Chapter 9 - Which One?

Chapter 9: Which One?

Feng Jiu blushed hard. She suddenly realized that coming here was a big mistake in her part. She did not know how to respond and could only stare blankly at the saleslady.

The saleslady felt like the lady customer was not well versed in this area and could only rely on those who were expert in this kind of thing. She immediately thought of gaining a huge profit from this transaction. Striking the iron while it was still hot [1], the saleslady immediately grabbed a bunch of condoms. Each and every one of it has different flavors, designs and brands.

"Ma\'am, if you don\'t know which brand is the most suitable for you, trying different types might help you decide." Feng Jiu was still silent as if her brain already crashed and currently under repair, making her dumb and slow. Assuming Feng Jiu\'s silence as her \'go\' signal, the saleslady went on and on, explaining the benefits of each varieties, pouring all her wisdom and trying to enlighten the silent customer. Feng Jiu was not speaking because she was thinking thoroughly whether to buy condoms or not.

\'Should I or should I not?\' She was starting to regret coming here. She looked around her and saw that there were some people passing through the aisle, making her nervous.

\'What if someone recognizes me? Worst, what if it\'s one of my employees?! Wouldn\'t my prestigious image be destroyed without a trial?!\'

She anxiously stepped back and was preparing to go far, far away from this section when she heard the saleslady mentioned \'100% foolproof\' and \'avoiding pregnancy\'.

Feng Jiu immediately stopped stepping backwards and looked at the condoms on her hand, trying to analyze how long would these condoms last. \'Three days? One week?\'

Remembering how lustful MinFeng was, she suddenly felt like the condoms in her hands wouldn\'t last that long. \'No. I should buy a lot to prevent any unwanted pregnancy. It\'s better to be safe than sorry.\'

"Give me a couple of boxes more." Feng Jiu decided to bite the bullet [2] and prepare for the worst.

"Ah?" The saleslady went speechless, she looked at the condoms on Feng Jiu\'s hands that were not less than thirty.

"Yes! Yes! Here you go ma\'am!" Eyes forming into a dollar sign, the saleslady immediately grabbed a dozen more boxes and gave it to Feng Jiu, but since her hands were already full, the smart saleslady grabbed a big basket and placed all of it inside. The saleslady ushered her towards the counter with care and left with a wide smile on her lips. Thinking about her recent sale, the saleslady felt like she was walking in the air.

The line was not long so it just took Feng Jiu a couple of minutes before she reached the counter. When it was her turn, she placed all the boxes on the counter and pulled her wallet inside her bag to pay.

Seeing the enormous quantity of condoms forming a small mountain, the male cashier went into daze. He looked at Feng Jiu and then at the boxes of condoms. He discreetly eyed Feng Jiu\'s appearance, as if trying to confirm that the lady who dressed like Miss Minchin[3] was the one buying the mountain of condoms.

Feng Jiu felt awkward inside due to the cashier\'s intense stare. She raised her eyebrow as if telling him, \'what?! Haven\'t seen someone buying condoms??\'

Ashamed, the cashier lowered his eyes and started scanning the condoms as if he did not notice her irritated look. He couldn\'t help but say on his mind, \'Ayee.. Who would have thought.. You really can\'t judge the book by it\'s cover [4] Who would have thought...\'

Looking at the sluggish movement of the cashier, Feng Jiu was starting to get impatient. She wanted to leave already. She felt tired all of a sudden. Just few moments ago, everything was still under her control but ever since she met that shameless bastard, her control over her life suddenly slipped out of her hand.

She couldn\'t even concentrate on her work. She did shameful things she thought she would never do, and she started to act like a mentally impaired bird.

Occupied by her thoughts, Feng Jiu felt as if she was currently experiencing heavenly trial. After paying the bill, she just walked and walked and walked without paying attention to where she was going. She was already sitting inside the car when all of her senses and mental awareness came back. Staring at the eco-bag full of condoms, a thought passed on her mind.

\'Shouldn\'t avoiding sex a much better prevention?\' Feng Jiu wanted to drown herself from her tears. She grabs her hair and starting to pull all of it.

\'Why didn\'t I think of that before?? Urgh.. You idiot Feng Jiu!!\' Feng Jiu blamed herself for being slow. She had been experiencing a bunch of \'brainless moments\' since yesterday.

She was starting to use her emotions instead of her brain, leading to worthless decisions and shameful actions. She felt that MinFeng might be her nemesis or her personal jinx. \'Being brain dead is better than being brainless. Urgh.\'


She arrived at home and found out that MinFeng was not inside. \'Where did he go?\'

She grabbed the eco-bag and went to her room. When she arrived, she immediately closed the door and poured all the condoms on her bed. Looking at the boxes full of condoms, Feng Jiu sighed and decided to store it on one of her cabinets. It would be a waste to throw everything. Earning money was not as easy as finding stones on the ground.

Since she couldn\'t donate the condoms in charity or something, she would just store it away so nobody could see it. She already decided that she should have a \'peace talk\' with MinFeng later.

Few more minutes later, MinFeng arrived after Feng Jiu was done preparing their dinner. "I\'m home." MinFeng went to the kitchen and saw Feng Jiu preparing the table. While staring at her, an unexplainable feeling suddenly swelled inside his heart. He wanted to continue being like this forever, the feeling of having someone waiting for you to return home.

"Oh? You\'re back?"

"Mmm.." MinFeng entered the kitchen and sat on the chair. His eyes were sparkling brightly as if he was very happy.

Feng Jiu could feel his happiness, making her smile and feel at ease. They started eating the food while talking a bunch of nonsense things like an old couple. After they were done, they went to the living room and watched a movie. They were not cuddling each other but the fluffiness was in the air.

Although Feng Jiu did not want to disturb this wonderful and peaceful moments with MinFeng, she really didn\'t have a choice but to speak up before all of her courage fades away.

Sitting beside him, she turned her head away from the television and stared at him.





He turned his head and stared back at her.

"Can we sort things out?"

MinFeng was puzzled. His eyes were glued to Feng Jiu\'s face, waiting for her to continue. "Sort out what? The movie?"

Feng Jiu inwardly sighed. \'Again with his stupid reply.\'

"MinFeng, I am serious!"

"So am I."

\'Good Lord. My IQ is starting to drop once again.\' Feng Jiu took a deep breath before opening her mouth.

"MinFeng. I think we should not cross each other\'s bed and just stay as platonic as possible. It will save us from trouble like unwanted pregnancy and shotgun wedding. You see, we are both strangers with each other and we basically don\'t have any connection except the fact that we shared the same bed before. You are only temporarily staying with me because you do not have anywhere to go." Feng Jiu inwardly crossed her hands and prayed that this shameless man wouldn\'t make it hard for her.

After hearing Feng Jiu\'s words, MinFeng froze. His eyes dimmed, making him look extremely dejected. He suddenly grabbed her and hugged her tight. Feng Jiu placed her hands between their chests, trying to push him away.

"Do you hate this?" His voice sounded sad as if he was deeply hurt.

Feng Jiu stopped struggling. \'Do I? ... No, I don\'t.\'

She was not really good at socializing and she basically didn\'t have any experience in cuddling and flirting, but she didn\'t feel nauseous being like this with MinFeng. Like it was a normal thing for her to be this close to him. After thinking thoroughly, she looked at him and shook her head.

He grabbed her face and kissed her lips tenderly. "Do you hate this?"

Again, Feng Jiu inwardly asked herself if she hated being intimate like this with MinFeng. A few seconds later, she bit her lower lip and shook her head.

MinFeng exhaled in relief and smiled widely.

Feng Jiu couldn\'t help but stare at MinFeng. His smile captivated her, making her unable to tear her eyes away from him. She kept on looking at him, not knowing that she looked adorably foolish in MinFeng\'s eyes. MinFeng was not able to hold back and started to move like a ninja, swift and precise.

He leaned forward and grabbed her T-shirt, pulling it upward and giving her tiny kisses all over her body. Feng Jiu felt like she was burning. His hot breath was making her go crazy, torturing her in a pleasurable way. She clutched his head and tried to push it away.

"Ah?! ….MinFeng, No... Ahh.. Enn.." She did not know how long they have been kissing and caressing each other. She suddenly realized that she was not wearing anything anymore.

MinFeng suddenly stopped, making her feel hollow inside. He stared at her eyes and said, "Tell me Feng Jiu. Tell me you want me too."

Feng Jiu was conflicted. She didn\'t have any experience and he was the only man in her life. Everything seemed so fast and unreal, making her fear that one day, she could no longer break away from him. She was afraid because she was starting to feel comfortable with him. His presence was starting to have a huge impact in her life. She didn\'t know if her decision was right or wrong, but she didn\'t want it to stop. What she felt right now, she didn\'t want this \'heart throbbing\' moment to end.

Seeing Feng Jiu not replying to his words, he grabbed her waist and turned her body, placing her on top of him. He slowly leaned forward and murmured, "Feng Jiu.. Do you want me inside you?"

Feng Jiu blushed and glared at him. His words were very dirty and perverted but she couldn\'t rebuke him because she was feeling incomplete without him inside her. She braced herself as she accepted the fact that she could no longer be able to turn back and stay away from him. She felt like she was poisoned by him, and she was addicted by his poison.

"En... T-take me." Feng Jiu\'s voice was very soft with a tinge of shyness.

MinFeng smiled wickedly, making him look like a bad uncle who was tempting a little kid to follow him. He raised his hand and touched her cheeks as he stared at her passionately.

"You have to work hard for it."

"I-I don\'t know how."

Feng Jiu shyly replied. She lowered her head as if she was embarrassed to say that she had no experience in pleasuring others.

MinFeng kissed her lips, he liked the fact that his little kitten was so pure and innocent.

"Don\'t worry. I will guide you." He grabbed her and lowered her body onto him, helping her adjust to his size. When Feng Jiu felt his hot rod entered her, she clutched MinFeng\'s arms while trying to suppress the moan wanting to escape from her mouth.

MinFeng grabbed Feng Jiu\'s waist, guiding her body from bouncing up and down. His little kitten was purring as she tried her best to learn from his guidance. MinFeng pulled her closer and then whispered, "I will make you cum a hundred times."

Feng Jiu whimpered. They just started but she was already feeling tired. How could she survive after being eaten a hundred times?

MinFeng was still holding his grudge about the \'stabbing a hundred times\' part. He wanted to tame his little kitten and make her crawl the next day so she wouldn\'t have any energy to curse him afterwards. He must also find a way to tie her on his side so that she could no longer run away from him. The only thing he could do is to diligently sprinkle his seeds inside her cave, hoping that it would sprout soon and produce a tiny life.

Few hours later, after the hot and wet workout on the sofa, MinFeng asked Feng Jiu.

"Which one? Which one do you like?"

"Enn?" She looked at him quizzically, unable to understand what he was saying.

"Which one do you like? A boy or girl?"

It took a while for Feng Jiu to digest his words. After a few seconds, her eyes suddenly popped.




[1] Grabs the opportunity

[2] Decide to do something difficult or unpleasant that one has been putting off or hesitating over.

[3] A character in a cartoon series called "Princess Sarah". She was usually dressed in a conservative way and her hair was tied in a bun. She is a very strict person.

[4] You shouldn\'t prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone


[5] It is not safe to speak and even the best kept of secrets will become known sooner or later.


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