Chapter 62 - Visiting Granddaughter in Law

Chapter 62: Visiting Granddaughter in Law

FengJiu was currently packing her things. Today was her last day in the hospital.

MinFeng was currently talking with the Chief Director of DuXing Hospital.

He wanted to bring 5 doctors with them back at his estate to monitor her health and recovery.

She was sitting near the window while holding an apple.

Few minutes later, MinFeng entered the room.

"Are you done?"

"Enn.. "

"Okay.. Let\'s go.."

MinFeng grabbed her things and carried it towards the door.

When they successfully boarded his car, Chen Hao drove it towards MinFeng\'s estate.

The doctors and nurses who were assigned to take care of her were following them behind using another car.

When they arrived, FengJiu could not help but observe the surroundings.

Feng Family might not be an aristocratic family since hundred years ago but they have been standing on the top of the food chain since the time of her grandfather.

They climbed towards being a first class family so they could be considered as one of the wealthiest in China but Lu Family is still way beyond their league.

That was what FengJiu realized.

This place was MinFeng\'s private property. His own property.

Although Feng Mansion was brimming with extravagance and luxury, MinFeng\'s own estate did not lose to it.

If this private property was on par with Feng Mansion, how much more value the Lu Ancestral House had?

FengJiu\'s face crumpled when she saw the butlers and maids lining up to receive them.

She really did not like having many servants inside the house. She preferred to be alone and independent.

She did not like other people serving her. If she could, she wanted to go back to her place.

MinFeng, sensing her dissatisfaction whispered on her ear.

"Don\'t worry. This is just our temporary dwelling place, okay? We\'ll only live here until you recover. I need them to take care of you. I promise, in our new house, we will not have any servant. Just the three of us."

FengJiu nodded but she was still uneasy and stiff.

She subconsciously reverted into her Witch CEO persona. Her countenance froze as her gaze turned sharp.

The servants felt that she was looking at them like a predator looking at its prey.

They involuntary shivered as they felt FengJiu\'s piercing gaze.

MinFeng was busy ordering the doctors and nurses so he was oblivious to what was happening.

When he turned around, he saw FengJiu\'s corporate-like demeanor. As if she was facing her employees.

MinFeng could only sigh and ordered the servants to disperse and go back to work.

He carried FengJiu towards their room, not caring that the servants were shocked silly at what they saw.

Some of them could not even help but exclaim. They had been working in this estate for many years.

They were already accustomed of their Young Master\'s uncaring and aloof personality.

When they were informed that their Young Master\'s wife will live here, they were utterly shocked because they have never seen any woman bytheir Young Master\'s side.

As if the wife they were talking about just appeared out of thin air. They never thought that he would marry someone.

Their Young Master hated women. The only thought he had was to work and gain profit.

When they saw FengJiu, they could not help but think that their marriage was just for profit and nothing else.

Based on FengJiu\'s reaction a while ago, they could tell that she was the same as their Young Master, cold and aloof.

They already concluded that the couple was just trying to be as civil as possible. They could even feel the dissatisfaction FengJiu had towards them as if she did not like staying at the estate.

But the servants did not expect that their Young Master would pamper his wife by carrying her towards their room.

They could not help but gape towards the couple who were already far away.


Old Chairman Lu was sipping his favorite tea when his assistant whispered to his ear.

"What?! That bastard already brought FengJiu in his estate?! Tell me the details!! Why was I not informed?!"

The assistant explained everything. From MinFeng\'s scheme, FengJiu\'s disappearance, their secret marriage and then her accident.

Old Chairman Lu slammed his hand on the table.

"Are you all stupid?! Why did you not informed me about this?! Hah?? Are you even doing your work properly??! Should I get all of you fired and look for other employees??"

The assistant shivered and tried to explain.

"Young Master MinFeng hid everything. We were only able to dig this much after investigating him for a month. If he did not allow us, I believe we would never be able to gather those information. It\'s not that this subordinate is incompetent, it\'s just Young Master MinFeng is very secretive."

Old Chairman Lu snorted.

"That bastard wanted to monopolize my granddaughter in law!! How dare he act like that!!

If I could only have granddaughters in exchange of those idiots, I would be willing to barter them!! Those stupid brothers only know how to make money!! They don\'t even know how to make babies!! Aiyaa... Arrange everything!! We\'re going!"

"W-Where are we going, Chairma---"

"Aiyaa!! Are you stupid or are you stupid?? Of course we will visit my granddaughter in law!! That bastard MinFeng wanted to hide her from me! Ha! How dare him!! Immediately prepare everything!! I want to see my granddaughter in law!! I\'m gonna ask her to have kids with MinFeng already.. If she could give birth to a son, I will give the company to him. Screw those idiots!! They don\'t even visit me here!! I will go there and ask my granddaughter in law to stay here instead than in that bastard\'s place."

The assistant could only sigh.

He really could not understand why his master was so shameless. Thank God that both their Young Masters were not like him.

When the assistant saw Old Chairman Lu busying himself with preparing gifts for his granddaughter in law, he could only shake his head.

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