Chapter 11 - She's Pregnant?

Chapter 11: She\'s Pregnant?

Like a feral wolf that had found its mate, he wanted to devour Feng Jiu and eat her dry. If this was love or lust, he was still uncertain. But there was one thing he was sure of, he didn\'t want this stupid woman to be with someone else, to sleep with someone else\'s shoulder. He wanted to possess her--- to possess her completely.

When he was with her, he could be himself. In front of his little kitten, he was not the Eldest Young Master of Lu Family, he was just MinFeng--- MinFeng the shameless pervert.

If he could use all of his power and money, forcing her to submit herself, he would have done that already. With the power of his identity as the Eldest Young Master of Lu Corporation, he can find ways to oppress her and her company, forcing her into submission but he didn\'t want to use force to tame her.

He was afraid that she would reject him due to his identity. Lu Corporation just entered a new business venture which was Architectural Designs, stealing Feng International\'s food inside their own bowl. Being the successor of her business rival, how could she accept him? She might really stab him a hundred times if she knew who he really was.

He was afraid that he would never see her smile again if she found out that the man she was current living with, was her mortal enemy. He was not a coward but just thinking that he could no longer smell her scent, that he could no longer feel her touch, it really scared him shitless.

Thinking of the rumors surrounding Feng Jiu, MinFeng\'s face darkened. He never wanted to interact with her false persona--The Witch CEO. He wanted her to be herself in front of him and because of that, he made a stupid decision. A stupid decision that he never regretted.

He wasn\'t really lying when he said that he didn\'t have a place to stay. He just cameback in Beijing, all of the houses and mansion didn\'t belong to him but to Lu Family. He was also currently unemployed since he hadn\'t succeeded his grandfather\'s throne yet, so basically, he was not in control of the company until his grandfather pass his authority to him.

MinFeng didn\'t know if he was just assuring himself by trying to find a loophole in his dilemma or if he was trying to find ways to save himself if the cover was blown[1].

He actually did not want to hide everything but as he heard her grandfather saying she will marry some dickhead dude, a huge plan suddenly formulated on his mind…and that was to knock Feng Jiu up--- thoroughly.

He wanted to chain her in his cage, make her look up to him and treat him as her sky... her one and only sky… but, no..

He wanted her to be like her name--- Feng Jiu[2]. He wanted to see her dance and fly beautifully together with him in the sky.

Unfortunately, she was still reluctant to be with him. Although she was not resisting, he could feel that she was a bit hesitant in giving her heart to him. Since he didn\'t want her to run like a startled bunny, he decided to take everything slowly.

He had to carefully worm his way through her life--- without getting caught.

"Mmmm.." MinFeng\'s thoughts were broken when Feng Jiu moved. MinFeng rubs her cheeks. His heart swelled when he thought of how she melted in his embrace a moment ago.

"Are you still sore?"

Feng Jiu opened her eyes and glared at him, inwardly blaming MinFeng for being shameless. "And who\'s fault is that, ah?"

MinFeng laughed and pinched her nose. He pulled her closer, intimately wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I\'m sorry. I was a little rough."

"You, shameless."

"Yes. Yes. I\'m shameless."

"You, stupid oaf."

"Yes. Yes. I\'m a stupid oaf."


\'Speaking with this retard really lowers my IQ.\' Feng Jiu subconsciously puffed her cheeks, making her look adorable and cute.

MinFeng once again laughed and hugged her tight. \'I won\'t let anyone take this happiness away from me.\'


"Miss Feng, how long have you been engaging in sexual intercourse? How frequent do you and your partner have intercourse in a day? When was the last time you had your period?"

The doctor asked Feng Jiu.

Thinking how vigorous MinFeng is, Feng Jiu inwardly cried.

\'Do I really have to answer these shameless questions?!\'

"Miss Feng. Please answer! How many sessions a day? Speak!!"

\'I---I don\'t.. N-No! NOOO!!! Don\'t ask me! DON\'T ASK MEEE!!\'


Feng Jiu shouted.

She suddenly opened her eyes and found out that she was sitting on the chair inside her office. She did not even realize that she fell asleep while working. Seemed like she was really tired last night.

\'What a creepy dream..\' Feng Jiu could feel her heart thumping so fast. She really thought it was real. Luckily, it was just a dream. Her cheeks were burning red due to shame after recalling the scene in her dream. If someone really asked about her sex life, she would definitely dig a hole and bury the person herself.

"Uhm... Madam.. What\'s \'18\'?"

Ming Yue\'s was very curious. She was currently fixing some files inside Feng Jiu\'s office when she heard Feng Jiu shouted-- \'EIGHTEEN!!\' \'Why did Madam scream \'18\'? Perhaps her lucky number?\'

Feng Jiu did not reply to Ming Yue\'s prying question. She suddenly had a very, very, very bad premonition. Her dream was like a dragon visiting the Empress\' dream[3].

\'Maybe... I am pregnant?\'


[1]. The revelation of his secret

[2]. \'Feng\' from Phoenix and \'Jiu\' from dance

[3]. In ancient China, there are premonitions that when a dragon visits a (Empress/Imperial Concubines) woman\'s dream, it means she\'s carrying a child. A child who will become the pillar of the kingdom.


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