Chapter 54 - Visiting Yeye

Chapter 54: Visiting Yeye

\'What the heck?! I\'m doomed!!!\'

Xiao Mei wanted to cry but lacked tears to shed.

She could only pretend to faint.

Her heart was beating so fast that she could even hear it clearly.




She was leaning on MinDe\'s firm body since he was carrying her in princess style.

Xiao Mei could not help but turn her head a little bit towards MinDe\'s body and inhale deeply.

\'Mmm.. He smells sooo good~\'

Her hands were itching to travel and examine every nook and cranny of his body.

Those abdominal muscles were almost perfect.

His mighty dragon emitted majestic aura even though it was sleeping.

Xiao Mei could not help but swallow her saliva secretly.

Seconds later, she felt her back touched the bed and at the same time, she felt MinDe\'s presence disappear.

\'Did he leave?\'

Xiao Mei felt a little disappointed.

\'I\'m a beautiful woman, okay?! How dare he snob my beautiful face! Humpf!\'

She wanted to open her eyes immediately but she was afraid that he was still inside the room.

She counted one hundred Little MinDes before she opened her eyes and sat up immediately and tried to leave as fast as possible. She did not want to continue humiliating herself infront of him.

She was afraid that MinDe might think of her as a perverted woman.

She knew MinDe was a pure soul. He was the epitome of the word \'Pureness\'.

(A/N: pure soul?! *gagged*)

She wanted to fly away before MinDe returned.

Unfortunately, when she sat up, the first thing she saw was MinDe\'s humongous Bazooka standing straight like a veteran soldier.

The truth is, MinDe did not leave the room when he placed Xiao Mei on the bed.

Instead, he walked to the side near the bed where she lay and waited for her to \'wake up\'.

His arms were crossed over his chest as he stood there.... naked.

But he did not care that he was in his birthday suit[1].

He did not care that he was butt naked and without any clothes covering his manhood.

He just stared at her intensely.

He was very different from being \'Pure\' and \'Lovely\'. His stood like a male god, full of confidence and sex appeal.


Xiao Mei suddenly hiccuped.

She immediately covered her mouth but she could not stop it.


"Are you done pretending?"

MinDe said without moving.

Xiao blushed but she stubbornly feigned ignorance.

"Pretending what?"

To hide her embarrassment, she said it with a hint of anger in her voice.

MinDe did not answer. Instead, he threw another question at her.

"You like what you see?"

Xiao Mei was rendered speechless.

She could not believe her perfect fairytale was just a delusion.

\'Where\'s my shy and lovely MinDe?!

Who is this man?!

What \'shy\'?!

What \'lovely\'?!

\'Pure\' my ass! He\'s clearly a perverted exhibitionist!! This man is a shameless bastard! Boo hoo~ give me back my Lovely MinDe!!\'

Xiao Mei gulped. She avoided his eyes and stared at door. She was thinking of different ways to escape from MinDe\'s clutches.

"I-I don\'t know what you\'re talking about.."

MinDe slowly leaned forward towards her and said,

"You keep staring at my body. What? You want to touch it?"

"You---!! What nonsense are you spouting, huh?? Shameless!!"

She did not believe MinDe was such a perverted bastard.

Xiao Mei felt cheated.

She was angry.

Very very very angry.

She stared daggers at him.

She might be a shameless woman but deep inside, she\'s still a pure virgin girl.

She liked pure men.

Those that smiled like the sun.

Like those idol oppadeul in Korea.

And not some \'sperm-headed\' bastard.


She liked MinDe very very much.

Her heart beat faster whenever she\'s with him.

But right now, she was scared shitless.

He was like a big bad wolf. He kept staring at her as if she was a delicacy.

He was watching her like he was ready to eat her anytime.

Thinking about this shameless man, Xiao Mei\'s embarrassment turned into anger.

"Excuse me, I wouldn\'t even glance at your body even if you dance naked in front of me! Humpf!!"

Xiao Mei snorted and rolled her eyes.

MinDe did not bother to rebuke her words but instead, he pulled her hand and pressed it on his awakened dragon.

Xiao Mei caught off guard because of his sudden action.

She screamed when she felt his hot rod pulsating on her hand.


Unable to digest everything that was happening, her eyes rolled upward.

She fainted.

This time, it was real.


XuanTian was sitting on his bed.

FengJiu already returned few weeks ago.

He was happy to know that she already married that Lu boy.

Although he could not get out of the hospital, he could still receive information coming from outside.

He might be dying in few months from now but it was not a hindrance for him to still care for his only family.

FengJiu was his only grandchild. Everything that was related to her, even the food she ate or the shampoo she used, he must know it all.

He was already old and dying. All he wanted was to find someone who could love and protect his precious granddaughter.

Thinking about that Lu boy who was head over heels in love with his grandchild, XuanTian could not help but laugh gleefully.

When he would die, he could rest peacefully knowing that someone loved his granddaughter as much as he loved her.

Long Jin entered the room and said few words on XuanTian\'s ear.

"What?! *cough* Who dares harm my precious granddaughter?!"




Due to sudden spike of his emotions, XuanTian coughed continuously.

"Chairman. Even Lu Family\'s side were looking for the culprit.

The authorities have already closed the case since the one who pushed Miss Jiu already died after he was hit by a delivery truck.

But there seems to be a deeper scheme behind her accident so I have already hired some private investigators."

"Mmm... I also want you to pay attention to Feng Family\'s movement.

I\'m afraid that someone leaked my current situation. Seems like I could only hasten everything. I\'m afraid that they might swallow FengJiu alive when I die."

Long Jin left the room when XuanTian\'s phone rang.


"Ah Jiu... My stupid granddaughter! Humpf! You didn\'t even visit Yeye when you got married."

XuanTian faked his anger.

He could hear FengJiu giggled at the other side.

"Aiyaa.. I\'m sorry Yeye. We will visit you soon, I promise..."

"Humpf! Don\'t visit me! Just make sure to conceive my great grandchildren immediately!"

FengJiu laughed.

"Don\'t worry. I have a surprise for you.. Wait for me okay?"

Both grandfather and granddaughter talked for almost an hour before FengJiu decided to end the call.

"Yeye, rest well okay? See you soon."

When the call ended, XuanTian stared at the ceiling.

\'Child, Yeye is very blessed to have you as my grandchild. Yeye hopes that even if Yeye is not around anymore, you will not be alone and lonely. \'

XuanTian took a deep breath and closed his eyes.



[1]. When children were born, they don\'t have any clothes on. Birthday suit = Being naked.


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