Chapter 236: Hand of Darkness

Chapter 236: Hand of Darkness

This thing looked like a person’s hand bones. The fingers and joints were all there. It was not made of bone however, but rather a black crystal.

Han became very excited, because he had already absorbed two pieces, one Heart of Darkness, and another Genu of Darkness.

“Could this be the Hand of Darkness? The third one of the Dark Celestial King’s Set of Seven?” Han mumbled to himself in excitement.

He quickly turned to Sha Emperor’s daily log and found the relevant content.

It turned out this this was really the Hand of Darkness, and it was something Sha Emperor obtained while traveling through the Memphis galaxy. It is said that two dark crystals appeared in the Memphis Galaxy, and Sha Emperor killed many people to get the Hand of Darkness.

The Heart of Darkness allowed Han’s right eye to activate special vision, and it also allowed Han to use the power of darkness in his attacks. On the other hand, the Genu of Darkness enhanced Han’s speed and stamina.

Of course, Han now knew very well the seven crystals left behind by the dark king had a huge empowering effect. After Han used the Genu of Darkness, his right eye’s dark vision also became more powerful than before.

In other words, the enhancement on an individual by the dark crystal must be assessed from an overall level, and absorbing additional crystals will enhance the abilities gained from other crystals.

Thinking for a second, Han took out a pair of black gloves from the Lunar Mark, with a metal texture.

This set of gloves were found together with the Genu of Darkness, but Han tried it on multiple times with no effect. It wouldn’t improve his attack, nor enhance his defense, as if the pair of gloves were not activated at all.

Now that Han had the Hand of Darkness, maybe after absorbing it, this pair of equipment that was suspected to come from the Dark King could finally be useful, right?

Thinking about that, Han stored both the hand and gloves back into his Lunar Mark.

He had previously only felt that someone was spying on him, and ended up catching such a big fish, killing one of the kings of the Witch Clan and getting such a huge benefit.

Hand of Darkness, Parasitic Puppet technique, and the location of the next dark crystal.

Memphis was a distant star system in another area of the Milky Way Alliance in the complete opposite direction of the Oblivion Realm.

According to intel, the Memphis star system retained a rare primitive religion in the Milky Way, and consequently, the most fanatical believers of the primitive religion. That is where the Witch Clan was based, and because the Witch Clan was loyal to all major countries in the Milky Way, their base wasn’t targeted too much.

Estimating with the star map, it will take more than a month of flight for Han to get there from where he is, so there wasn’t enough time already. Han still needed to attend the judgement arena that will decide his fate.

As for the Hand of Darkness, Han didn’t plan on using it immediately. Fact has proven that using the dark crystals every time was a hellish endeavor, so a deliberate decision must be made carefully.

Han quickly returned to Earth. The thought of using parasitic puppets to control fusion beasts was already making him very excited.

He began to study puppet techniques in his own lab in the Nazca base, completing shutting himself up and constantly experimenting with the methods.

Of course, Han wouldn’t forget to practice martial arts at the transfer station. All in all, Han was very busy every day,.

Continuously learning, continuously practicing, spending a lot of time to better himself, that was Han’s life.

Time passed day by day, and one day, Han finally came out of the lab, going directly to the bottom floor of the base where the molecular module was stored.

It was time to go to the judgement arena now, and the success or failure depended on his skills.

If Han wins, he will have the opportunity to be promoted to the final destination, or even get the Star Lord title, becoming an official member of the Dark Net Corporation, and gain access to unimaginable benefits and convenience.

If he loses, he might die, or may lose the chance to enter the deep level of dark net forever.


Han let out a long breath, opened the particle module, and laid himself in it.

The program was as accurate as usual. After a few minutes when Han opened the particle module the hyper teleportation had already sent him to the trial court.

On this open ground, there were some people. They had all arrived here too and were putting away their particle modules, and then following the signs to enter the main arena.

Han saw many strange people here. There was a guy whose whole body was blue, and emanated a dim cold light like a deep-sea creature, with two ears like snails.

There was also another guy, his face looking like an octopus with tentacles for a beard.

They were all intelligent species that came from Han’s sector.

According to what Han knew, the universe was divided into an unknown number of large sectors, and then there were normal sectors below it, and then small sectors below that.

The reason why Han can always meet people from the God Race was because humans and the God Race were the most populated intelligent races in the same small sector, and other alien races were really rare.

But this time, the judgement trial was at the normal sector level, so there were also many opponents from other small sectors that will be joining.

All in all, in the small sector that Han belonged to, all the intelligent lives were humanoid creatures, but everyone had different features.

According to the information Han gathered, all intelligent lives likely came from the same kind of spores, and for some reason, these spores were scattered throughout the universe, and after millions of years of evolution, they ultimately formed to the intelligent life groups seen now.

It’s also because they all came from the same spores, that all intelligent lives look similar, all standing upright with two arms and two legs, and the differences grew as they progressed through evolution.

Just like the god race, the genetic mutation that took place during evolution opened a suture on their forehead.

And these strange-looking people Han was looking at now, some of their genetic mutations were even more prominent than the God Races, but some other people looked just like a human, not going through any different genetic mutations.

It was a pretty interesting event to gather all these different types of humanoid intelligent lifeforms all to one place.

Han also found that not only the appearance of these people didn’t differ much, even their temperaments were quite alike. They all came here because they broke the Path of All Gods’ rules, so most of them were really rebellious and impatient.

But they knew that they would get kicked out soon if they don’t change their behavior, so all of them tried hard to restrain themselves.

Han also stowed away his Molecular Module, followed the signs, passed through a jungle and arrived at a seemingly endless plain.

People that came here couldn’t help but gasp in shock, because there was a big lake on this plain. It was boundless, like the ocean, with emerald colored water, crystal clear, giving people a very unreal feeling. Han even suspected that it was not water in this lake, but a specially blended solution.

Otherwise there was no explanation as to why this lake was so attractive, so crystal clear, and exuded a perfumed aroma.

Everyone gathered near the lake and looked at the lake in surprise.

Someone reached out their hand and scooped up some of the liquid. The texture of it was like oil, very slippery and dense.

The alien then took a drink, before starting to vomit right away, constantly coughing on the grass.

Han stood by the lake and pouted his mouth, slightly frowning.

The initial amazing feeling of the lake when he first saw it already disappeared, because Han felt that although the lake was very beautiful, it was lifeless.

Not long after, when all the participants of the judgment trial showed up, the emerald colored lake suddenly began to boil, and from the center of the lake, a dark hole surfaced.

It was revealed to be a giant monster’s mouth, with a pink tongue and rows of pale white teeth.

The beast’s mouth =was open, and a man in black cloth stood on the pink tongue. He cleared his throat, and began to speak.