Chapter 79: Good News and Bad News

Chapter 79: Good News and Bad News


Ye Weiwei waved in excitement from the window, her face was a bit red.

Han smiled, and waved at Ye Weiwei too.


Suddenly, a bolt of lightning came straight down from the sky and landed right on a maple tree beside the palace. The tree was killed immediately, and bursted into flame.

A few guards of the Ye family jumped out to put out the fire. It was like chickens flying and dogs jumping, while Ye Weiwei was like a child that did something bad, said sorry, and quickly hid her head back into the room.

Han was a little stunned, because it seemed like this thunder was caused by Ye Weiwei. He looked up and saw a big sun in the sky, so he had no idea where that damn lightning came from.

The old housekeeper Ye Hua invited Han into the living room. The luxurious furnishing of Ye family palace still left Han amazed. From the crystal chandeliers to exquisite style furniture, marble floors on the ground, everything was top-grade stuff.

The maids offered tea, and secretly glanced at Han. Some chit chat behind the back was unavoidable. Han was already used to it. It seems like everyone from the Ye family knew him.

Thinking for a moment, Han asked Ye Hua, “Just where exactly did that lightning come from?”

Ye Hua sighed, and said honestly, “That’s because of Miss’s ability, the lightning storm.”

“The Lightning storm belongs to the top tier of defense type abilities. Our Miss Ye Weiwei has both lightning bolts and storm, offering double the protection against anyone who wants to attack Miss. They will be instantly annihilated by the two elements.”

“Unfortunately, the lightning storm power isn’t stable, and sometimes it even attacks people that didn’t intend to attack Miss. Just because they are in close proximity to Miss they will get attacked too.”


Just as Ye Hua finished his sentence, they heard a loud clap of thunder upstairs. Instantly, the scene with reverted back into the one where everyone was like flying chickens and jumping dogs again.

Ye Hua pointed upstairs and said reluctantly, “Look, that’s the lightning storm. It doesn’t give any warning. The moment Miss doesn’t wear special type of gloves, Miss can injure others anytime anywhere.”

Han started laughing on the inside, Ye Weiwei’s power was really a mess. No warning, no rules, and no one knew when Ye Weiwei will hurt others nor when she won’t.

When Ye Weiwei said before that she wanted to go to the park with Han and wear a dress, Han thought this girl might be into him, and now he suddenly realized, this might actually have nothing to do with love, she’s just using his Void End power to suppress his lighting storm to avoid hurting other people and cause chaos.

Thinking about that, Han said to Ye Hua, “Sir, I understand. How about you let me go wait outside of Miss’s room, I will activate my domain, that way when’s changing into her dress she won’t hurt others.”

Ye Hua was very happy, and he quickly replied, “That would be nice!”

So, he and the guard captain Ye Xiangdong accompanied Han to the door of Ye Weiwei’s room, and Han used his power and summoned a domain with 10 meters in radius.

“This is void end!” Ye Xiang Dong realized that his power suddenly disappeared, he was stunned and he quickly asked.

Han nodded, the Milky Way Alliance will publically display each contestants’ profile. Everyone will know sooner or later so there was no need for Han to hide anything.

“Fantastic! It’s better than I thought!” Ye Xiangdong grabbed Han by the shoulders, “Your power can suppress Miss’s power for sure!”

Cough* Cough*

Ye Hua deliberately coughed twice, and Ye Xiangdong just realized his own gaffe, so he apologized and backed to the side.

“It’s Void End! Han’s power is Void End!” In the yard, someone screamed out, and everyone immediately became excited.

Ye Hua said to Han in embarrassment, “Miss never got to wear a dress since she was small. Today she can finally go out like an ordinary girl so everyone in the family is very happy for Miss.”


From Ye Weiwei’s room, two little girls in maid uniform sprang out, they greeted Han and Ye Hua in excitement and said, “Miss is ready, she will be out in a second.”

“Miss look really pretty today!”

Right after that sentence, another two young maids pushed the shy Ye Weiwei out of the room. Han suddenly felt his eyes lit up when he saw Ye Weiwei in a pure white dress. It was short, not even reaching her knees, exposing one pair of soft white slim legs, and her feet were in flat white shoes.

Ye Weiwei seemed to have some makeup on as well, the very delicate kind, not gaudy. The dress was sleeveless, and it exposed a small area on the back, as if trying to emphasize sexiness.

“Why are you guys pushing me?”

“This dress isn’t pretty, let me put on the long dress.” It was Ye Weiwei’s first time wearing a dress, on top of it being in front of outsiders so she was a little embarrassed and muttered.

“Miss is already a big girl, of course you should dress a bit sexier.”

“This dress is Miss’s favorite, Miss often secretly wears it in the room when alone. Don’t think that we don’t know.”

“Mr. Han, do you think our Miss is pretty?”

Ye Weiwei’s group of maids were very naughty. Han smiled and said, “It looks quite good, don’t change it.”

“Really?” Ye Weiwei tipped her head a bit and asked.


Ye Weiwei let out a long breath, blushed, and ran downstairs. Just after she ran a few steps, she stopped again and said in a silly way, “I almost forgot, I can’t be too far away from you.”

After spending a bit more time at Ye family’s palace, Han and Ye Weiwei finally hit the road. The group of naughty little maids all bowed to Han, and said in unison, “Mr. Han, our Miss will be in your hands!”

Everyone in the Ye family all felt great relief. They watched Han and Ye Weiwei leave the manor, and those that were sentimental even secretly cried.

“Where do you want to go first?” Sitting in the car, Han asked Ye Weiwei who was sitting across from him.

“I want to go to the water park first, then the zoo, then go do a bit of shopping, eat ice cream, and in the afternoon we will go to the ocean park, watch a movie, and go horseback riding…”

Ye Weiwei looked forward to this day for too long, she had planned out everything she wanted to do a thousand times since a long time ago. After Han asked, she started going on and on about the things she wanted to do.

Suddenly, she realized that she might not be considering Han’s feelings, so she whispered in embarrassment, “Do you think that’s okay?”

“No problem.” Han’s smiled and said softy.


After watching Han and Ye Weiwei depart, housekeeper Ye Hua went back to his room and poured himself some wine. For the whole lifetime that he served the Ye family, today was his happiest day.

Suddenly, just when half the glass of wine hit Ye Hua’s stomach, a guard rushed into his room, and said in a deep voice, “The Lord wants to talk to you. He’s on the emergency communication channel!”

Ye Hua was shocked, he quickly put down the glass and opened the interstellar encryption communication device.

The screen flashed for a few seconds and Ye Hua finally saw the Lord of the Ye family, which was Ye Weiwei’s grandpa Ye Guhong.

“Lord, what happened to you?!” Anyone could see that Ye Guhong was not in good shape, Ye Hua asked nervously.

“I’m fine, where’s Weiwei?”

“In the Miracle system, preparing to go to A-19 relic tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Ye Guhong nodded, let out a long breath, “That’s good, that’s good, at least I made it. Take Ye Weiwei home right now, don’t let her go to the Extinction domain anymore.”

Ye Hua hesitated, and asked in confusion, “Now? But Miss going to the relic was something you personally agreed to. If you ask her to go home right now, you know Miss’s temper.”


Ye Guhong slammed the desk, and said in a tone that didn’t tolerate any resistance, “No negotiation! Even if you tie her up, you have to send Ye Weiwei home! There’s absolutely no room for negotiation on this matter.”

Ye Hua thought for a second, and said in a deep voice, “Lord, I trust your decision, but can you wait until tomorrow for us go to back home with Miss?”


“Because today Miss has a date.”

“Date? What nonsense?! Weiwei has the lightning storm. The slightest mistake will hurt the innocent! I don’t care how many unrelated people will die, but Ye Weiwei will feel guilty because of it. What should we do if she becomes traumatized?!” Ye Guhong asked in a severe tone.

Ye Hua said in a deep voice, “Lord, you were not home in the past few years so you might not know. The guy on a date with Miss has the Void End power. He can completely suppress Miss’s lightning storm, the things you were worried about will not happen.”

“Void End? It’s Ye Shuihan?! That old monster is actually still alive?!” Ye Guhong was severely shocked, but he recovered quickly and scratched his chin and said, “Fine! If you count, Ye Shuihan’s even older than me! During the life time he got married with 30 wives and those were just the ones I knew about. But if Ye Weiwei really wants to, I won’t say anything. After all, the situation our family is in is a bit special, we don’t have any choice.”

“As for those other wives and kids of Ye Shuihan, to avoid trouble, I will just send someone to secretly kill them.”

Ye Hua started dying of laughter on the inside because of how Ye Weiwei’s issue had deeply troubled the Lord. Now Ye Guhong even agreed to marry Ye Weiwei to Ye Shuihan, that kind of infamous old grandpa.

Ye Hua smiled and said, “Lord, this person is only 17 years old, not Ye Shuihan. He just coincidently has the same power as him.”

Ye Guhong heard this and tears came running down his face. But then, he pondered and felt something odd, his eyes became wide open and he asked, “Could that person be a girl? Sigh… our family’s situation, it’s difficult. But if Weiwei really wants to be with a girl, that… that’s not unacceptable, at least she can be with someone.”


Ye Hua almost started vomiting blood. Only members of the Ye family knew their difficult situation, and that left Ye Guhong very cranky and sometimes crazy. It seems like it’s very difficult for him to believe that such a man that perfectly matched Ye Weiwei existed.

“Lord, to tell you the truth, this man’s name is Han, 17 years old, from the Earth Federation with the power Void End. He’s not some strange old grandpa, nor a girl. In my opinion, he’s actually pretty suitable with Miss.” Ye Hua explained.



Ye Guhong was stunned for ages, and he started laughing like no tomorrow, he couldn’t believe his eyes! This surprise is too big for him!

But after laughing too hard, Ye Guhong’s body began to suffer great pain again. He held on to his heart, and sweat drops as big as peas began to fall. At the same time, the communication screen suddenly became blurred too.

“Oops, the communication system’s about to die!” Ye Guhong was shocked and yelled loudly, “I’m still haven’t returned to the Milky Way yet, so I can’t access the public Wi-Fi. You must do what I said, and take Ye Weiwei home tonight! This is an order!”

Ye Hua was also very nervous, “Lord, why don’t you let Miss go to A-19? Could it be that you got some bad news during your journey?”

Ye Guhong nodded heavily, his face became very difficult to see.

Unfortunately, just when he wants to tell the truth, the communication was interrupted, and the screen turned dark.