Chapter 109 - The Engagement Ring

Chapter 109: The Engagement Ring

When FengJiu\'s bodyguards did not see her, they panicked and immediately went back inside the hotel.

Unfortunately, they were not able find her no matter how long they searched.

The hotel was now in total chaos. Aside from those who attended the celebration and those who were staying inside, many people came to see the commotion.

Fortunately, the fire trucks arrived immediately together with the police. After a few minutes, the ambulance also arrived. Those who needed urgent medical assistance were carried separately and brought to the nearest hospital.

When the reporters arrived, they saw that everything was almost finished. They could only interview the people who were present when the explosion happened.

MinFeng and the others finally got out of the hotel. When MinFeng saw one of FengJiu\'s bodyguards, he immediately ran towards him.

"Where is she?"

The bodyguard was startled when MinFeng pulled his arm.


The bodyguard paled. His back was now full of sweat. He was one of the elite men of Lu Security Agency but he was not able to secure their Young Madam\'s safety.

He prayed that P-19 would find her or else, their boss\' would never forgive them.

"Answer me! WHERE IS SHE?!"

MinFeng glared at the bodyguard who was standing stiffly in front of him.

"B-boss.... Young.. Young Madam is missing..."

When MinFeng heard him, he felt the surrounding temperature suddenly decrease.


MinFeng roared.

The bodyguard could only lower his head, not daring to look at MinFeng.

"If something happens to her, all of you will die. Do you understand?!"

The bodyguard nodded and ran to search for FengJiu once again.

MinFeng felt like something was crushing his heart. He could not breathe properly.

\'FengJiu... FengJiu.. where are you?\'

MinFeng also searched for FengJiu. Already encircled the vicinity and checked if FengJiu was also under the care of medics but he still couldn\'t find even her shadow.

\'FengJiu... Where are you??\'

When Chen Hao shook his head, indicating that he also did not find FengJiu, MinFeng felt like punching his face.

MinFeng looked like he wanted to kill someone. He did not even care that the reporters were flocking and flying like birds as they interviewed and recorded videos.

It\'s almost thirty minutes since the first explosion. MinFeng\'s eyes were bloodshot red and his face was full of soot. He looked dirty and disheveled.

Although the reporters wanted to interview him, they did not have the courage to invite him.

One of the reporters noticed the absence of the birthday celebrant, FengJiu in the area.

Once again, the internet was shaken.

[BREAKING NEWS! A bomb exploded inside Luxury Hotel! Huge casualties!]

[Terrorist attack?! Is Beijing not safe anymore?]

[Birthday celebrant, FengJiu of Feng International---MISSING!]

[Accident or Intentional? What happened in Luxury Hotel?]

[News Update! The list of casualties in Luxury Hotel Bombing Incident!]


Xiao Mei was sitting inside one of the ambulances. MinDe was injured. His left arm was dislocated after he tried to save Xiao Mei from a falling debris.

His face was pale but he did not show any sign of pain on his face.

He stared at Xiao Mei who was crying beside him.

The medics already performed first aid. He was already okay but Xiao Mei insisted that him to go to the hospital.

MinDe shook his head.

"It\'s not very serious. Don\'t worry."

Xiao Mei glared at him.

"You\'re not listening to me anymore?! Are you going to the hospital or I will leave you?!"

MinDe sighed and nodded his head.

"Bring me to the hospital",

MinDe said to the doctor.

When the ambulance started, Xiao Mei could only pray for FengJiu and other\'s safety.

\'Ah Jiu.. Bad Gege.. all of you... Please be safe.\'


When MinFeng realized that FengJiu was not in the vicinity nor inside the hotel, he finally understood the true intention of the bombing---FengJiu.

MinFeng gritted his teeth and clenched his fist.


MinFeng knew that it was them who planned for this.

He immediately pulled his phone from his pocket and called the head of Lu Security Agency.

"Do everything that you can to destroy Feng\'s Family Branch. I will give you two hours.

They must crawl towards me and beg for forgiveness.

Make sure they experience a living hell. Release everything!!

Capture Feng Jun and bring him to me."

"Yes Boss."

After he ended the call, Chen Hao ran towards him.

"Boss, we saw a dead body at the left exit.

It was one of our waiters. He was shot in the chest.... and we saw... we saw Young Madam\'s Engagement ring."


MinFeng grabbed Chen Hao\'s arms.

"What are you waiting for?! Bring me there!!"

MinFeng immediately ran to the left exit.

When he arrived, the police were already there.

"Mr. Lu."

The chief of police saluted.

"Chief Cheng."

MinFeng nodded back.

"We found this ring here near the dead body. Can you confirm if this ring is indeed Ms. Feng\'s engagement ring?"

Chief Cheng gave the ring to MinFeng.

When MinFeng saw it, he nodded and confirmed that it was really FengJiu\'s engagement ring.

Chief Cheng sighed.

"We also found a bunch of hair on the crime scene. We believed it was also Miss Feng\'s hair. Mr. Lu, what happened right now was not simply an act of terrorism. Miss Feng might have been kidnapped."

MinFeng closed his eyes.

Indeed. He was right. FengJiu was kidnapped.

For sure, it was Feng\'s Branch Family\'s scheme. They wanted to divert their attention by bombing the hotel in order to capture FengJiu.

MinFeng turned his head to Chen Hao.

"Check FengJiu\'s coordinates."

Chen Hao nodded.

Luckily, Young Madam was wearing a necklace with tracking device.

It would help them find her location.

"Call our lawyers. Tell them to sue Feng Jun, FengRan and the others.

How was MinDe and FengJiu\'s friend?"

"Both of them are at the hospital. Second Young Master dislocated his left arm and Future Second Young Madam is with him."

"Call MinDe later. Tell him if he can\'t find evidence that Feng\'s Branch Family were the ones who planned everything, I will resign as the Chairman and let him succeed the company and be the family head."

MinFeng knew that MinDe also did not want to succeed the company like him. He could only pressure his younger brother to help him.

Unfortunately, MinFeng was the eldest so he could only grudgingly accept his fate.

"Ah.. that\'s right. Make sure that FengJiu\'s friend is present when you inform him.

Tell him that if he want Xiao Mei to be grateful towards him and love him more, he must also help me find FengJiu or else I will tell Xiao Mei all the shameful things he did when we were young."

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