Chapter 103 - Battered Dog

Chapter 103: Battered Dog

Assistant Long Jin opened the door. When he saw that everybody was already present, he turned his head and ushered two people inside.

It was a woman and a man in their early thirties.

"They are Mr. Zen and Ms. Lou. Both of them are the legal advisor and attorney of Chairman Feng. They were also the ones who took care of Chairman Feng\'s Will."

Assistant Long introduced them to the members of Feng Family.

Mr. Zen and Ms. Lou both nodded their head and went forward to the front.

Mr. Zen placed the case on the table. Assistant Long gave the key to Ms. Lou.

Ms. Lou entered the key to the keyhole and turned it.


The edge of the case popped up and Mr. Zen pushed it down to open it.

When the case was opened, they saw a brown envelope sealed in a waterproof plastic.

Mr. Zen immediately pulled the envelope and peeled the plastic off.

When they saw the Phoenix seal of their family crest stamped on the envelope, everybody knew that this Will was real and authentic.

FengJiu took a glance at her relatives. She saw the happiness in their eyes.

She inwardly smirked and looked at MinFeng.

Today, a great surprise will be given to Feng Jun and the rest of the Branch Family.

"*cough* Today, is the reading of Feng XuanTian\'s Will. In accordance to the owner\'s final wish, all the family members except the minors are allowed to hear his final will.

Ms. Lou."

Mr. Zen nodded to his companion.

Ms. Lou ripped the Phoenix seal on the envelope and opened it.

She pulled a blue folder and read the contents.

"I, Feng XuanTian of Feng International decided to make a Final Will after I found out that my days were numbered.

I would like to ask for forgiveness from my only granddaughter, FengJiu, for not being able to be with her in the upcoming days to come.

For year of managing the Feng Family\'s fortune, now is the time to pass the burden to other people.

I hope everyone will respect my decision.

The Feng Mansion will be open to all Feng Family Members.

The subsidiary businesses will be divided among the Feng Family Branches.

The two malls will be given to Second Branch.

The private resort and spa will be given to the Third and Fourth Branch.

The Fifth Branch will receive the shares for Hotel de Lux."

When Feng Jun heard the words written on the Will, he could not help but wrinkle his brows.

Not hearing FengJiu\'s name in splitting the subsidiary businesses made him a little anxious.

He stared at the faces of his sisters and brothers who were brimming with happiness.

He inwardly snorted.

He was not satisfied with two malls.

Feng Jun wanted all of the shares of Feng International. It was rightfully theirs to begin with.

Ms. Lou continued reading the Will.

"In the recent years, Feng International was able to stand on the top of the food chain in the business industry. Thus, as the Chairman of the company, I wanted to pass my throne to the most capable person within the family, regardless of blood connection.

At the moment, I, Feng XuanTian, have a total of Sixty Five percent of the majority shares in the company.

I will give the fifteen percent of shares to my dear granddaughter, FengJiu----"

When Feng Jun heard that only fifteen percent was given to FengJiu, he could not help but feel elated.

He felt like he was flying in the clouds.

Among his siblings, no one could compare to his contribution to the company.

Only he and FengJiu were the ones who were capable of managing the company.

Since FengJiu already had her share, it meant that the remaining fifty percent of the shares be given to the family branch members and he was sure that he would get the most shares among them.

He looked at Ms. Lou eagerly. His eyes shone with happiness and he could not help but grin widely.

"----- and the remaining fifty percent of the shares will be given to----"

Feng Jun\'s heart kept beating like crazy.




\'This is it!! Finally!! Hahahah!! FINALLY!!!\'

"----my grandson in law, Lu MinFeng."


Feng Jun felt like the world turned upside down. His face paled and he could feel the blood gushing to escape from his mouth due to anger.

He forcefully swallowed it back.

All the family members stared at MinFeng incredulously. They could not believe what they heard.

"Impossible!!! How could Uncle give the remaining shares to someone who is not even a family member?!

That Will is fake!! It\'s a fake!!"

Feng Ran immediately stood up.

The other members also voiced out their displeasure.

FengJiu smiled and stared at her so called \'relatives\'.

"Aunts and uncles, what are you saying? MinFeng is also part of our family."

Feng Jun grimaced. His anger flared up when he thought of how he was not able to get the remaining shares of the company.

"FengJiu!! How dare you say that he is also part of our family?! He is from the Lu family!! Our business rival!!! What was Uncle thinking when he decided to give the remaining shares to him?!

Was Uncle crazy?! What if that man wants to destroy our company for his company\'s own benefit?! Uncle was not thinking straight!!"

Feng Jun roared.

"The family branch members are still alive! Even if he does not want you to continue being the CEO, we, in the family branch, are competent enough to manage it!! No need to give it to other people!!

Hah! Both of you are not married yet, how could you say that he is part of our family?! Although you are already engaged, it wouldn\'t mean that he has the right to meddle in our family\'s business!!"

FengJiu did not say anything. She just smiled at them and looked at MinFeng.

MinFeng nodded as if saying he was fine with her decision.

"Assistant Long, please give the documents to them."

Assistant Long Jin immediately passed the folders to her aunts and uncles.

When Feng Jun saw the copy of FengJiu and MinFeng\'s marriage contract, he could not help but sway backwards and fall on the chair.

He looked like a battered dog.

FengJiu smirked.

\'I\'m not done yet.\'

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