Chapter 102 - His Last Will and Testament

Chapter 102: His Last Will and Testament

After Feng Jun visited, the Branch Family did not make any ruckus. They just quietly \'mourned\' for XuanTian\'s death.

When Xiao Mei heard the news, she felt guilty.

In these past few days, she was not with FengJiu. She considered herself as FengJiu\'s sister, but when FengJiu was in pain for loosing her grandfather, she, as a friend, did not even know about it and was busy with her own problems.

"Ah Jiu.."

Xiao Mei immediately visited her at the hospital after FengJiu called her.

She could not help but cry as she hugged her best friend.

When she was young, she was always with FengJiu and YanFei gege. They were always playing at FengJiu\'s place so she was very familiar with XuanTian. She also viewed him as her grandfather.

"I\'m sorry... I didn\'t know.. I\'m sorry... What kind of a friend am I? I was not even with you when Yeye died... I did not even know that he was hospitalized... I\'m sorry..."

FengJiu smiled and patted her head.

"It\'s okay.. MinFeng was here with me. I\'m sorry if I did not say anything to you regarding Yeye\'s condition. Yeye decided to hide his illness because he did not want us to worry. I just also learned about this a few weeks ago. It\'s not your fault. He did not want to implicate the company\'s shares if people found out that he was dying."

"Then how about your company\'s stocks?? Did it go down??"

FengJiu shook her head.

"MinFeng already made some preparations. The other stockholders also tried to minimize the damage caused by Yeye\'s sudden death. Those who tried to make a commotion to gain advantage were already dealt with properly."

Xiao Mei exhaled.

"That\'s good. It would be bad if something happened to Feng International. Yeye would be sad if he found out that those malicious people were targeting your company."

FengJiu smiled.

\'Ah Mei, the worst danger is not from those outsiders but from my own relatives.\'

FengJiu wanted to tell Xiao Mei everything but she did not want to pull her in this mess and implicate her like what happened with YanRong.

Speaking of YanRong, FengJiu was puzzled. It seemed like YanRong was planning something big since she went missing after what happened at the Charity Ball.

"Ah Mei, after the Charity Ball, did you see YanRong?"

Xiao Mei shook her head and sighed.

"No. After what happened, she no longer texted me. I don\'t know where she is but.... I think I know someone who might know where she is right now."

"Ah? Who?"

"M-my... boyfrien---no, my husband to be.."

Xiao Mei shyly answered. She could not muster the courage to proudly shout her relationship with MinDe in front of FengJiu.

"What?! You\'re getting married?! Is he the heir of Johnson Holdings? The one you were talking about?!"


Before Xiao Mei could clarify everything, her phone rang. It was MinDe who was calling her phone.

"Just answer it."

FengJiu nodded and smiled.

Xiao Mei excused herself and went out of the room.


"I\'m coming."

"Ah?! You\'re here at the hospital?"


"I\'ll meet with you then. I\'ll introduce you to my best friend, FengJiu, later."

Xiao Mei immediately walked towards the elevator to meet with MinDe.

When Xiao Mei left, FengJiu wanted to find MinFeng.

She went out of the room and walked towards the director\'s office.

According to the director, MinFeng when to the hospital\'s entrance to meet with someone.

FengJiu thanked the director and immediately followed MinFeng.

She was walking at the pathway near the restroom when she saw Xiao Mei.

She was hugging a tall man in a black suit.

FengJiu froze.

That back was very familiar.

When the man slightly turned his head, FengJiu felt like the world collapsed.

It was MinFeng.

She subconsciously pressed her chest to ease her breathing.

She can\'t believe that she was being cheated by her best friend and husband.

She ran towards them with tears in her eyes.

"Xiao Mei! How dare you betray Me! Why him?! Why MinF---ah? WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!"

When FengJiu pulled Xiao Mei\'s arm, the man turned his head towards her.

FengJiu was so shocked when she saw that it was not MinFeng!

It was someone else!

"What is going on?"

FengJiu immediately whipped her head to the person who spoke.

It was the real MinFeng who came from the restroom.


FengJiu was speechless and ashamed. She could not help but cover her face with her hands.

\'God! That was sooo embarrassing!! I wanna die!!\'

MinFeng immediately understood the situation and laughed. He pulled FengJiu and hugged her.

The whole time, FengJiu kept apologizing to MinDe and Xiao Mei.

Xiao Mei could not help but laugh out loud while trying to tease her.


When FengJiu decided to inform everyone about her Yeye\'s death, everyone was in uproar.

The business world was shocked when they heard the news of Chairman Feng\'s passing.

Although the funeral was somewhat private, the media and other onlookers were present outside the vicinity.

Even though they could not enter they camped outside to gather any data that is of worth. Many prominent people in the business world came to give their condolences. Those who could not come sent their representatives to give their condolences to the Feng Family.

Family, friends, business partners and other acquaintances were the only ones permitted inside the venue.

During the whole duration of the funeral, Xiao Mei was always with FengJiu, helping her with everything.

She was so dedicated with taking good care of FengJiu that she was not able to notice the smell of vinegar around MinFeng and MinDe.

The poor MinDe could only glare at MinFeng as if saying,

\'Can\'t you even take care of your own wife?\'


Days passed and came the time to read XuanTian\'s Will to everyone in the Feng family.

The whole Feng family excluding the minors were now sitting in a long table inside Feng Mansion.

Feng Jun was brimming with happiness. He could not even contain the smile that was creeping on his face no matter how much he tried to suppress it.

He did not even care that MinFeng, who should not be in the meeting, was also present inside the room.

He just sat on the chair while waiting for the attorney to arrive.



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