Chapter 333: Rushing Back to Earth

Chapter 333: Rushing Back to Earth

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A beam of light stopped in front of them. A huge space station, dark black in color, like a flying mountain range the size of the Himalayas, materialized out of the light beam.


Han jerked, because the station serial number was 9527, and that meatball shaped, fat, old man who often helped and joked with him also had the code number 9527.

"This cannot be a coincidence?" Han said to himself.

Not after a long time, the sealed doors of the space station opened loudly. A metal escalator extended out and an old man shaped like a ball walked down with a smile.

"Han, are you happy to see me?" asked the fat old man.

Han was stunned, not believing that it was really 9527!

"How did you find me?" Han asked surprised.

9527 replied, "Because of Yuan Yuan. Ah, do you still remember that you bought a very expensive chip, code-named Prime Minister? With this chip, Yuan Yuan obtained the ability to contact me, but I did not tell you the details so you did not know about it."

"I was in the Dark Net and suddenly acquired Yuan Yuan\'s signal. So naturally, I also found you."

9527 looked at Luo Ying and Jian Jia carefully. They were the same as Han, looking like a mess.

9527 asked curiously, "How did this happen?"

Han always had good relationship with 9527, he immediately telling him the story from beginning to end without any reservation. He also showed him the Flying Feather Bow.

9527 could not pick up the Flying Feather Bow, but he was surprised, "Sure it is a god-class artifact, but you were deceived by that woman. She was sealed in the pyramid by that artifact. Come, let\'s go have a look."

There was a seal on the way back, but it did not deter 9527. He pulled out a strange pointy gold hammer and destroyed the seal very easily.

"It’s him?" Jian Jia saw this scene and whispered to herself with brightened eyes.

9527 not only had the hammer, he also had a land speeder in his space station. The crowd got on to the vehicle, and sped all the way back to the pyramid, where they saw Feng Wanzhou waiting.

"Has Linda come back yet?" Han asked Feng Wanzhou.

Feng Wanzhou was stunned and shook his head, "No, didn\'t she go with you?"

Han frowned, "This damned bitch, she screwed us at the seal boundary. Was there anything unusual when we were away?"

Feng Wanzhou thought for a bit and said, "Something unusual that did happen is that we no longer see soul beasts here anymore. Whether it’s the large or small soul beasts, all of them seemed to have disappeared."

At this time, 9527 had checked around the ruins of the pyramid and came out while shaking his head, "Sigh, I am afraid the universe and this Dark Net will become more and more chaotic. If I guessed right, that Linda you mentioned should be a Soul beast with the top camouflage ability."

"She is a soul Beast?" Han was surprised, "Impossible, her temperament was obviously human. Even the very graceful kind."

9527 sneered, "This is exactly the problem. Linda\'s behavior was elegant because she tried to make herself more like a human and not show any flaw. Normal human beings actually wouldn’t care about their behaviors so much, so the elegance of Linda was deliberate, resulting from long-term studies of human behavior."

Han was speechless. 9527 kept on talking, "Do not think too much, it is not your fault to lose to this thing. After all, you still do not understand the Dark Net very well."

"Now the artifact that performs her seal has been lifted, and Linda also left this place. Since you and her don’t have any grudges, I guess she will not spite you, but those who have provoked her in the past will be unlucky. After all, the Soul beast is a very eccentric existence with pride, grudges and intelligence."

9527 had been looking at the Black Egg while talking, and there’s a little hesitation in his eyes. 9527 deliberately pretended not to care about the fat little guy flying beside Han, but everybody could see that 9527 was also very curious.

Since 9527 came, Han must leave with him. He looked at Feng Wanzhou and asked, "What are you going to do?"

Feng Wanzhou forced a smile, "I don’t have a home any more, even the soul beasts have disappeared. As a soul hunter, I have no value anymore. Perhaps I should find a place to spend the rest of my life."

Han smiled, "The two of us were tied together by fate. If you do not mind, come with me to my hometown."

Han suddenly stopped halfway because he thought of the crisis that Earth was facing at this moment.

Normally obtaining Feng Wanzhou, as a soldier, should have been a goal of Han. He had been sparing no effort to recruit talent for Earth. Feng Wanzhou had no home, and all the soul hunters would also lose their jobs since the soul beasts disappeared. It was the best time for Han to invite him.

But thinking of Earth, Han\'s heart sank. He was not sure if Long Chuan could safely evacuated all of Earth’s inhabitants to the Twin Horse Galaxy before the Triple-Eye race attacks Earth.

While Han and Feng Wanzhou were talking, Jian Jia mustered her courage and approached 9527. She whispered, "I know who you are…"


"You are the specter that hides in All Gods Corporation, controlling a non-existent transition station that is determined to be the enemy of the All Gods Corporation."

9527 disagreed, "So you know this, then what? Besides, I know who you are, your name is Lu Shui Jian Jia, your father is called Lu Shui Jing Tao, and your grandpa, Lu Shui Qiu Lin, the loyal and devoted lackeys of the All Gods Corporation."

"How dare you insult my grandpa!?" Jian Jia was furious.

9527 nodded, "I did indeed insult him. Even if it wasn’t you silly girl standing in front of me, but instead was your grandpa, I would still insult him."

"Remember, I let you live not because your surname is Lu Shui, but because of Han."

"I remember Han just said that that Soul Beast called Linda has told you the truth of the Dark net. Even now do you still think that your grandpa is really a God? Your grandfather\'s powers were granted to him by the All God’s Corporation?"

Jian Jia clenched her teeth, and did not speak.

Although Linda was only a hateful soul beast, but the impact she brought to Jian Jia was not small. Jian Jia now also began to doubt if the All Gods Corporation was great as they claimed.

While Han was trying to recruit Feng Wanzhou, Luo Ying was listening beside them.

She had a very good sister, but also a very bad father.

Luo Ying suddenly found out that in fact, she was no better off than Feng Wanzhou. Feng Wanzhou now had nowhere to go, Luo Ying herself, was she not also a homeless little girl as well?

"Relax, as long as I have something to eat, I will not let you go hungry. The fading of the Soul Hunting City is inevitable, you don\'t need to keep on guarding here. A person should look forward. Come to my place, don\'t you believe my words?" Han continued to persuade Feng Wanzhou.

Feng Wanzhou seemed to have already surrendered under the persuasion, but here was where he lived for all of his life, so he was reluctant to depart.

"What about me?" Luo Ying suddenly blurted out, "Where am I going to go?"

Han turned back, pinched the small face of Luo Ying with his hands and said, "Of course you will come with me, who dares to bully you, I will kill him."

Hehe ~

Her worried face broke out in giggles. Luo Ying liked to be together with Han a lot. Even though her sister loved her so much, she also limited Luo Ying somewhat, not letting her do this, not letting her have that. But Han, she felt very free by his side

9527 and Jian Jia also came back. They did not mention any of their talk, seeming like nothing had happened.

Han frowned, "Old man, can I trouble you to send me back to Earth, I am very worried about my comrades over there."

9527 nodded, "Fine. But my space station is limited, I can\'t go into the Universe. So, let me send you to somewhere close to the solar system, and then give you a star ship there."

"Good! This matter cannot be delayed. Let\'s depart right now." Han nodded.