Chapter 326: Soul Mirror

Chapter 326: Soul Mirror

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No one knew what Han was doing. He ignored the enemy to attack the floor? What did the floor do to piss him off?

"Path of Gods!"

In the Six Paths of Void, Path of God’s line of attack was the most powerful one, so Han used it and directed the thunder to strike below, causing havoc and devastation.


Fully transformed Harvey let out a painful scream. Evidently, he cared very much that Han was attacking the floor!

"My judgement was correct!" Han laughed on the inside.


Path of God caused a lightning strike on the frozen floor. Only the exterior of the pyramid was solid diamond, the interior was composed of a strange type of black stone. It was not too hard, and these stones were frozen by Jian Jia.

People familiar with science should know, freezing something reduces an object’s malleability, causing it to crack easily. This was the reason why frozen metal can be simply broken with a hammer.

Not to mention that the hall’s floor was not made of metal, only a type of relatively uncommon black stone.

An amazing force struck downwards and caused a crack in the black floor. A very deep crack, beneath this gully, revealed that there was actually another hidden hall!

Han succeeded!

Even though he does not know what might be inside that hall, this was his battle philosophy, under no circumstance should you let your enemies be comfortable!

If Harvey so desperately wanted to protect the secrets he hid below the pyramid, then Han would direct all of his focus to destroy it!


Without doing anything else, Han immediately jumped into the hidden hall beneath the floor.


Soul Beast Harvey let out another loud roar, and he followed Han closely looking flustered.

Han landed on his feet, Soul Beast Harvey followed closely with a smack toward Han’s back. Unfortunately Han ducked away with his superior mystic movements.

But Soul Beast Harvey’s quick reaction still netted three scratches on Han’s poor quality leather armor, and also wounded Han’s back.

Han quickly got up, and he stood across from Harvey staring each other down.

The transformed Harvey bloated to about four to five times his regular size, like a grizzly bear, with a big head and no body muscle whatsoever. Harvey’s skeleton was wider than the Fierce Demon, nevertheless was still very imposing.

An angular head, a big mouth, and both eyes were pitch black!

Black pupil Soul Beast!

The most prestigious and powerful existence among all the soul beasts!

As for the hidden hall, there was a sarcophagus in the corner, with a black bow on top of it. Only a bow, no arrows, and a very strange looking silver mirror.

Coincidentally, Han’s back was positioned against the sarcophagus, Soul Beast Harvey continued to let out waves of screams towards Han, but did not charge at him, nor use his Soul Kill ability.

Han smiled, and said, "Looks like you have a weakness after all! You are afraid to damage the sarcophagus behind me if you attack me?"


Soul Beast Harvey continued to roar in anger, but still ceased to attack.

"That must be it!" Han loudly spoke, "Maybe you don’t know, but under no circumstance should my enemies be comfortable is my goal! Whatever you are protecting, I will DESTROY it!"

Soul Beast Harvey became anxious and readied his attack. However, Han acted before him. He turned around and darted towards the sarcophagus, picked up the black bow with his left hand, and smashed down hard with his right arm wielding dark gloves!


Soul Beast Harvey also reacted quickly, he charged after Han. To Han’s surprise, it was not the sarcophagus that Harvey was concerned, rather it was the silver mirror hanging on the wall!


Soul Beast Harvey’s black body flew over Han’s head. He held onto the mirror dearly and covered it tightly in his arms, and then he turned around to run. Han was already committed into his full power attacking the sarcophagus.

"Screw you!"

Han’s Void movement technique was still unpredictable. He was already committed to asserting his force downward, but he still managed to summon some strength to send himself flying upside-down, kicking out both of his feet upwards towards his back!

This kick solidly landed on Soul Beast Harvey’s abdomen and kicked him out directly.


Soul Beast Harvey landed awkwardly far away from Han, yet he still held onto the silver mirror dearly. Harvey displayed an expression of pain, but not from injuries, more from being heartbroken.

Han began to understand, Harvey wanted to protect both the mirror and the sarcophagus, but the mirror was more important. So, under the circumstances, Harvey chose to protect the mirror, but it did not mean that he didn’t care about the sarcophagus. Hence why he had such a tangled expression.

Han shook off the pain in his right hand. He used up all of his dark energy, but the sarcophagus was surprisingly strong. Han’s dark forces were like a stone in the ocean, it completely disappeared without a trace.

A black bow was in his hand, but no arrows.

He had used all of his strength to smash the sarcophagus, but no avail.

Han frowned slightly and gently shook his head, things were not going well.


Han’s expression froze in the moment because he saw a very strange scene.

A man appeared from the silver mirror that Harvey was clinging onto, a middle aged man with bronzed skin, he appeared to be sealed inside the mirror.

"You are surprised to see me?" The man in the mirror asked.

"A little bit", Han replied coldly.

"You know who I am?" The man in the mirror asked.

"If I were to guess, you are Harvey", Han replied in deep voice.

The man in the mirror nodded, "Correct, I am Harvey, what you see now is my soul, and my body has already integrated with the Soul Beast."

Han was stunned and he mumbled to himself, "I never believed in souls and always felt that the soul was nothing more than a strong and unyielding spirit. Now it seems that I underestimated souls."

Harvey in the mirror said, "Me neither, until my soul was sealed inside this mirror."

Han replied, "So this is what you wanted to protect, your own soul. You not only afraid of someone destroying the mirror, your soul, but more afraid that others find out God King Harvey is actually a soulless monster."

Harvey laughed, "Now that you know, so what? It is too late for you to destroy my soul mirror, but I can use the soul kill skill to send you to hell any moment!"

Han slightly hesitated, pointed towards the sarcophagus behind him and said, "So you don’t want to protect this sarcophagus? Use the soul kill against me? You are not afraid to damage what’s inside the sarcophagus?"


Harvey laughed even harder, "Fool! I’m worried that if you destroy the sarcophagus, the monsters inside will be released!"

"Too bad, I overestimated you. You don’t have the power to destroy this sarcophagus! You have used all your strength, yet the sarcophagus is not even scratched! It appears that your power is just at that level."


Harvey’s smile froze, because he saw Han also smiled, and the corner of his mouth raised to a strange curvature.

"Just at that level? Are you sure?"

As Han spoke, he raised his hand slightly and gently lays it on top of the sarcophagus.


Han’s right hand was the final straw that broke the camel’s back, the sarcophagus broke in half!

Han’s dark force has always been strong!

Even though the previous punch did not destroy the sarcophagus, but it did break its structure!

Now just with a simple push, the sarcophagus broke!

"How about now?" Han gently asked the stunned Harvey.