Chapter 334: Earth Army’s Despair and Retaliation

Chapter 334: Earth Army’s Despair and Retaliation

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Outside the solar system, at the Coppola meteorite belt.

A man-led battle fleet was hidden within the protection of the many asteroids. This fleet’s commander was Long Chuan. Before Han, Long Chuan was without a doubt the most powerful commander on Earth. But with the rise of Han, he had fallen to second place.

This fleet was not huge, there were only three brigades of heavy-duty assault ships of the Moon Goddess class, plus six brigades of elite frigates of the banshee class. Each brigade composed of ten squadrons, and each squadron had twelve battle star ships, for a total of 1080 ships.

Fleet members were very diverse. There was the human commander Long Chuan and also the robot army’s general Raksha.

In the fleet, 95% of the members were made up from the robot army, especially the maintenance, logistics, and surveillance crews. These teams were 100% made up of robots.

Compared to human workers, robots were more productive and can take on more complex tasks that would normally require at least three human workers.

In general, the fleet was made up of human commanders and robot engineers.

Ever since Han established two main army structures, this was the first collaboration between the humans and robots.

In the past, Earth had been constrained by the Milky Way Alliance, and the Milky Way Alliance strictly prohibited any sort of robotic technology, so Han’s robot army was also known as the hidden army, expanding in secret in the distant Twin Horse Galaxy, taking on a lot of structural tasks assigned by Han.

Now that the Milky Way was very chaotic, as Long Chuan had expected, the 12 largest permanent members of the Milky Way Alliance had completely abandoned these smaller countries, heavily guarding the 3rd Star Sector, making it clear that they didn’t care about the life and death of the people living outside the core area of the Milky Way.

At this point, the robot army had already joined the galactic war. Even if the Milky Way Alliance found out about the robot army, they couldn’t do anything about. This corrupt, bureaucratic political union did not have enough power to rule the huge galaxy.

Since the Milky Way Alliance could not save the entire Galaxy, Long Chuan and the Earthling army could only choose to save themselves!

The strategy for this war was very simple: Take a hard bite out of the enemy.

Sitting in the battle command center, Long Chuan was rubbing hard at his temples. In a few minutes, he had to make a speech to the entire fleet. Even though this was what Long Chuan excelled at, but at this moment, he still felt a lot of pressure.

In not a very long period of time, it seemed like Long Chuan aged 20 years, his hair turned a shade of white.

Han has used the drug technology of Night Walker to help Long Chuan achieve his life long goal of getting to the Warlord level, with eternal life. The rapid aging of Long Chuan was not the result of the body wearing down, but because he was mentally exhausted.

Since Han was not here, one hundred and fifty people on Earth were dependent on Long Chuan. In part due to his endless love for the planet, Long Chuan had become extremely stressed.

"Commander, the fifth fleet of the Three-Eyed Race is only one last jump from the Solar System," Long Chuan’s secretary whispered into his ears. "The thirty-minute countdown has already begun."

Long Chuan nodded and said in a deep voice, "Notify the technical group, I will immediately begin to broadcast. In addition, notify the mechanical group, all Starships should get ready for combat."

"Received!" The secretary nodded and exited Long Chuan’s office.

Long Chuan stood up, came to stand in front of the mirror so he could fix the collar of his uniform.

Soon, a sharply dressed Long Chuan came out of the commander center and walked into the broadcast room. He gently waved to his staff, ordering them to begin transmitting his broadcast live.


The LED screens lit up in every star ship, every room. All human soldiers clenched their fists and the robots looked with eyes of curiosity, since this was their first time experiencing a war with other humans. To these robots, whatever battle orders they receive, they would just carry out the tasks, never saying no.

Long Chuan frowned and said in a deep voice: "As we all know, the Three-Eyed race has increased the speed of their attack. They have 12 fleets and will destroy whatever comes in their way – including all combatants, non-combatants, even the elderly and the children."

"According to reliable intelligence, the Three-Eyed Race had mastered higher levels of technology. They are now able to terraform harsh, uninhabitable planets into lush planets capable of supporting life. In addition, they do not appreciate the existence of us humans and feel hatred towards us."

"Up to now, according to the information from our intelligence agency, the Three-Eyed race has been destroying all areas of human habitat without exception. They are prepared to fight, they want to thoroughly destroy our homeland,"

"In 27 minutes, the fifth fleet of the Three-Eyed race will arrive at our solar system, their goal is very succinct, to destroy Earth".

"We are going to be here and watch our homeland burn under the feet of our enemies."

Long Chuan stopped talking here.

In this fleet, countless ashen-faced soldiers were shaking with rage with tears in their eyes.

The enemy was horrifying and cruel.

These people who were loyal to the Three-Eyed Race who had destroyed countless homes of humans, will definitely not make an exception for Earth. Before long, Earth will be erased from the Milky Way forever, if the soldiers stand and watch all this happen without having the ability to stop it, that would be the real tragedy.

"But!" Long Chuan raised his voice, said "The enemy must pay the price for what they’ve done! Our fleet exists for that very reason!"

"Although we all know, by sheer numbers, our 1080 starcrafts cannot stand the attack from our enemy. But so what? Watch our enemies destroy our homes and not do anything? This is not what we humans do!"

"Even if we can’t completely destroy our enemy, we have to at least bite off a leg of theirs!"

"Let the Three-Eyed Race know that we are not cowardly, and that they cannot take just do what they want without a fight!"

Well said!

Sounds of applause echoed through the thousands of star ships. Long Chuan pinpointed exactly what everyone was thinking.

This was the bottom line, humans had to fight no matter what.

Long Chuan paused, and continued "I know that the risk of this battle is extremely high, and there is a likely chance that we won’t be able to go back. But we still have to fight, we have to stand up for our nation, for our home!"

"I believe, that those comrades who have already went to the Twin Horse Galaxy would very willingly fight for us, but we can’t give them this opportunity! It is not because they are not good enough, it is because we need to save some descendants of earth so they can grow in the Twin Horse Galaxy."

"Lastly, those comrades who went to the Twin Horse Galaxy, they will come back with their anger! And they will come back for revenge for us! So they actually have more pressure than us."


The fleet members started laughing, they laughed and seemed relaxed in the face of death, proving that they were definitely true warriors.

"Now, go back to your respective posts, when the fifth fleet of the Three-Eyed Race arrives in our solar system, we will give them an unforgettable lesson!"

"The bigger the fleet, the harder it is for them to swarm all at once, we will wait until they start to advance, and we can hide in deep space and intercept the first portion of the enemy and destroy them."

"The best result, is we destroy the enemy ships that we intercept, and leave immediately."

"As for the worst, we die trying."

"Okay, this concludes my speech, glory will be with you all."

Long Chuan was indeed a genius commander. Not only did he spark the fighting spirits of the human soldiers, but even the emotionless robots seemed to have felt something that they had never felt before through this speech.

As Long Chuan returned to his command room, his eyes were straight, because even though he had confidence and strategically calculated battle tactics, but regardless, he cannot prevent Earth from getting destroyed.

From the cold Arctic Ocean to the warm Pacific Ocean, from the Sulawesi volcano to the Baltic Sea, from Beijing to Paris, this was not only the home of humans but also carried the memory of millions of earth’s ancestors. All these things may have to be erased from the universe forever. Long Chuan was extremely unwilling for that to happen.

Long Chuan sighed with pain, one hand clutching his heart, the severity of the heartache was almost suffocating him.

But what Long Chuan didn’t know, was that while he was in pain, planet Earth, humanity’s only mother planet, had been undergoing some bizarre changes.