Chapter 7 - The Witch is Sick?

Chapter 7: The Witch is Sick?

Feng Jiu hurriedly stood up but she suddenly fell on the floor. A loud \'thud\' echoed inside the room.

"AHHH!" She involuntarily cried as she tried to stabilize herself, grabbing the edge of the bed as her support and propelled herself upward. Her legs lost their strength like she was a newborn calf. Her waist felt like it was broken into pieces. Every movement she made, she felt as if she was being tortured. Her entrance hurt so much as if it was excavated thoroughly. MinFeng was so rough last night that she could only scream and beg for mercy. All of her vitality was drained due to the rigorous activities they shared together.

\'This bastard! Give him an inch and he\'ll take a mile!![2]\'

Thinking about how many times MinFeng sucked her dry, Feng Jiu\'s heart bore resentment. \'Next time, I\'ll make sure I\'m going to squeeze him dry till his last drop!!\'

Full of fighting spirit, Feng Jiu tried to utilize her shaking legs and forced herself not to crawl towards the comfort room. Few minutes later, she was finally dressed with a white-sleeved blouse and a knee-length skirt. Her hair was tied in a bun and her face was free of makeup.

She got her keys on the table and immediately went down. She saw MinFeng cooking food inside the kitchen. She walked towards the refrigerator and got herself a cup of milk. She grabbed some toasted bread and took a bite.

"I\'m late! I can\'t eat breakfast here." She said while trying to finish the last toasted bread on her hand.

"Why are you in a hurry?" MinFeng said sulkily. His face crumpled as he prepared the plates.

"Well, who\'s fault is that, eh?" She glared at him.

"Fine. But you better eat after you reach your office."

"En. I will!" She opened the door and was ready to go out when he grabbed her arm.

"Come home early. I\'ll wait for you." And he unceremoniously lowered his head, snatching a kiss from her.

"Ah?... Uh!" She was rooted on her feet because of his sudden action. Feng Jiu shook her head to wake herself up. She was late and she had no time to rebuke his shameless actions. She practically run from her door to the elevator, escaping like a startled rabbit. The corner of MinFeng\'s lips rose upward after witnessing Feng Jiu being flustered and confused because of his sly move.


Feng Jiu did not know how she was able to arrive in the company safely. She was very confused and bothered by MinFeng\'s actions. \'Why is he acting like that?? It feels like we are newlyweds.\'

Feng Jiu inwardly smacked herself and immediately erased that idea. \'Maybe I was just over thinking.\'

She was very puzzled and confused, not knowing what to do. Everything was new to her. She felt awkward because she was not used to these kinds of things but at the same time, she felt warm and fluffy inside.

While walking towards the company, Feng Jiu was in a deep thought. She was very oblivious to her employees greeting her. She was still thinking about MinFeng\'s action when suddenly she felt like her body bounced back after colliding into something. She almost fell on the ground but luckily, she managed to stay on foot. It happened so fast that she was unable to think for half a second until she realized that the entrance was on the other side and she was currently standing face to face with a glass window.

Feng Jiu winced when she felt pain in her forehead. All of the employees present gaped when they saw a huge bump swelled on top of her forehead. Feng Jiu inwardly blushed. She wanted to find a hole and crawl inside but she tried her best to look indifferent as always. Maintaining her emotionless and stoic facial expression, she moved her head and stared at every one of them. Like a flock of birds who were startled by a snake, all of them flew as fast as they could, pretending that they saw nothing.


Feng Jiu reached her office and immediately called Ming Yue. "Tell them to postpone the meeting. We will reschedule it tomorrow." She said without looking at her assistant. She grabbed a mirror and looked at the small bump on her forehead.

Ming Yue wanted to cry in the heavens when she heard Feng Jiu\'s words. \'Madam, they have been waiting for you for almost an hour but you want to cancel the meeting?? Injustice ah..\' Without a choice, Ming Yue could only follow Feng Jiu\'s order and inform the people waiting inside the meeting room that their Madam decided to postpone their meeting.

It was already three in the afternoon when Feng Jiu decided to go out and buy food on the nearest restaurant. She decided to personally go out to eat because she felt stuffy inside her office. When she was going back to her office, she felt the need to pee so she decided to go to the comfort room located on the first floor. As she was sitting on the toilet seat, she heard someone talking.

"Hey, did you know? Our meeting was postponed because the Witch was late." one of the employees gossiped.

"What?! She knows how to be late? Maybe there\'s an emergency that\'s why she was not able to come early." A woman in a yellow dress said while retouching her makeup.

"I don\'t know but the people on the first floor saw her collide on a glass window."

"Hahaha! Really?? I bet that was epic!!"

"Yeah. I wish I was able to see it."

Both of them laughed. They were so engrossed in talking that they were not able to notice the opening of the door on the farthest cubicle.

"Should I demonstrate it again for you to see?" Feng Jiu suddenly reappeared behind them, speaking in a cold voice that almost made them pee in their pants.

"AHHHHH!" They screamed as they saw her standing behind them like a demon from hell.

"M-Madam." Both women were shaking very hard. They were afraid that Feng Jiu would curse at them and kick them out of the building.

"Instead of gossiping, why not do your work properly? It would be great if you do your work enthusiastically like the way you gossip right now. Before you open your mouth to speak nonsense, you better pay attention first to your working performance. I\'m not paying money to dregs like you who only know how to open their mouth and not work with their hands." Feng Jiu said while wiping her hands with tissue. Her message was loud and clear. She looked at them and said, "Scram." Without looking back, Feng Jiu left the comfort room. Leaving the two girls rooted on the spot, shivering from fear.


In the entire day, Feng Jiu went in a daze. She often made mistakes and couldn\'t focus on her work because MinFeng\'s face kept on reappearing on her mind. She was holding a business report upside down. She might look like she was reading the reports but all of her attentions were still on MinFeng. She was extremely bothered by his actions and she didn\'t like the feeling of being left in the dark, not knowing anything. She flipped the next page as if she was diligently reading every sentence written in the paper.

Seeing Feng Jiu reading the report upside down, Ming Yue wanted to cry. \'Something is wrong with Madam! Is she sick?!\'


[1]. Someone who bite the hand that feeds them.

[2]. Used for saying that if you agree to give someone something that they want, they will then want to take more.


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