Chapter 101 - Feng XuanTian's Funeral

Chapter 101: Feng XuanTian\'s Funeral

After Xiao Mei and MinDe left, Xiao Guan swayed and fell backwards.

Robert immediately helped him sit on the chair and gave him a glass of water.

"Uncle.. I-"

"No need to say anything. I know you were hurt by what you saw a while ago. This stupid daughter of mine is the shame of our family! How dare she treat you like this!!

That arrogant man is not a good person! Can\'t my stupid daughter see that she is just his plaything?!

Robert ahh.. Uncle is very sorry that you witnessed the immorality of my stupid daughter. It must have been tough on you.

But don\'t worry... Uncle will definitely make sure that your wedding ceremony will still continue.

Whether we have to force that stupid girl or not, both of you will marry each other."

Xiao Guan patted Robert\'s hand.

Robert shook his head.

"Uncle, I think we need to dissolve this engagement. Little Mei loves someone else. Her heart was already occupied by another man.

It\'s too late for me."

"Robert ahh... What are you saying?? My daughter was just being muddle headed because she was seduced by that man!

You know her, she usually doesn\'t use her head. Robert, no need to worry.. Leave everything to uncle."

Both of them stood up and immediately went outside. They did not hear the laughter that echoed inside the restaurant when they left.


Xiao Mei was currently sitting at the back of the car with MinDe.

His assistant was the one who was driving at the front.

She was inside MinDe\'s embrace as she cried loudly.

"Wu wu wu.."

For the first time in his life, MinDe was flustered. He did not know what to do.

When dealing with work, he was ruthless and indifferent. He moved swiftly, dealing all problems in an instant.

Nothing can move him, even death.

But Xiao Mei was different. She was his precious possession.

His woman.

His life.

He always wanted to see her smile. His heart ached whenever he saw her cry. Now that she was crying in his embrace because she was hurt, MinDe did not know what to do.

His face was still void of emotion but his eyes were full of worries.

He could only hug her tight.

"Shhh.. it\'s fine.. it\'s fine.. stop crying already..."

MinDe raised Xiao Mei\'s chin and wiped the tears on her face.

Xiao Mei glared at him.

"It\'s your fault! Why did you do it ahhh? Kissing me in front of my dad, of course he would get angry!! I\'m still betrothed with Big Brother Robert."

MinDe grimaced.

"You are mine."

Xiao Mei felt the anger surging inside her.

She pushed MinDe away and crossed her arms around her chest.

"No, I\'m not!"

Xiao Mei stubbornly denied his claim.

MinDe\'s pupils narrowed.

"What did you say?"

"I said, I\'m not your wo--mmm!!"

Xiao Mei was rendered speechless by MinDe\'s kiss.

He pried open her mouth and forcefully bit her tongue.

She whimpered due to pain and pleasure. Her tears stopped falling as she continued to accept MinDe\'s punishment for her denial.

The poor old man who was driving the car turned scarlet.

He felt shy just by looking at them.

\'Second Young Master is very.... manly ah. His kiss was enough to stop a beauty\'s tears.\'

Hearing the lewd noises behind him, the old man could only pretend that he did not hear a thing.

When MinDe released Xiao Mei\'s mouth, her lips were already swollen.


Xiao Mei pinched his waist. She wanted to dig a hole and bury herself inside.

Her face burned as she sneaked a peak on the old man who was driving the car.

She had already forgotten that she was crying a while ago.


Feng Jun and the other members of the Feng Family received the news of Feng XuanTian\'s passing.

Feng Jun inwardly rejoiced.

Finally, his uncle was dead.

The bastard who stole his father\'s birthright was now decaying slowly.

"HAHAHAHAH!! The God is truly in our favor!! FengJiu is the only one left! After that bitch YanRong disposes of her, I, Feng Jun, will finally become the next Chairman!!

HAHAHAHAH!! This is great!! This is great!!"

Feng Jun immediately went to the hospital.

Before he got out of his car, he slapped his face first. When he felt the stinging pain on his cheeks, his eyes could not help but tear up.

He tried to control his mouth that kept on curving upward due to happiness.

When he went out of the car, Feng Jun looked devastated.

His steps were slow as if he could not walk straight. His hands were shaking hard.

If someone saw him, they would think that he was brokenhearted. He looked so pitiful.

FengJiu and MinFeng learned about Feng Jun\'s arrival. FengJiu immediately got dressed with loose clothes to hide the little bump in her stomach.

She was already three months pregnant and although her pregnancy bump was still small, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Now is not the time to let others know about her pregnancy.

"Ah Jiu ahhh... Child.. it was hard on you... H-how are you.? *Sob* did... did Uncle suffer before he died?"

Feng Jun wiped the tears that were flowing down his cheeks.

They were sitting inside the room where FengJiu and MinFeng stayed to recuperate.


FengJiu hugged Feng Jun. Although she wanted to kill this scum who harmed her Yeye, she could only smile in front of him for now.

She could only pretend she was oblivious of everything.

\'You better wash your neck, Feng Jun. I\'ll make you pay later.\'

MinFeng who was sitting beside her saluted to Feng Jun.


Feng Jun smiled.

"This young lad must be the Young Chairman of Lu Corporation, Lu MinFeng. This old man is grateful that you are here to take good care of Ah Jiu in our place.

She is our treasure. We hope that you will not make her cry. Seeing you right now makes me feel relieved. Now that Uncle was gone, as her elder, I was afraid that she couldn\'t take it. I\'m glad to see that she\'s okay."

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"Uncle, now that you are here, we would like to tell you our plan for grandfather\'s funeral."

"No worries.. no worries.. let\'s just follow everything that you want... Your aunts and uncles will support you.

Ah Jiu ahh.. did.. did uncle leave anything?"

FengJiu inwardly sneered but her face did not change.

She shook her head.

"None but Assistant Long Jin already said that the reading for Yeye\'s Will will be held after his funeral and before my birthday."

Feng Jun nodded.

"Do not mind it. We are family.. no matter whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, as family, we always share it with each other... remember that."

Feng Jun passionately said while patting her hands.

FengJiu mocked him in her thoughts.

\'Family? Then why did you poison my grandfather? Feng Jun ahh, Feng Jun ahh.. aren\'t you afraid to get struck by lightning?\'

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