Chapter 187: Dark Apostle, Dead! (Part Two)

Chapter 187: Dark Apostle, Dead! (Part Two)

The dark apostle’s right arm was cut off from the elbow. Blood continued to flood out, and Han’s blade also created an opening on the dark apostle’s forehead, and blood also started running down on his face.

The dark apostle saw that he was now completely under Han’s control, with a pale face he said, “You’ve became stronger, before you didn’t have this level of speed.”

Han lightly said, “Using the past to measure my present, I can only tell that you are stupid! Tell me, where’s the queen bug?”

The dark apostle suddenly hesitated, and then said in a high voice, “So you didn’t kill me in order to find the queen bug?”

“Yes, you have to die, and the queen bug also has to!” Han said seriously.


The dark apostle laughed, and his tone became icy cold, “You didn’t really think that the queen bug is an insect right? To tell you the truth, even if you destroy the black box, the queen bug will still follow my order and launch those interstellar missiles, and the war between the twelve permanent management nations will take place for sure!”

“If you dare to kill me, the queen bug will eat you!”


The dark apostle would’ve been fine for a few more minutes if he didn’t say anything, Han indeed couldn’t find the queen bug by himself. But now, hearing the dark apostle’s words, Han didn’t say anything, pushed the Star-Strangling Boa a bit forward, the edge went directly through the dark apostle’s head, splitting his zero-degree brain region in half!

“I don’t dare killing you?”

“What a joke!”

“As long as I’m alive, sh*ts like you, I will kill one when I see one!”

“Killed Ma Jingkong, Ms. White!”

“Forced me to leave home!”

“Go f*cking die!”



Han roared and stabbed, slicing the dark apostle into a few parts on the spot. If he didn’t do that, he could not quell the anger in his chest!

The dark apostle thought he understood Han, but he didn’t!

Han’s blade was never a display, and the moment it appeared, blood must be seen!


The bugs on all sides rushed up, and the ground began to shake.

Han thought it was just a chain reaction caused by the dark insect hurdle, but soon he realized that was not the case.

Located behind Han was a large-scale quantum computer, cylindrically shaped, with countless computing units on it with many flickering indication lights.

At the second after Han killed the dark apostle, that half-buried underground quantum computer suddenly moved! Drilling out from the ground, under that quantum computer was actually a huge black head!


This big monster roared at Han.

It was not the same as the other dark insects. Its body was soft and covered in a thick layer of leather, and its mouth had many layers, each filled with more than a hundred sharp teeth.

What’s more strange was that thing’s head, that quantum computer was still impressively inserted in its skull!

It turned out, that was the queen bug!

The queen bug wasn’t simply an insect, but a fusion between the computer and an insect!

Han gritted his teeth, the god race really did come up with something creative with genetic technology. Han also learned how to create fusion beasts, and he knew very well how difficult it was to combine an insect and a quantum computer.

The computer must be accurately connected to the nerve cells in the insect, and convert the biological energy into the energy source needed to run a computer. All of this cannot be done without very high technical standards.

But why would the god race fuse a bug and a big quantum computer?

When the queen bug climbed out from underground, Han finally understood.

It turned out that the queen bug was not only a combination of bugs and computers, it was even a robot!

Other than the head that’s made from cell tissues, the queen bug’s limbs and body were all mechanical structures!

Eight long and flexible mechanical legs bent like a grasshopper, the body was like a flat bug, and layers of layers of alloy steel armor wrapped up the body’s mechanical structure.

When the mother crawled out, Han also saw many white eggs underground. This monster combined of bugs, a computer and mechanical parts, had a strong breeding capacity. The number of eggs in incubation was at least in the millions, and each bug egg was bigger than an ostrich egg.




From the layers of mouthparts, the queen bug shot out spurts of white liquids.

Han quickly used his famous natural body movement techniques and dodged with unconventional movements.

“Highly corrosive substances!”

Han was secretly surprised, the liquid sprayed by the queen bug was stronger than any known acid, even hard metal like the tritanium alloy, when encountered with the white liquid, immediately turned into green smoke.

If Han accidently gets hit by the liquid, the battle suit on him, the Elliptical Matrix, for sure wouldn’t be able to protect him.


Just when Han was busy dodging, the monster queen bug finished its transformation. The flesh brain and that quantum computer were all hidden under the scales, replaced by a solid alloy sealing plate.

This damn queen bug, it actually had its own hard combat suit?!

When Han looked at the bug again, it was very different.

After completing a full set of movements, the queen bug became a big insect covered with alloy, a flat large and long insect, with a sickle-like mouth and 8 spear-like sharp legs.

“Eye of Darkness, open!”


Unfortunately, despite Han’s sharp vision, he couldn’t find any weakness, even the tiniest gap! This big guy had top tier armour! Perfectly protecting the queen bug’s body and the quantum computer!

The small insects around them quickly rushed out, as if they received their mother’s order, or as if they also feared the queen bug’s attack power.

“Since there’s no weakness, then I will just force the kill!”

Han thought, he lowered his entire body and got under the queen bug’s large body.

Path of Heaven, Sky Break Strike!


A white light rushed straight into the sky!

The Ares-class weapon in Han’s hand, wanted to pierce the queen bug!