Chapter 110 - Fucked By Different Men

Chapter 110: Fucked By Different Men


Old Man Lu stood up and slapped the table.

He just got home from FengJiu\'s birthday celebration. He immediately called his lawyers because he wanted to write his will.

Unfortunately, when they were in the middle of discussing it, his assistant hurriedly opened the door and informed him about the bombing incident at Luxury Hotel.

Luxury Hotel is one of Lu Corporation\'s subsidiary business under his grandson, Lu MinFeng\'s name.

He could not believe that their security were not able to apprehend any suspicious things and people inside the venue.

One thing could only explain the situation---an inside job.

Thinking about his grandsons\' and granddaughters in law\'s situation at the hotel, old man Lu staggered and fell back on the chair.

Old Man Lu tasted the fresh blood inside his mouth. He could not help but vomit blood due to anger and anxiety.

"Old Chairman!!!"

His assistant and lawyers panicked when they saw the blood flowing from his mouth.

The assistant immediately ran to call his private doctor while the others helped him lay down on the bed.

Old Man Lu wanted to go back to the hotel and search for his grandsons and granddaughters in law but he could not move his body.

The assistant came together with the doctor.

After the doctor checked his health, he advised that he must properly recuperate and avoid stressing out.

The lawyers left since the making of his Will was postponed.

When the assistant was the only one left, Old Man Lu ordered him to mobilize his personal trained team to gather data.

A few minutes later, Old Man Lu learned everything.

From the betrayal of that waiter, his death, the explosion, MinDe\'s situation and FengJiu\'s disappearance.

"Who?! Who was it?!"

Old Man Lu wanted to kill those people who schemed against his family.

He was angry not because they destroyed Luxury Hotel but because they harmed his family. Those hooligans even captured one of his precious granddaughter in laws and his great grandchild!

This was war!

Whoever tried to scheme against them would die an ugly death.

"Tell me, who was it? Did you already ask MinFeng?"

The assistant nodded.

"Eldest Young Master was still unable to find evidence but he was sure that it was Feng\'s Branch Family\'s scheme."

Old Man Lu laughed mockingly.

Those old bastards wanted to harm his granddaughter in law because of their personal interest?!

\'Hao! I am not Lu Xiao Long if I just let them go without beating them first!\'

"Call the President. Tell him I that I need his help."

DongYu, Old Man Lu\'s assistant gulped. No one knew that the reason why the President of China was able to achieve his position was because of the help of Lu Family.

\'Old Chairman only asks for the President\'s help if he wants to thoroughly destroy someone. Seems like the fate of those bastards from Feng\'s Branch Family is worse than dogs.

It\'s too late for them to ask for forgiveness and realize their mistakes.

Ayeee.. too bad that they touched Old Chairman\'s reverse scale.\'

The assistant nodded and saluted before he left the room.


"Tada~ surprise!! Do you like it?"

YanRong asked FengJiu as she pushed her forward.

"Looks familiar, right?"

FengJiu stared at the two storied house that was erected near the cliff.

She could smell the saltiness in the air which meant that the house was built near the ocean.

It took her few minutes to recall the drawing she drew when she was young.


"Did you know? I built this."

YanRong smiled as they walked forward. When they reached the door, the leader kicked FengJiu\'s shin, making her kneel in front of YanRong who sat on the stairs.


YanRong crazily stood up and turned, spinning herself while stretching her arms side-wards.

"I built this!! I built this!! Mine and Feng ge\'s love nest!! Hahahah!"

FengJiu narrowed her eyes and stared at YanRong.

\'It seems like she became crazy after what happened at the ball.\'

After YanRong stopped, she went forward and slapped FengJiu who was still kneeling on the ground.


YanRong repeatedly slapped FengJiu until her lips bled.

YanRong punched and kicked her body until she fell on the ground.

FengJiu immediately protected her abdomen and curled into fetal position to avoid being hit on her stomach.

YanRong was laughing while kicking and punching her.

She looked like a crazy shrew on the loose. The men she hired were just looking at the both of them while they restrained FengJiu\'s movement to prevent her from retaliating YanRong assault.

FengJiu felt like her body was rammed by a bulldozer but she never cried nor shouted in pain.

She only gritted her teeth as she continued to protect her abdomen.

\'Little Bump, please hold on. Mommy will not let them hurt you. Mommy will protect you so hold on, okay??\'

YanRong finally stopped beating FengJiu. FengJiu laid on the ground. Her mouth was bleeding and her body was beaten black and blue.

Her gown was now very dirty and her hair was messy.

She looked worse than a beggar.

"Bring her inside!"

YanRong entered the house and opened one of the rooms inside.

The man who carried FengJiu threw her on the bed.

FengJiu instinctively guarded her abdomen and curled backwards.

"YanRong!! What do you want?! Enough with your craziness!! No matter what you do, MinFeng won\'t love you!! You are just hurting yourself!! Stop now before it\'s too late!!"

YanRong laughed when she heard FengJiu\'s words.

"Stop? No, dear... I won\'t until I destroy you...

See? This is my next gift for you-- a free fuck service!! Hahahah do you like it??

I can\'t wait to see you being fucked by different men!! Let\'s see if Feng ge would still love you after you are disgraced by them.

Ahhh... I wanna see your expression while you are being toyed and tortured!"

YanRong laughed and clapped her hands.

"Hold her and strip her naked!"

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