Chapter 107 - Be My Phoenix

Chapter 107: Be My Phoenix

"Ah Jiu~ Congratulations!! I\'m so happy for you!! Did YanFei gege text you? He couldn\'t come. He has an operation to perform later."

"En. I know."

Xiao Mei hugged FengJiu and kissed her cheeks. Suddenly, she felt like her surroundings froze.

Two pairs of eyes glared at her.

MinDe immediately pulled her away from FengJiu while FengJiu was pulled away by MinFeng.


Xiao Mei and FengJiu could only stare at each other. They silently agreed that their men were both very unreasonably possessive.

They could only sigh inwardly. Both of them were already accustomed to their jealousy so they did not pay attention to the smell of vinegar in the air.

Old Man Lu was also present. When he found out that FengJiu and Xiao Mei were best friends, he was so happy that he was smiling all night.

Unfortunately, when he tried to talk to either of them, MinFeng and MinDe would hinder him, making the old man fume with rage.

He wanted to curse both of his grandsons and beat them to death but after thinking that it was not good to beat people on one of his granddaughter in law\'s birthday party, the old man could only glare at his grandsons and sit sulkily on the corner.

He swore that once FengJiu gave birth, MinFeng\'s share would be confiscated. He will kick MinFeng out of the company and place his great grandchild as the successor.

Thinking of his grand plan, the old man became energetic once again. He even hinted at MinDe that he should let him near Xiao Mei or else he would also confiscate his inheritance like what he plans to do with MinFeng.

Unfortunately, MinDe only snorted and pulled Xiao Mei away from him, making him grit his teeth.

\'These bastard grandsons of mine!! How dare they bully me?! Hao!! I will make you pay for not letting me play with my granddaughters in law!"

The old man sulkily went to FengJiu when MinFeng was not around and bid goodbye.

When FengJiu asked him, he only said,

"I will make my Will right now!! Those bastards tried to bully their grandfather!! How dare them try to hinder our bonding moments? Child, don\'t worry! This old man loves both you and Xiao Mei more than those ingrates! If you try to divorce that bastard, don\'t worry, this old man will let you live in my house forever!! Aiyaa... I hope you and Xiao Mei would leave those bastards and stay at my place."

\'Grandpa Lu, if I and MinFeng divorced, our relationship as granddaughter-grandfather will also end.\'

She wanted to say it but she decided not to burst his bubbles.

FengJiu could only stare at Old Man Lu as he walked away from her.

She sighed and lightly stroked Little Bump that was hidden inside her loose gown. Her movements were very normal, like she was just stroking her belly because she was full.

The people inside the venue did not find her movement suspicious at all.

"Little Bump, I hope that when you grow up, you won\'t be as shameless as your grandfather and father. You should be like your Uncle MinDe, serious and not shameless at all."

Few minutes later, FengJiu realized MinFeng vanished. After he excused himself, he never came back.

FengJiu was startled when all of the lights turned off. Suddenly, she was blinded when the lights focused on her.

Slowly, the lights on every corner of the room produced a red light, illuminating the petals falling from above.


"FengJiu... Love..."

FengJiu was startled when she heard MinFeng\'s voice.

The people inside the venue could not help but exclaim when they heard MinFeng\'s voice, especially when he called FengJiu \'Love\'.

FengJiu was oblivious of what was happening. It was MinFeng who planned everything for her birthday but he always reported everything to her.

What happened right now is definitely different from what he told her.

"The first time I laid my eyes on you, I felt like someone kicked my chest.

When you left, I swore that once I found you, I will never let you go again.

FengJiu, Love...

Thank you for loving me.

Tonight...I want the whole world to know how much I love you."

Suddenly, a heart shaped neon lights were lighted at the center stage.

{Be My Phoenix[1]}

FengJiu could not help but shed tears due to happiness.

She already knew MinFeng wanted to propose to her but she did not expect that he would do this tonight.

MinFeng suddenly appeared behind her and hugged her tight.

FengJiu immediately turned and stared at him lovingly.

MinFeng half knelt and held her hand.

"Miss FengJiu... Are you willing to accompany me until our hair turns gray?"

FengJiu smiled and nodded.


But before FengJiu could reply, all the people present in the hotel panicked when they heard a loud \'baaaang!\' and the venue shook due to the sudden explosion.

Everyone was scared shitless.

The security members tried to calm the guests but unfortunately, the second explosion occurred.

MinFeng immediately ushered FengJiu to the bodyguards.

"Leave now!! Make sure to protect her. Understood?!"

FengJiu pulled MinFeng\'s hand.

"What about you?! You\'re not coming with me?! Where are you going?!"

FengJiu paled.

"I have to investigate. I must go to the control room. Don\'t worry. Everything is fine, okay? I\'ll be back."

"NOO!! You can\'t!!"

MinFeng just smiled.

"Don\'t worry.."

FengJiu tried to resist but she was carried by her bodyguards as she saw MinFeng running to the opposite side.

When they ran towards the exit, some people stumbled. She ordered her bodyguards to help them. When she was almost at the exit, a waiter pulled her arm and said that MinFeng wanted her to go to the left side because Xiao Mei was injured.

Due to commotion, the people were not able to pay any attention to FengJiu.

FengJiu was very anxious and was not able to properly analyze everything. All she could think of was Xiao Mei\'s injury. She immediately followed the waiter until they reached the left exit.

"Where? Where are they?!"

When FengJiu saw that no one was there, she suddenly realized that something was wrong. She tried to run back but a red SUV suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The door opened and she saw YanRong smiling at her.

"It\'s you?"

FengJiu could not help but glare at YanRong.

"Hi~ missed me?"

YanRong laughed.

The waiter moved forward.

"Miss, I already brought her here. Where are the rest of the money?"

The waiter was eager to receive the remaining money.

A few seconds later, he could not help but ask.

"Are you really sure that the explosions were fake?"

YanRong smiled and said,

"No. Stupid."

She pulled a gun and shot the waiter on his chest.

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[1]. FengJiu/Empress (in Ancient China, the Phoenix symbolizes the Empress or the Mother of the world while the dragon \'Long\' symbolizes the Emperor/Child Of Heaven.


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