Chapter 61 - I'm The Only One For Him

Chapter 61: I\'m The Only One For Him

When YanFei left the hospital after visiting FengJiu, he did not return immediately to the hospital he was working at.

He drove his car towards a small alley and parked inconspicuously in the narrow corner.

He went out and waited for a few minutes before someone appeared beside him.

"The matter I was talking about, have you done it?"

YanFei\'s face that was full of warm and friendliness few minutes ago turned cold and angry.

"Give me a little bit of time. She\'s very cunning. One mistake and she will know that you are tailing her every move."

YanFei\'s face darkened.

"I do not have time. If I don\'t move right now, everything will be wasted.

I will not repeat the same mistake again. This time, make sure to gather every little detail.

What she does, the people she meets, the places she always goes, her bank accounts and every transactions she makes... You must gather everything in details."

"Just give me two days. I will give you the result. I\'m just curious, why are you investigating her? Isn\'t she your---"

"Enough! I pay you not to ask questions but to follow and observe her!"

The man went silent and nodded.

"Okay. Then I will go now. I will come back here two days from now. You must prepare for your payment."

YanFei did not answer. He just opened the door and went inside the car. He immediately accelerated his speed after going back to the highway.


When Xiao saw a huge box standing at the front of her doorstep, her brows wrinkled. She slowly walked towards it apprehensively.

\'Who left it here?\'

Xiao Mei looked left and right to see if the person who pushed her doorbell was still in this area.

But she saw no one.

Her eyes drifted towards the ruffles and ribbons on the box. She could see strawberry patterns all over it.

When she trotted forward, her vision went blurry but she forced herself to move towards the box and reach for it.

She pulled the ribbon to open it but she suddenly felt losing her strength. She swayed back and forth.

Her consciousness started to fade away and she could feel her body burning up.

But before she fell on the floor, two sturdy arms caught her body.

A familiar scent assaulted her nostril.


She managed to whisper before losing consciousness.

She did not know how long she fell unconscious. She just found herself lying on the bed groggily.

Xiao Mei felt like she was in an endless dream.

She felt something cold onher head.

She shivered when the cold cloth touched her skin.

She felt like someone was wiping her body from head to toe.

That person slowly undressed her.

Unhooked her bra.

Pulled her panty.

She could not help but moan when the cold cloth went towards her inverted triangle.

She felt someone raise her legs and wipe it thoroughly.

Xiao Mei could feel her body temperature decrease a lot.

She sighed in comfort and fell asleep.


MinDe was sitting on the bed looking at Xiao Mei who was sleeping under the blanket.

He already wiped her body with wet cloth and her fever already decreased by half.

MinDe was soaked with sweat. He was sweating since he was inside that box.

He internally cursed his assistant for suggesting that he should wrapped and deliver himself to Xiao Mei\'s door.

He could not even go out unless someone untied the ribbon. Luckily, Xiao Mei was able to untie the ribbon before she fainted.

When Xiao Mei lost conscious , he immediately grabbed her to prevent her from falling.

MinDe undressed himself because his shirt was already wet from his sweat. He folded his clothes neatly together with Xiao Mei\'s clothes.

He was only wearing his boxers when he noticed Xiao Mei was shivering from cold.

He immediately wrapped her with another blanket. She was already bundled with thick blankets but Xiao Mei was still shivering.

When MinDe saw that she was still shivering from cold, he immediately went inside those thick blankets and hugged her naked body. He continued to rub her skin until she slowly feel comfortable from his body heat.

MinDe could not help but react when he was rubbing Xiao Mei\'s body with his bare hands.

He growled as his pupils narrowed. A ferocious glint could be seen in his eyes.

He inhaled her scent and bit her neck as if he wanted to mark what\'s his.

When he heard Xiao Mei\'s whimper because of pain, he stilled and released her.

MinDe forced down his desire to monopolize Xiao Mei.

He stroked her hair as he continued to stare at the sleeping beauty beside him.


YanRong was currently overseeing the construction of every projects regarding Architectural Designs and Buildings.

As the Head of the said department, MinFeng gave her the authority to lead in making the latest project of the company.

And that is the house that MinFeng wanted to build for FengJiu.

But YanRong did not know about that matter. She thought that MinFeng wanted a new place to live.

A new place for them to live when they get married.

YanRong felt like she was floating in the air when MinFeng gave her the authority to dictate everything. She knew, MinFeng loved her so he wanted her to personally prepare everything.

But when she learned the existence of that Feng-Bitch, she felt like her heart was stabbed a million times.

\'Feng Ge.. Why? Why that bitch?! I\'m the one you love since we were young. It is I! I am the only one for you!! I\'m the one who loves you the most!! That bitch does not deserve your love!!\'

YanRong gnashed her teeth as she sat on her bed while drinking wine.

\'I can\'t wait for that bastard to move. He might back out from our deal. I must personally kill that bitch. If she dies, Feng ge will love me back. Only me.\'

YanRong laughed and stared at the window.

\'FENG.JIU... Do not dream of becoming the Future Eldest Young Madam.. I\'m the one who he will marry. Feng ge is mine. No one else can take him away from me...

I must erase you from the picture so Feng ge will only look at me. No one else but me.\'

YanRong drank all the wine inside her glass in one go. She smiled maliciously while thinking her next move.

\'I must plan everything thoroughly to avoid any mishap.\'

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