Chapter 434: A Meet at Veins Vortex

Chapter 434: A Meet at Veins Vortex

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Cough cough

Han coughed on purpose and the two opposing sides turned around to direct their attention at Han. Han held on to Wai Late Dao and Jian Jia. Even though Jian Jia was not hurt but she still had her arm linked around Han.


"You are okay!"

Everyone rushed over to Han. Ye Weiwei frowned slightly when she first saw Jian Jia, but Luo Ying ignored everything and dragged Ye Weiwei next to Han before shuffling her into Han’s arms.

"Jian Jia! Are you okay?!"

Lushui Qiulin was shocked since he did not know Jian Jia followed him here. Jian Jia’s sudden appearance startled him so much he almost had a heart attack. Han and Wai Late Dao were both injured, aside from the evolved Xiao Bao and Black Egg, even Blue Star was crippled. It was obvious that Han and Jian Jia went through a tough battle! Seeing his beloved granddaughter in such scenario really caused Lushui Qiulin to lose his calm and panic.

"All thanks to Han." Jian Jia pouted.

Lushui Qiulin panicked, "Oh my dear granddaughter, how did you get here!? You scared me, scared your old grandpa! Those bastards at home didn’t even bother to let me know that you have gone missing. They are so dead when I go back!"

"Grandpa." Jian Jia sweetly said, "No need to be this loud, I was just naughty and wanted to follow you to see what all the fuss was about. God knows how I lost you when we were inside the Golden Tower, and if it weren’t for Han I’d probably never see grandpa again."

"Okay okay, grandpa won’t talk loudly again. As long as you are okay, as long as you are okay! Don’t ever scare grandpa like that again, grandpa is getting old and my heart can’t take much more of this." Lushui Qiulin was pleased immediately.

Although Jian Jia was at times unruly, but in front of her grandpa, she was very tricky. Her innocent acts absolutely trapped Lushui Qiulin with no anger to spare. Outsiders would often wonder who the real grandchildren was between Jian Jia and Lushui Qiulin.

Everyone casually asked Han what happened and Han looked around before replying, "This is not the place to talk as we are both heavily wounded, so let’s go back first."

"You are right, let’s go" Sima Hunfeng nodded.

Just as everyone was about to leave, a broad arm blocked the way. Han did not recognize him but from his armor, it appeared that he was a member from the All Gods Corporationoration.

"You are All Gods Corporation’s targeted villains, it won’t be that easy to leave!" The round-faced guy said.

"Grandpa!" Jian Jia saw this and shook Lushui Qiulin’s arm.


Lushui Qiulin let out a long sigh and said to the round-faced guy, "Sa Hai, let them go."

Sa Hai shook his head, "I don’t think so. How will we report to Mr. Jacquet if we let these criminals leave?"

Lushui Qiulin said, "I will have an answer for Mr. Jacquet."

Sa Hai thought briefly and shook his head again, "I still can’t allow it. You know the person he’s associated with. I can let him go but I will not allow that person to leave."

Jian Jia shook her grandpa’s arm violently and turned around in anger.

Lushui Qiulin coldly said, "I said, let him go. Did you not hear me?"

"I did, but how will you vouch for him?" Sa Hai replied.

"Will my life be enough?" Lushui Qiulin straightened his chest and said loudly.

Han did now know what type of relation these two had, but it appeared that they disliked each other very much. It was obvious from Sa Hai’s aggressiveness and Jian Jia’s show of displeasure towards him.

Sa Hai rolled his eyes and thought of a trap, "Mr. Qiulin, you are one of our All Gods Corporation’s mid-tier elder, and vouching your life for these criminals is too much. I cannot comply with that."

"But it is my responsibility to catch the fugitives on the run, so how about a compromise?"

Lushui Qiulin scoffed, "What are you proposing?"

Sa Hai said, "Since the founding of our All Gods Corporation, there have been clear rules stating that everyone has a chance to repent their sins. "

"And I have also heard that Han and that person is, in fact, the leader of the cursed land. So my suggestion won’t be too much overboard."

"A month from now, all five of our Corporations will gather together. The Veins Vortex will then be open, and each of the five Corporations will send a team to explore the Vortex."

"Since Han and that person are one of the leaders in the East Dark Net, why not give them a chance to form a team and explore the Veins Vortex? If Han and that person can gather some reward from the Veins Vortex, maybe they can redeem their crime and remove the wanted bounty."

It seemed like a reasonable request for Han to cooperate with the five Corporations, but for some reason not only was Lushui Qiulin upset with Sa Hai’s suggestion, even Time Activator and Bruce were shaking their heads.

"Speak no more!" Lushui Qiulin was agitated, "I shall vouch with my own life!"

Sa Hai sneered, "Senior Qiulin, why do you bother me with such trouble. If you insist on vouching for Corporation’s wanted villains, then I have no choice but to offend you!"


Suddenly the soldiers from All Gods Corporation drew their swords. Soldiers that were loyal to Lushui Qiulin prepared to engage the soldiers loyal to Sa Hai, one order from either leader would cause a full-on engagement!


Han lightly sighed, "Elder Qiulin, I appreciate your actions. But there is really no reason for you to vouch your life for us. We can just go to whatever that Veins Vortex is."

"Han, you don’t understand!" Jian Jia screamed.

Sa Hai did not give Han a chance to backtrack and yelled, "Deal! Senior Qiulin vouched his life for you, so we shall see you at the Veins Vortex a month from now! See you there!"

Sa Hai gathered his troops and left. Lushui Qiulin let out a deep sigh as he looked at Han and then glanced over at a shivering Jian Jia.

Dark North came to Han’s side and whispered, "Even though this is not my business, but you need to be careful. Anyways, we did not see the Lone Abyss from the Golden Family on our way here, did you see him?"

"He’s dead," Han replied.

The famous Dark North, Time Activator, and others were stunned.

Dark North hastily asked, "How did he die?"

Han pointed at Wai Late Dao, "Wai Late Dao killed him."

Everyone was stunned because they knew Wai Late Dao as a clown, and no one could believe it was him that killed the Lone Abyss.

Dark North smiled and patted Han’s shoulders. "Him? Modesty is a virtue, but lying is not. You are very good."

Dark North continued to smile and left as Time Activator came to Han’s side. "All Gods is very powerful, but it is not absolute. If you have any needs, come to Godsend and ask for me."

Bruce was next, "Time Activator that old fox took my words. Remember in this place there’s more than the All Gods Corporation. Please consider our Holy Spirit group, I’m not a man with fancy words. Simply put, I believe in you."

Everyone was shocked and even Lushui Qiulin couldn’t believe his eyes.

Dark North, Time Activator, and Bruce were top tier generals! They all admired Han and even invited him in front of All Gods Corporation! Unbelievable.

There might be a misunderstanding here. Han demonstrated strong logical and analytical skills in front of them as a first impression, and now they were even more impressed because they believed that Han had killed Lone Abyss.

Han wanted to explain that he did not really kill the Lone Abyss, but he saw Wai Late Dao shaking his head so Han kept it to himself.


Luo Shock Scale rolled his eyes at Han, as he went to check up on Luo Ying, Luo Ying turned around and totally ignored him. Luo Shock Scale bit his teeth and sneered at Han while he exited, "Let’s see what you are really made of in a month of time! Sister Luo Ying, take care of yourself."

Jian Jia disgustingly made a very unladylike gesture towards Luo Shock Scale, then ran beside Han and reproached at him, "Why did you agree to Sa Hai? He’s the worst! He always bickers with my grandpa!"

"Just look at Sa Hai’s sinister triangular eyes and you know he’s up to no good."

"The Veins Vortex is very dangerous! But it’s okay because of grandpa. You saved my life so my grandpa will not leave you out to dry, right grandpa?"


Lushui Qiulin awkwardly tried to change the subject as he did not want to answer. "We should leave now, you left without a note and who knows what kind of mess our family is in right now."

"Grandpa, since when did you become a turtle? I thought our family always paid our debts? Han saved my life and you have nothing to show for?" Jian Jia was not buying.

"This …." Lushui Qiulin let out a long sigh, "Fine… I will try my best. But do know that this Veins Vortex is not that simple. If you want to find out more about it, go ask that person as he is well are of it."

Lushui Qiulin grabbed Jian Jia and left. Jian Jia kept on turning around to look for Han, even though Ye Weiwei stood shyly beside him and Luo Ying stared her down, but the courageous and daring Jian Jia displayed her affection towards Han nevertheless.

… …

All Gods Corporation, All God Palace.

Sa Hai reported to Jacquet as soon as he returned.

The man known as God of all Gods, ranked as the number one fighter in the Eastern Dark Net, had only one eye and his hair was combed neatly behind his back. He wore a cloak made from Soul Beast skin and he stroked the fur on his coat while he listened to Sa Hai.

"You mean that Lushui Qiulin wanted to let them go?" Jacquet asked.

"That’s right, good thing you ordered me to follow Lushui Qiulin, otherwise who knows what he could’ve done. Based on my observations, Lushui Qiulin’s granddaughter, Jian Jia, appears to have a mixed relationship with Han. Maybe it is because of his granddaughter that Lushui Qiulin planned the exception." Sa Hai reported on Lushui Qiulin.


Jacquet waved his hand and said, "I don’t care for these minor details. I am just concerned about that person, will he go to the Veins Vortex?"

Sa Hai proudly responded, "I have thought this through thoroughly. First that person has a very good relationship with Han, otherwise, he wouldn’t risk being exposed to rescue Han. And now since Han does not know the details he fell for my trap, as he agreed to go to the Veins Vortex."

"Think about it, letting Han go to the Veins Vortex alone is suicidal! That person will definitely go too."

"What if neither of them comes." Jacquet asked.

Sa Hai treacherously replied, "If so, there is still another way. It’s just that if you are willing to sacrifice Lushui Qiulin…"