Chapter 2 - Eaten Dry

Chapter 2: Eaten Dry

8PM, Drunken Immortal

A woman got out of her car and walked towards the entrance of the club. She was wearing a black leather jacket and a black mini dress with matching black stiletto boots up to her knees. Dressed in all black, she captured the attention of every male she passed. Her long hair, that was styled in layered-wavy curls was dancing in the air as she walked slowly. Like a blooming Red Spider Lily, the woman exuded a seductive yet celestial, poisonous but graceful aura.

When the woman arrived, she immediately sat at the counter to order drinks and looked around to observe her surroundings. The beautiful woman was none other than Feng Jiu. If one of her subordinates saw her, for sure, they would not recognize that this beautiful woman who was wearing a seductive dress was the Demoness of their company, their Witch CEO. Since Feng Jiu already accepted the marriage her grandfather prepared for her, she knew that she could never escape and break free from her shackles. So, before erasing the other side of herself, her true self, she wanted to experience the life of a normal woman. Buying beautiful clothes, wearing sexy dress, drinking in a bar--- being merry all night without thinking of other things, she wanted to experience all of it even once in her lifetime. But… she knew her limitations and would not act drastically. She just wanted to enjoy this evening and treasure this moment she knew she would never experience again.


Drunken Immortal VIP room

"Mr. Lu, we hope that this collaboration will be a huge success."

"No worries, Mr. Xia. After 2 months, the Lu Corporation will venture out and expand our business."

A fat old man stretched his hand at the front. A tall man with a sharp gaze took Mr. Xia\'s hand and both of them shook hands for the last time before Mr. Xia left the VIP room.

"Sir, do you want to---"

"No. I\'ll just stay here for a while. No need to accompany me. You can go home."

The assistant bowed his head and left the room without saying anything, leaving the man all alone inside. Few seconds later, the man stood up and went to the window. If the people dancing on the floor would look up, they would see a man with a king-like aura looking below at them. The man was dressed in black suit and red tie. His eyes were like the eyes of an eagle, deep and alert. He was staring below as if he was looking for his prey as drank the wine on his hand. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed as if he was displeased at what he saw. Minutes later, he grabbed his suit and left the room.


Feng Jiu was walking in the pathway with her left hand tracing the wall. She was drunk for the first time in her life. \'Urgh... Jesus Christ! Why did I drink so much??\' Her head was spinning, she wanted to lay down and sleep. She stood up and went to the comfort room to relieve herself. She did not pay attention to the men who were trying to get fresh with her, she wanted to escape from those flies hovering around her. Those ugly mutts were trying to eat her tofu[1].

While walking, her body swayed left and right even though she was holding the wall to support herself. One of the waiters who were carrying glasses of wine suddenly appeared in front of her. Since Feng Jiu was drunk, she felt like the world was spinning, making her head dizzy and confused. She did not know where to turn to avoid colliding with the waiter. At the last minute, she tried to twist her body but was not successful due to the momentum. *bam!* Feng Jiu and the waiter collided with each other, pushing Feng Jiu backwards. She closed her eyes, ready to feel pain when suddenly, a large hand grabbed her waist and pulled her upward. Without any second thoughts, Feng Jiu instinctively wrapped her hands towards the person who grabbed her. Due to the force she exerted, the man\'s face got closer and Feng Jiu could feel his hot breath just a couple of inches away from her lips. She could not help but gasp.

He smelled of mint with a hint of honey.

Her head could not process everything instantly and was left dumbstruck. She regained herself when she felt something hot was touching her. She tried to push him but he possessively snaked his left arm around her waist while the other one kept on moving up and down behind her back. Feng Jiu slapped the hand that kept on roaming around her body. She was not accustomed of being touched intimately like that.

"Woman, you have to compensate me." a cool, deep voice whispered beside her. Feng Jiu suddenly recalled the words, \'a voice that could impregnate the ears\' she heard when she was inside the public restroom. Feng Jiu squinted her eyes, trying to see his face but unfortunately, she could only see his silhouette. She reached her hands upward, wanting to grab his face and pull it closer. Fen Jiu raised her head as she pulled his neck downwards. She gawked at him foolishly. Feng Jiu did not know if it was because she was drunk or because of those beautiful eyes staring back at her, but it seemed like her soul was being pulled out of her body. She smiled and suddenly leaned her face forward.

She kissed him.

"Hehehe... I-I\'ve already marked *hic* what\'s mine. Come. *hic* Follow this lady and you w-will not go hungry."

The world started spinning and Feng Jiu felt that her stomach was acting weird. She could no longer suppress the nausea and puked on his shirt.

"Blergh… Uuu…" After puking her guts out, Feng Jiu went limp and fell forward. The man\'s eyes narrowed and raised his hand to catch Feng Jiu. He glanced at the woman in his embrace. She had pointy nose and small, narrow lips. She was the epitome of beauty. Just by embracing her made him go wild like a beast in heat. Her scent, unlike the pungent smell of perfumes like every woman had, only contained a faint fragrance of orchids. Even the smell of her puke and wine that was splashed on both of them could not mask the fragrance her body exuded. This was the first time he felt this way. Without no rhyme nor reason, he wanted to possess her. If not because of his great control, he might have taken her here immediately. Something inside his body urged him to possess her completely. Indifferent to their surroundings, the man carried Feng Jiu outside the bar and placed her inside his car.

"Mmm.. Mmm.."

Fen Jiu moaned while adjusting herself in a comfortable position. The man looked at her like he was trying to engraved her face in his eyes. A thought suddenly passed through his mind...

\'This woman is mine.\'



Feng Jiu woke up groggily. She wanted to continue sleeping but she had the urge to pee. She slowly opened her eyes and blink a couple of times. Her head hurt. She closed her eyes once again and took a deep breath. She was in her bed, lying down. She let herself adjust to lessen her headache. Few minutes later, she slowly moved her body, wanting to get out of her bed when she suddenly felt pain on her lower part. As if someone stabbed her there with a knife.

\'The fudge!! It hurts like hell.\'

Feng Jiu inwardly cursed. She was silently reprimanding herself when she noticed something. She went stiff when she realized she was not the only one lying on her bed. She immediately turned her head and was horrified to see a naked man beside her. She did not even notice that she was sleeping on his shoulder and his other arm was wrapped around her waist.

\'Who is this man?!\'

Someone ate her tofu without her knowing? Feng Jiu had no recollection of such things. Suddenly, bits and pieces, memories of what happened last night entered her mind. Those disgusting males, the waiter, her fall.. The man with eyes as deep as the galaxy and.... her flirting with him. Her eyes bulged as she screamed inwardly.

\'Did I just wantonly eat him dry?!\'


[1]. Take advantage


Author\'s Side Note:

Thank you very much for paying attention to my novel. I am so happy to see someone read my work. The synopsis may sound like a typical Modern Day Romance but I assure you, I will make sure that it\'s different from other novels.. I hope so!