Chapter 27: Reached Two Stars!

Chapter 27: Reached Two Stars!


In the extremely cold pool, white steam was rising. Han’s skin and muscles became crimson red, as if it was burning. His source energy was being released at an incredible rate, quickly circulating through Han’s entire body to provide him the heat necessary for survival.

Revealing potential at this amazing speed was not just the expansion of Han’s zero-degree brain region, but a dramatically increased learning speed. The reason is simple, Han inherited his power from an ace esper, and ace espers had obviously practiced 46 Ensemble Training before. The insane training activated some memory locations inside Han’s zero-degree brain region, allowing him to get more and more skilled with the movements that were already mastered by the ace esper before he passed away.

The increasing speed of his movements along with further activation of the zero-degree region finally allowed Han to resist the icy water’s intrusion into his body. Without exaggerating, Han felt like he took a walk in hell, came back to the mortal world and saw a completely different scenery.

What improved was not only Han’s source energy amount, but also his level!

Hong~ (Sound of something exploding)

Suddenly, the source energy rushed out of Han’s body like an explosion, pushing away the icy water surrounding him. Han suddenly felt like his brain became much clearer. The surrounding scenery didn’t change, but the feeling changed, as if someone had placed wings on his back, allowing him to soar through the sky.


When people were concentrated on something, time feels like its flying by for them. When Han walked out of the icy pool of water, it had already been 4 hours.

Putted on his clothes, Han returned to the base. At that time it had already become busy inside. Most people have woken up and went to the cafeteria to eat, chat, or grab a cup of coffee and sit by the corner to read today’s newspaper.

When walking across headquarter, Han decided to go for an assessment.

He wasn’t so sure the meaning behind the source energy “explosion”, it was only after four hours of training anyways. He felt very relaxed and free, as if all the impurity in his body was completely washed away, replaced by surging energy.

The powerful DNA system was always monitoring Han’s Power Source Index so Han just needed to find the data on the machine.

After a few clicks on the screen, Han’s real-time statistics was generated into a display appearing onto the screen.

Rank, two stars.

Power Source Index, 103…

Han was speechless, so he had already past 2 stars! He’s now a 2-star ranked esper!

At the icy pool, when his zero-degree brain region suddenly releasing a large amount of source energy, it was actually a sign of advancement in rank! Within one night, Han’s Power Source Index increased by 55 points! It had more than doubled, that’s incredible!

Han grabbed a large cup of hot chocolate and two meat buns from the cafeteria and went back to his room. He turned on the computer and logged onto the Galactic Dark Net.

“Teacher, I’ve followed what you said, and something unbelievable happened. My Power Source Index increased by a lot in one night, my level is also two star now, what’s happening?” Han opened the chat box and asked Pathless Origin.

It was as if Pathless Origin waited because he knew Han would ask him right away after training, so he quickly responded.

“Stupid! Inheriting someone else’s power was never an easy thing, the power crystal was moulded by the esper’s undying soul. Transferring someone’s power into your brain is the easy part, the hardest part is the refinement. Because the power crystal not only has source energy, but also the esper’s soul that is unwilling to disappear, it’s a lot more difficult.”

“Those greedy power crystal smugglers obviously told you a lot of benefits to inheriting a power, liars! Those people’s existence relies on tricking ignorant people like you! Successors and the deceased espers have different physical attributes, past experiences, and also consciousness. If something goes wrong, it won’t be as simple as not being able to fully inherit the power. It’s also very possible for the deceased esper’s consciousness to collide with yours and cause the zero-degree brain region to explode. Yes, literally, an explosion, inside your brain.”

“So, the inheritance type esper need to use the most extreme method to fully active the full potential of the power, which is this method I taught you. So yes, inheriting power can go either way. You can either take over all the training results and abilities that the previous owner of Void End mastered, or if you fail, you will die faster.”

Han was left speechless, he never knew that inheriting someone else’s power could be this dangerous. No wonder that even if the power crystals were sold on the dark net, the sales volume was always not too hot. It was actually because of the high risk associated with inheriting the power.

Han thought for a bit and asked, “Teacher, I never told you that I got my power from a power crystal, how did you know?”

“Are you stupid? You are this old and you are still learning basic stuff, if you didn’t get your power from a crystal, did it just fall out of the sky then?”

“Okay, in conclusion, martial arts, you need to train with your life on the line! Successors of other people’s power, also need to train with their lives on the line! So now it’s your destiny to put your life on the line for everything! You need to do that for training! Also for battles! If you want to be successful, then you have to push yourself with the most extreme methods and trade it with a comfortable life!”

“Now, tell me how much did your Power Source Index increase?”

Han answered, “Under the -10 degrees pool, I trained for around 4 hours and my index number went from 48 to 103.”

Pathless Origin always respond very quickly but after Han sent the last message, he actually didn’t respond for a while.

After many minutes, Pathless Origin finally replied, “Yep, not too bad. Looks like you inherited from a very powerful esper. If you still have energy you can do a bit of training in the normal training room, but you don’t need to train that hard in the pool any more. Now just focus on solidifying the source energy you just gained.”

“Next time you go to the pool to train, you just need to take one source energy pill, keep the time you train to within 4 hours. Extreme training isn’t about the time but the intensity. As long as you can push yourself to your limit for 10 minutes, the effect is way better than just doing normal training for 10 hours.”

“You can come ask me again after you are done training tomorrow, that Little Black (TL: a cute nickname Pathless Origin has for Night Walker) left your little troublesome brat with me, I’m going get him back for this!”

After sending that message, Pathless Origin left the chat room. He actually voluntarily told Han to find him tomorrow, that’s the first time he’s said that.

It was as if Pathless Origin has slowly gotten used to Han’s daily questions, if one day Han doesn’t ask him questions anymore, he might actually get lonely and feel uncomfortable.

Han felt a great boost of confidence. Now his experience and physical strength were all increasing nonstop, only after a few hours of sleep he was already able to jump out of bed fully rested. It was a bit too early to write the drug index, so Han decided to go to the training room to do a few normal training exercises.

And since it was normal training exercises, Han could finally wear his brand new battle suit. He put on the Black Celestial Python. It felt a bit cold, yet really soft, and there was an exquisite layer of scales which was what really protected the wearer.

About the tritanium dagger Tremor, it was really heavy, at least 80 something pounds. It was the weapon that enjoyed quite a bit of popularity among the fighters.

Han tried to swing it around for a few times, but it felt kind of heavy so he couldn’t do it with high proficiency. But that was okay since Han’s level was increasing quickly so being able to freely use the weapon was just a matter of time.

“In theory, now that I’m a two-star esper, I should be able to create a void domain of 1 meter in radius…” Han started to think about it as he walked to the training facility.