of madmen.

No matter of the size or strength, no one would be a match of the white Three-Eye Wolf. But with their boldness and the spirit of never giving up, these crazy people chose to charge up again and again!

In seconds, this powerful white Three-Eye Wolf was beaten severely that even its whole face was swollen!

Unfortunately, this white Three-Eye Wolf wasn’t an ordinary monster. Even though Han and the others\' crazy attacks got him by surprise, it was still able to retaliate once it recollected its mind.

Under this powerful force, Pluto couldn’t hold it even with his high caliber fiber body. Han suddenly felt a heated sensation on his chest before his whole body flew up. The white Three-Eye Wolf could even hack open a high-tier equipment like the God King’s Armor and leave three deep bloody scratch marks on Han’s chest.

Remaining in the air, Han felt like he was caught by a soft rope. It was just the fairy-like little octopus. It stopped fleeing and came back again, standing with Han\'s team side by side.

Crack, crack, crack!

The White Three-Eye Wolf\'s bloodshot eyes looked as if it\'s going to burst out flame. It used a move that virtually had no counter – the cloning technique.

One, two, four, eight!

The white Three-Eye Wolf’s body started to divide apart exponentially. In a moment, it had become a gigantic and powerful army. An army of vicious wolves!

"One vicious wolf could still be defeated, but a group of them can\'t be handled!" Lance gritted his teeth and said, "This dude is obviously mad, I can feel his power was getting stronger."

Pluto said, "A Golden Bloodline. Did you notice that its blood was golden when it was injured?"

Han nodded his head.

Pluto continued, "Black Egg has Twin-Gold-Pupils, and this thing has a golden Bloodline. That being said, his power is not any less than Black Egg. Also, I vaguely remember the Golden Bloodline comes from a very old and mysterious beast clan, but I can’t remember the details. This time, the battle is going to be very dangerous."

Han suddenly hesitated for a second. He wasn’t sure what the Golden Bloodline was, but he did see how powerful and vigorous this white wolf was during the battle.

It had only been a few seconds and the wounds on its body were almost healed.

Lance threw down his two broken daggers that were hidden in his sleeves. These two ancestral blades were already worn. With only the hilt left, the blade was left inside the body of the White Wolf. Lance suddenly looked like he was several years older, and both of his arms were shaking. He probably used a secret Assassination technique that Han didn’t even know about in order to break the White Wolf’s defense.


The blue ice rift was gradually closing together, and that was the escape route that Han tried very hard to open up. Now, Han has no more energy to do it over once again even if he swallowed more pills. Han\'s tolerance for drugs such as the nuclear kinetic energy pill was getting higher and higher as his level increased, and more powerful drugs have yet to be developed.

They were surrounded by thousands of white Three-Eye wolves. The wolves kept moving forward step by step. They were also very humiliated and mad for being injured by these weak human beings.


The wolf pack suddenly began their charge. Thousands of white wolves began rushing toward the Han\'s team like a huge wave trying to drown them!

Han\'s reaction, however, was actually to charge against them!

Three people plus Blue Star and Silver Fox charged in the direction against thousands of enemies!

Warriors can die from fighting, but they can never be scared to death!

This had been Han\'s belief for his entire life!

Coming from a martial arts background, Han had always fought back against the enemies\' attacks!

This kind of morale apparently also inspired the little fairy-like octopus. It was also waving its long arms while closely following behind Han.

The distance was getting closer and closer, Han jumped up in the air with one hand in the air.

Path of Heaven! The largest area attack of the Six Paths of Void forbidden martial arts style!

But just at that moment, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

A cloud of white smoke smashed down from the sky!