Chapter 59 - A Good Suggestion

Chapter 59: A Good Suggestion

YanRong grabbed her phone and dialed a number.


"It\'s me. There\'s something I want you to do."

"I can\'t."

"Why?! Are you backing out?! Remember, I\'m not the only one who wanted to destroy their relationship. You also signed up for this!"

"I know. But they are searching for the culprit. We must not provoke them for now. Lu MinFeng has already mobilized his own people to investigate everything."

YanRong laughed maniacally.

"Oh please. I\'m not a coward like you!!

When you paid someone to send email to that bitch, you already cut any ties you have with her.

What are you afraid of? Feng Ge? If you won\'t help me, I will not force you! But remember, if I get caught, you are also busted!!"

"Fine! But wait for a few more days. I must prepare for everything. Do not call me again. I will contact you later."

YanRong snorted.

"You better not change your mind. Remember, we are in this together. If you chicken out, I will tell that FengJiu bitch about your betrayal. Let\'s see if you could stay here in China after betraying her."

YanRong immediately cut off their conversation when she heard some noises outside the office.

She closed her eyes to calm herself.

When she opened it, her face no long had that vicious expression, as if that woman who uttered those malicious words was just a figment of imagination.

She smiled sweetly while walking towards the door as if nothing happened earlier.


When Xiao Mei successfully returned to her room, she immediately went towards the restroom and took a shower.

She wanted to erase MinDe\'s scent.

Erase his touch.

Erase his mark.

She wanted to erase everything.

Erase everything that happened few minutes ago.

Because she was afraid.

Afraid of what she felt towards him.

She was afraid that she might really get swayed by him.

Xiao Mei immediately took a quick shower to scrub out everything and erase MinDe\'s mark on her body.

When the cold water touched her body, she shivered but the fire that was burning inside her did not die.

The desire she felt towards him continued to increase every second, burning her body inside and out.

When she remembered his naked appearance,

When she remembered his temperature,

When she remembered his touch on her breasts..

Xiao Mei could not help but hyperventilate.

She clenched her teeth and decreased the water temperature.


"Are you done?"

FengJiu saw YanFei ended his call.

After they ate, his phone rang.

He immediately excused himself to answer the phone call.


"Who was it?"

"My co-worker. They said there\'s an emergency at the hospital. They wanted me to go back."

FengJiu did not notice that YanFei\'s face pale a little.

"Ohh.. Then you should hurry. Someone is waiting for your help."

"Enn.. I\'m sorry for leaving early."

FengJiu smiled.

"It\'s okay. I\'m glad you visited me here at the hospital. After I get discharged, let\'s meet up again with Xiao Mei."

"Okay. I will call you later."

YanFei hugged FengJiu.

She was startled when she felt his body pressing towards her.

YanFei tightened his embrace as he whispered to her ears.

"Ah Jiu.. I\'m sorry."

FengJiu was puzzled by what he said.

"Ahhh? Is there something wrong, YanFei ge?"

"Nothing. Just remember, I care for you, okay? No matter what happened, I will always love you....."

YanFei touched her head.

" as true sibling."

FengJiu did not noticed the sadness in his words.

"Enn.. I will also love you forever, YanFei gege.. Thank you for being a big brother to me."

She returned his warm hug.

When YanFei went out of the room, FengJiu touched Little Bump.

"Little Bump, that is your uncle YanFei. Isn\'t he awesome? He loves me like a true sibling. I am sure, he will also love you."


After lying on the bed for more than a minute after Xiao Mei left, MinDe stood up.

He called his assistant.

"Come here."

Few minutes later, the old man came and entered his room.

"Young Master."

"Enn. I want to know everything about her. Investigate."

The old man was rendered speechless.

\'Ahhh? Who is Young Master talking about?\'

"*Cough* Young Master, Who are you pertaining to?"

"Xiao Mei of Infinite Airlines."

The old man opened his mouth to say something but MinDe continued.

"I am courting her."

The old man almost puked blood.

\'Courting her?? Then why is Young Master asking to investigate her as if she is an ex-convict?

Ahh.. This is not courting.. This is harassment!!\'

The old man felt MinDe\'s sharp glare.

"Yes. Yes. Young Master. This subordinate will obey."

He immediately answered while wiping his sweat secretly.


MinDe responded while picking up Xiao Mei\'s things that she left when she ran away.

"Young Master, do you want me to send those things to Ms. Xiao?"

"No need. These are already mine."

Once again, the old man could not help but feel his blood rising up again.

\'Young Master.. Why did you want her things?? This is clearly stealing ahh!\'

The old man gulped before opening his mouth slowly.

"Y-young Master... This subordinate want to suggest something."

"Mmm.. Speak."

"If you are courting Miss Xiao, Why don\'t you give her flowers?"

"No. She hates flowers. She\'s allergic to pollen."

"H-how about chocolates?"

"No. She likes strawberry flavored foods and not chocolates."

The old man wanted to die.

"You clearly know everything! Aiyaa... Then why are you still trying to investigate everything about her as if you are catching a criminal??\'

The Old man could only complain inside his heart.

He sighed and thoughtlessly said,

"Then why don\'t Young Master wrap yourself like a gift and send yourself at Miss Xiao\'s door?"

MinDe froze then he stared at him.

The old man wanted to slap his mouth a million times for saying stupid things.

"Enn.. Good suggestion. Buy a big box later."

MinDe said before entering the restroom to take a shower.

The old man almost fainted after hearing his Young Master agreeing to his stupid suggestion.

\'This.... Ahhh.. I don\'t want to live in this planet anymore!\'

The old man could only surrender.

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