Chapter 58 - Her True Colors

Chapter 58: Her True Colors

YanFei arrived at the hospital with several lunchboxes and a flower bouquet on his hand.

When FengJiu saw him, she immediately trottled towards him while dragging her IV fluids.

"YanFei ge! You\'re here??"

YanFei placed the lunchboxes on the table and gave her the bouquet.

"How are you?? Tell me what happened."

FengJiu grabbed his hand while pulling him to sit down with her.

When YanFei felt FengJiu\'s hand, he could not help but stare at her lovingly.

He had a faint smile on his lips as he tightened his grip on her hand.

FengJiu was oblivious of his action. She continued to pull him until both of them sat side by side.

"I fell down the stairs when buying groceries. Someone pushed me off the stairs."

FengJiu said as if she was talking about other person. She drooled while reaching out one of the lunchboxes YanFei brought. She immediately opened the cover and inhaled the scent of sweet and sour fish.

She did not see YanFei paled when she said she was pushed on the stairs.

His countenance darkened as if he thought of something.

"Ge! You brought many foods ah! Are you going to raise me like a pig?"

FengJiu said while opening all the lunchboxes.

All the food inside those boxes were all her favorite food since she was a child.

YanFei\'s face immediately brightened after hearing what she said.

He patted her head and jokingly said,

"Why not? If you marry gege then gege will let you eat your fill everyday. Don\'t worry, I will raise you perfectly."

FengJiu almost choked on the fish she was eating.




FengJiu immediately drank water and tried to stop her coughing but she could not help it.

YanFei immediately pats her back gently while looking at her.

After a few minutes, she was able to stop her coughing. She stared at YanFei and grinned.

"Your jokes are getting better and better ah! I almost believed you just now! Hehehe."

She gave a thumbs up on YanFei and resumed eating.

She did not see the disappointment written on his face as he picked a piece of meat and placed it on her plate.

She was busy wolfing down the food when her phone rang.

It was MinFeng calling her right now.

She immediately answered it.


"Enn.. How are you?? Have you eaten??"

"Mmm! I\'m fine!! I\'m eating right now. YanFei gege visits me here in the hospital. He brought food for me. How about you? Have you eaten? How was work?"

MinFeng did not answer her.



"What\'s wrong? Is there a problem?"

"...Nothing. You said your YanFei gege is with you?"

"Enn!! He\'s beside me. Why?"

"Nothing. Eat your food properly, okay? Behave and stop pestering the doctors."

"I did not!!"

MinFeng chuckled.

"Fine. Fine. You didn\'t. Continue eating. I\'ll hung up."

"Okay. Bye~ come back soon."

"Enn.. Bye. I love you."

"Enn!! I love you too!"

FengJiu resumed eating after the call ended. She noticed that YanFei was not eating anymore.

"Ge? Why are you not eating?? Are you full already?"

YanFei did not answer her. He only stared at her intensely.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth and asked her.

"Was that your boyfriend?"

FengJiu froze.

\'Should I nod or shake my head? Technically, MinFeng is not my boyfriend anymore because he\'s my husband... But... Should I tell YanFei gege?\'

FengJiu wanted to say that MinFeng was already his husband but she still haven\'t talked with MinFeng about this matter. If they should inform others about their marriage or not.

So FengJiu could only nod her head.

"Enn.. He\'s my.. b-boyfriend."

"Was he good to you?"

"He loves me very much."

YanFei inhaled deeply while he clenched his fists.

"How about you? Do you also love him?"

FengJiu blushed.

"Ge!! Do I have to answer that??"

YanFei smiled. But his smile contained pain and sadness.

"No need."

He chuckled and ruffled her hair.

"Seems like you already grown up. You\'re not my cute Ah Jiu anymore."

"What are you saying? I\'m still the Ah Jiu you love, okay?"

FengJiu pouted while trying to stop his hands from destroying her hair.

"Enn.. You are still the Ah Jiu I love.."

YanFei said as he stared at her with eyes full of love.

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After MinFeng called FengJiu, he closed his eyes to control his jealousy.

He knew.

Since that night when FengJiu got drunk with them.

He already knew that bastard YanFei desired FengJiu.

That he loved her as a man and not as a friend.

But he could not forbid FengJiu.

He could not forbid her from meeting him.

He could only be vigilant and guard her 24/7 so that YanFei could not insert himself in the picture.

But that bastard was like a cockroach. It wouldn\'t die even if you kill it a hundred times.

MinFeng was still cursing YanFei in his heart when YanRong entered his office.

She immediately went beside him and offered him to eat lunch with her.

"Feng Ge. Do you want to eat lunch with me?

MinFeng stood up and took a step back when she reached his arm as if she wanted to hold him.

(A/N: Eww.. Feeling Close!)

Remembering what FengJiu said when he was kneeling yesterday, MinFeng kept distance with YanRong fearing that FengJiu might went berserk if she found out he did not avoid YanRong.

"No need."

YanRong\'s eyes turned misty when she noticed that he was avoiding her.

"F-Feng ge.. Was it because of what happened last time? I-I\'m sorry.. I---"

"No need. Just keep your distance. I hate it when other people touch me."

MinFeng immediately walked towards the door and left.

YanRong was rooted on her feet when she saw MinFeng left without looking back at her.

She glared at the door and slammed her hand on the office table.

"Bitch! How dare you seduce Feng ge!! Feng ge likes me since we were young but because of you, he\'s avoiding me right now."

YanRong grabbed her phone and dialed a number.


"It\'s me. There\'s something I want you to do."



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