Chapter 60 - Who Paid Him to Slander Me?

Chapter 60: Who Paid Him to Slander Me?

Xiao Mei was currently hiding inside her room.

It\'s been a whole day since the time she ran away from MinDe.

She did not even bother answering YanFei and FengJiu\'s calls and text messages.

After her cold shower for almost an hour yesterday, she suddenly felt like her body was submerged in a frozen lake.

When she woke up, she found that she had a fever. She was shivering all over. She tried to stand up but she could not. Fortunately, the medicine box was right in the side cabinet near her bed.

She downed a couple of tablets and went back to sleep after.

Her rest was disturbed when someone rang her doorbell.

She wanted to ignore it but the person who was pressing the button was very persistent as if their life was on the line.

It had been ten minutes but the doorbell did not stop ringing.

Xiao Mei could only grunt and got up slowly out of the bed while dragging her sore body towards the door.

"Who is it?"

Xiao Mei shouted but her voice was so hoarse that it could not be heard outside. She sounded like an old grandma with a lot of phlegm inside her lungs.

She coughed a couple of times to clear her voice and once again asked.

"Who is it?"

This time, she successfully said it louder.

The doorbell stopped ringing.

She slowly walked towards the door while tracing her hands on the wall to support herself for walking.

She weakly opened the door and found a huge box standing at the front of her doorstep.

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When MinFeng arrived at FengJiu\'s hospital room, the first thing he noticed was the red roses that were arranged neatly inside the flower vase.

FengJiu noticed him and immediately went forward to meet him.

"You\'re back?"

She kissed his cheeks and smiled sweetly.

"Enn.. How are you today?"

MinFeng murmured while burying his face on FengJiu\'s neck.

He tightened his embrace and started to wanderhis hands around her body.

FengJiu gasped.

She could feel her body heating up.

"MinFeng.. Ahh."

FengJiu could not help but moan when MinFeng slowly stroked her butt.

He kissed her neck before letting her go. He released her from his embrace and carried her towards the sofa while towing her IV fluids.

He cuddled her on his lap and stroked her hair to calm himself. The doctor already said that he should not tire FengJiu out in two months so he could only taste her bit by bit without eating her completely.

He could only force down his desire and bottle it up inside himself.

When MinFeng stroked her hair as if saying that they should stop and be contented in cuddling, FengJiu could not help but feel annoyed.

Due to her pregnancy, her sexual urges increased. She always wanted to have sex with MinFeng but he rejected her every time.

So she could only grit her teeth while drinking lots of cold water to decrease her temperature.

But she had enough. She must have sex with him right now.

It\'s now or never.

FengJiu stubbornly refused to back down. She started to kiss his neck while her hands were touching his chest.

"FengJiu... Stop."

MinFeng gulped. He wanted to stop her because he might hurt her if he could not control himself anymore.

But FengJiu did not listen.

She slowly unbuttoned his shirt. When she saw his masculine chest FengJiu leaned forward and kissed it while licking his nipples.

MinFeng groaned. He clenched his teeth as if he was in great pain. His hands were clutching FengJiu\'s waist.

"FengJiu... You better stop or you will be screaming few seconds later."

He dangerously said while trying to control himself from going crazy. All that was on his mind right now was to push FengJiu on the sofa and bury himself inside her completely.

FengJiu did not stop from sucking his nipples. Instead, her hands were tugging his pants as if she wanted him to unbuckle his belt.

"FengJiu... I said----"

MinFeng was not able to finish his words when he felt that FengJiu was grinding her butt on his lap. He could feel his sleeping dragon rising up.

MinFeng could not help but growl and possessively grab her head and kiss her passionately.

His hands started to wander inside her hospital dress and when his hand found the place he was searching for, he immediately stroked it up and down.

FengJiu whined as if begging for more.

They were so engrossed with each other that they did not notice someone was knocking on the door.




"Young Master. Young Madam. We already found the one who sent------"

Chen Hao was not able to finish his sentence due to shock.

He did not expect that he would see this kind of thing in his entire life.

The worst part was his virgin eyes were tainted not because of those cheap porn movies but because of his Young Master\'s intimate interactions with Young Madam.

He could not help but blush and look at the ceiling as he coughed to announce his presence.

\'Young Madam. Young Master. Can you please lock the door when you want to play horseback riding...?\' *sobs*

Chen Hao could only curse his luck.

The two people who were clinging to each other while sitting on the sofa immediately stopped kissing.

When they stared daggers at him, Chen Hao could only pretend that he saw nothing.

He immediately walked forward and saluted.

"Young Master. Young Madam."

When FengJiu saw Chen Hao, she immediately buried her face on MinFeng\'s bare chest. She felt shy and humiliated. If she could only dig a hole and bury herself, she would\'ve done that.

MinFeng chuckled when he noticed FengJiu\'s behavior. Luckily, she was still wearing her hospital dress or else he would\'ve gouged Chen Hao\'s eyes.

"Enn.. What\'s the matter? Speak."

He said while arranging his and FengJiu\'s crumpled clothes. He patted FengJiu back as if comforting her.

"Young Master, we already found the location of that person who sent those pictures to Young Madam."

MinFeng\'s face darkened while FengJiu\'s body stiffened.

"Enn.. Proceed. No need to ask me. Just deal with it swiftly."

"Yes. This subordinate understands."

Chen Hao immediately left the room.

MinFeng\'s eyes narrowed.

"Who paid to slander me in front of you? Whoever that is must pay a heavy price."

He whispered but FengJiu heard his every word.

She calmed herself and looked up. She stared at MinFeng lovingly while holding his hand.

"I trust you. We will definitely find that culprit."

MinFeng smiled.

He did not need anything. FengJiu\'s love and trust were enough for him.

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