Chapter 4 - Granpa Visits

Chapter 4: Granpa Visits

"Good. You better keep your promise."

The man immediately hastened his actions while he pinched her little bud above the entrance of her flower. Feng Jiu felt something rushed outside of her entrance. She could not help but arc her body upward while she squeezed his fingers with her inner walls.

Feng Jiu reached her climax.

All her nerves went haywire and she screamed as she clenched her hands on the man\'s hair. She felt as if she was floating in the air. Like a kite that was soaring high above the sky.

\'So, this is what sex feels like.\'

Feng Jiu ignorantly muttered to herself.

Her head was fuzzy, and all her senses were shutting down. She felt extremely tired and wanted to sleep immediately. She could not lift her limbs, even trying to move her head needed a huge amount of energy. Her entire being hurt so much as if she was rammed by a bulldozer and her body was broken into pieces. She felt like she could no longer go on.

The man climbed up from his initial position. He then whispered, "Baby, are you tired? Ten yuan of money, ten yuan of goods[1]. You already have your fair share. It\'s my turn now."

\'Ten yuan of money, ten yuan of goods?! But I did not do anything!!! This is against all the fairness in the world!!\' Feng Jiu wanted to speak but before she could open her mouth to protest, he already captured her lips and rammed his hot and sticky rod on her entrance.

\'AHHHH!! It hurts like fucking hell!!\' Once again, Feng Jiu accepted everything and opened up, allowing the man to explore her innermost cave. The poor Feng Jiu could only accept the fact that her tofu was eaten cleanly.


After the \'intense exercise\', Feng Jiu fell asleep. She woke up due to the urge to pee.

Sluggishly walking towards the comfort room, Feng Jui was still half asleep as she trotted, dragging herself inside the bathroom while being naked. She felt light-headed and wanted to continue sleeping. She squatted on the toilet seat as she supported her head with her hand.

\'Aiyaa.. What a weird dream… It feels so real. Ouch. My vagina hurts. Did I touch myself while dreaming?! Gosh.. I\'m starting to become a pervert! Ai. I should just stop reading those romance novels..\' Feng Jiu walked towards the lavatory to brush her teeth. She was trying to squeeze the toothpaste when she saw herself in the mirror. Her hair was messy, as if she had gotten into a brawl with someone. Her lips were swollen, and her fair white skin was full of kiss marks especially her neck and chest part. The toothpaste fell together with her toothbrush as clutched her head and screamed on the top of her lungs.


She suddenly felt envious of those females on the romance novels who would faint after receiving a shock. She did not even feel fainting at all. *sob*

\'Can someone knock me out?! Ahh! I want to faint and escape everything!!\'

For the first time in her twenty-eight years of existence, Feng Jui wanted to bash her head on a pillar and kill herself like in those ancient dramas.

It took her a while to sort things out before she accepted the fact that her tofu was eaten clean-dry[2]. While bathing, she encouraged herself that last night was just a moment of foolishness and would not happen again--- ever. She vowed to bury the memories she had with that stranger. She would not drink wine or any liquor ever again to avoid the humiliation she felt right now. This idiom \'Once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of a well rope[3] fitted her dilemma.

After she washed up, she got dressed and went down to the kitchen to cook. As she was walking down the stairs, she smelled the bacon being fried and heard the flowing water as if someone was washing the plates.

Her mouth formed \'O\' when she saw someone was cooking inside the kitchen.

\'Holy Crap!! Why is he still here?!\'

The man noticed Feng Jiu and said, "You\'re awake? Come. I\'ve already prepared some food. Eat. You need energy after experiencing intense workout."

\'Workout\' your foot!! And why is this man acting like he is the owner of this house?! After eating me, he wants to eat my food too?\'

"Wait. What are you doing??"

"I\'m cooking."

"No! I mean, what are you doing inside MY house? And why are you in MY kitchen?? Why are you still here??"

"Coz\' I\'m cooking."

FengJiu\'s mouth twitched. Her head hurt. She felt like speaking with him made her IQ drop into two digits. She stared at the man who was feeling at-home inside her house. She wanted him to leave.

"I\'ll just give you money to buy food, so, you can go now."

\'Wait.. That doesn\'t sound right..\'

She felt like a dirty old man paying a prostitute after they had a one-night stand.

"You\'re chasing me out?"

The man squinted his eyes and stared at her. Feng Jiu suddenly felt cold. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself. She was contemplating whether to chase him out or not.

"What do you want?"

In the end, she gave in and asked him directly.

"You know what I want."

"Why would I ask you if I already know what you want??"

Feng Jui wanted to open his skull to see if his brain was still intact.

"Take responsibility for your action last night."

She was left speechless by the man\'s shamelessness.

"Responsibility?! Why are you saying it as if I raped you?! It was clearly you, wh--who.." Feng Jui suddenly blushed after recalling everything that had happened last night. Remembering how wanton she behaved beneath him, Feng Jiu wanted to find a hole and bury herself.

\'Dammit!! This shameless man really knows no shame!!\'

"You said to follow you and I will never go hungry. You also kissed me on the lips." the man shamelessly recalled what happened at the bar. Feng Jiu was choked by his words and could not find the courage to retort back. It was clearly her fault for seducing and enticing someone to follow her and be her lover while she was drunk.

\'Ahhh.. I wanna die.. Feng Jiu!!!! You stupid, stupid woman!!\' Since it was clearly her own stupidity that threw her into this mess, all she could do was to compromise.

"So tell me, what do you want? Money? How much?"

\'Urgh.. It really sounds awful. I feel like a rich and perverted brat who wants to escape his responsibility after deflowering a maiden.\'

The man\'s countenance darkened when he heard Feng Jiu\'s words.

"I don\'t need your money. Having money is not a solution. I don\'t have a place to sleep in nor a job so I want to stay here with you."

\'This shameless NEET[3] wants to extort me!!\'

"No! Definitely not!" Feng Jiu immediately declined.

"Why not?"

"It\'s not proper for a man and a woman to stay in one house!"


"What if something happens?"


"It will be awkward between us!"

The man looked at her as if he wanted to strangle her to death.

"You and I already had sex. Don\'t tell me you have already forgotten everything? Do you want me to demonstrate it again for you to remember?" Once again, Feng Jiu was choked to death by his words. After not saying anything for almost 15 minutes, finally, Feng Jiu conceded.

"Fine! You can stay here TEMPORARILY but you must know some \'things\' for our harmonious relationship." Feng Jiu was currently lamenting to herself and was not able to see the suppressed smile on the man\'s face. Like a light breeze in the summer, it was fast and fleeting.

"What \'things\'?"

"Since you will be staying here for the meantime, you better behave. There are some rules you must abide. You must not disturb me when I\'m working. no touching, no kissing, no hugging and no sex unless I initiated it."

\'Heh. You better not think of eating my tofu without my permission, you, shameless bastard.\'

"So, you are saying that I should wait for you like a concubine waiting for the Emperor\'s grace?"

The man took a step forward towards her. His eyes had a dangerous glint on it. When he took a step forward, Feng Jiu immediately took a step backward. They repeatedly continued until she was cornered in the sink. Feng Jiu\'s heart was beating very fast, but she tried to stay calm and indifferent.

"That should be it. You don\'t have work, you don\'t have a place to stay. I allow you eat and sleep here, so, you better follow my rules."

The man leaned forward and whispered to her ear. "Okay... Let\'s see if you beg to stop me... or beg to let me continue.."

In a blink of an eye, he grabbed Feng Jiu\'s waist and captured her lips. His left hand was starting to creep inside her sweatshirt when they heard a sound coming from the front door.


The sound of lock opening and her grandfather\'s voice echoed outside the house.

"Ah Jiu. Where are you?"

Feng Jiu suddenly pushed the man with all her might.


Feng Jiu panicked like a nervous little girl.

She couldn\'t bring the man back to her room because the stairs leading to the second floor was right at the receiving room and the kitchen could be seen on the left side of the receiving room. Only the counter served as the partition between the two, making it visible on the outside once the door opens up.

"Why do I have to hide?"

"What \'why\'?! Do you want to get caught by my grandfather?! He will beat both of us to death!!"


"What \'so\'?!"

Feng Jiu almost puked blood due to stress and anxiety.

\'Good Lord!! Is this my retribution for terrorizing my employees every day??\'

"Ah Jiu? Yeye\'s here to visit you."


[1]. What you pay is what you get

[2]. Once bitten, twice shy

[3]. Not in Education, Employment or Training aka \'Unemployed\'


Author\'s Side Note:

Guys, loving someone is like sailing in the sea. You will not know what will happen to you as you embark your journey towards the vast ocean. You will encounter different hardships but if you work hard and persevere, you will definitely see the beauty of the calm sea.

So all I can say is that you will not know the true meaning of the word \'happiness\' if you cannot experience pain and hardship.

And although she is naive when it comes to love, FengJiu is a strong woman.

Again, Thank you very much guys for reading this novel.

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