Chapter 53 - The White Lotus Bitch

Chapter 53: The White Lotus Bitch

When Xiao Mei opened her eyes, she saw that she was lying on a very huge bed.

The design of the room exuded a masculine touch in every corner.

She felt her body freeze as she realized that she was inside a foreign room.

She immediately stood up but unfortunately, she fell back on the bed.

She saw stars and the world turned upside down.

She tried to crawl towards the restroom to puke.

When she opened the door, she did not realize that there was someone using the shower room.

Due to dizziness, she half-closed her eyes while stretching her hands at the front to feel her surroundings.

When she arrived at the lavatory, she puked her guts out.

After gurgling and washing her face, she looked at the mirror and noticed a silhouette inside the shower room that was only divided by a shower curtain.

Xiao Mei gulped.

\'Oohh... A live action ah...\'

Xiao Mei might be a naughty woman but this was the first time in her life that she would see a \'masterpiece\'.

She slowly walked towards the silhouette.

(A/N: Aiyaa!! Aren\'t you afraid that maybe that person inside is a bad guy or a pervert?!)

She slowly pulled the curtain and saw a butt naked man facing his back to her.

Xiao Mei subconsciously covered her face with her hands but she left a huge hole for her eyes to see the delicious \'delicacy\' in front of her.

She did not know but maybe the man noticed her fervent gaze so he immediately turned his body towards her.

After seeing his firm biceps and his huge bazooka waving at her, Xiao Mei could not help but exclaim while staring at MinDe\'s manhood.

"Ahh!! So huge!!!"

Xiao Mei could feel her blood rushing towards her head.




Blood could be seen on the floor.

Xiao Mei wanted to grab a broom and fly away immediately.

This is the most humiliating moment of her life.

She got a nosebleed in front of the man she liked.

She acted like a pervert.

A total destruction of her \'delicate and pure\' image.

(A/N: Delicate?? Pure?? Where?! XD)

A major turnoff.

Xiao Mei closed her eyes and fainted... Not!

She pretended to faint so she could escape this humiliation.

She let her body fell on the floor knowing that it would hurt like hell.

But she did not have a choice.

Unfortunately, she felt her body was grabbed upward.

She stilled and played dead.

She felt that she was carried away from the restroom.

\'What the heck?! I\'m doomed!!!\'

Xiao Mei wanted to cry but lacked tears to shed.


MinFeng answered the phone call.


"Feng g--- *cough* Chairman Lu. We need you here ASAP. There was a problem with one of our projects. Vice Chairman Lu is not here. Please come immediately. I know you are busy but please, come here immediately."

YanRong sounded very anxious.

MinFeng could only sigh.

He did not want to leave FengJiu here alone but he could not let his family\'s company to lose money in his reign.

"Okay. Wait for me there."

MinFeng could hear YanRong exhaled deeply.


"Yes, Chairman Lu."

"What\'s the progress in the project I assigned to you?"

YanRong did not answered him for a minute.

He could only repeat his question.


He heard her cough before answering him.

"It-It\'s not yet finished. There are some things that are needed to be adjusted inside the house."

"Enn.. I will give you another month to finish everything. You must follow everything that was inside that paper I gave you. Every details of the house must be an exact replica of the drawing. Remember, do not fail."


"Good. Wait for me at the company. Order the team to wait at the presentation room."


MinFeng ended the call.

He really did not want to leave but he had no choice.

When MinFeng thought of his surprise for FengJiu, he smiled.

He wanted to finish the house before FengJiu\'s birthday. That would be his birthday surprise for his lovely wife.

They will temporarily live in his estate to recuperate and after a month, both of them will spend the rest of their life in their dream house.

Until their hair turns gray.

Together with their children.

And grandchildren.

When he went back at the room, FengJiu was still staring at the door.

When he entered, he immediately locked eyes with FengJiu.


"Enn.. I\'m sorry.. I have to go to the company."

He walked towards the bed and sat on it.

FengJiu smiled and said, "It\'s okay.. I\'m fine here.. Don\'t worry."

MinFeng\'s face crumpled. He really did not want to leave her alone.

FengJiu laughed and touched his brows.

"I\'m fine.. Really..."

MinFeng signed and kissed her cheeks.

"I\'ll be back soon. I promise. Behave, okay?"

FengJiu nodded.

MinFeng left and drove towards the company.

When he arrived at his office, YanRong immediately went towards him.

"Feng ge.."

She said sweetly.

(A/N: I don\'t like her... Booo!!)


"Feng ge... I just.. I just want to say sorry last time. I know I don\'t have the right to meddle in your affairs but I still tried to hold you back.. I\'m sorry.

I was just thinking of the company\'s welfare. If you get angry at me because of the way I acted, I apologize."

YanRong said while trying to control her tears.

MinFeng stared at her.

"Enn.. I forgive you.. I was just angry at that time. No need to apologize anymore."

YanRong smiled.

She smiled beautifully like a flower blooming during spring.

Pure and simple.

"How was the preparation?"

"Everyone is inside. We can start the meeting."


MinFeng stood up and walked towards the presentation room.

YanRong followed him inside while smiling widely.

There\'s an unfathomable glint inside her eyes.


After MinFeng left, FengJiu sat on the hospital bed.

She guessed that the caller ID \'YanRong\' was the woman who was with MinFeng in those pictures.

She knew she should not be biased and feel jealous towards the woman but she could not help it.

She felt like YanRong was the same as those white lotus bitches in a romance novel.

FengJiu shook her head to erase her prejudiced thoughts towards that woman named \'YanRong.\'

She touched her tummy and said,

"Little Bump... Mommy should not get jealous, right? Daddy loves us.. Uhuh.. Mommy should not get jealous."

She sighed and stared at the sky.



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