Chapter 12 - Deja Vu?

Chapter 12: Deja Vu?

Thinking of that possibility, Feng Jiu was rooted on the chair.

\'What should I do?\' She suddenly felt--- afraid. This seemed too fast--- really, really fast. Feng Jiu didn\'t know what to do. She was currently having mixed emotions---- happiness, sadness, anger and nervousness. For how many years, the only one she would truly call her family was just her Yeye[1]. And now, with the addition of a little angel in her life, she felt very, very happy.

Although she was having difficulty trying to digest what she had experienced in this past few weeks, she was willing to gamble everything. The happiness she felt when MinFeng arrived in her life and being able to be herself in front of him without any pretense, she was willing to gamble and try to accept him.

\'Mine and MinFeng\'s child.\' She could not help but smile when she thought of the possibility that there was a tiny being inside her body. Thinking of this, she subconsciously rubbed her flat tummy while smiling.

But... \'Will MinFeng accept this child?\'

Feng Jiu suddenly felt sad thinking about their complicated situation. She and MinFeng already cooked rice[2] for Pete\'s sake, but she was still uncertain of her status in MinFeng\'s life.


\'Sex buddy?\'


\'His... sugar mommy?\'

Feng Jiu suddenly felt like someone was squeezing her heart. The pain she felt was enough to make her go insane. The joy of being pregnant suddenly vanished in a blink of an eye. She suddenly felt afraid to know her weight in MinFeng\'s heart.

\'What if he denies having this child and insists on abortion?\' Feng Jiu paled. If she was really pregnant, she would never harm the baby. Anger surged inside Feng Jiu\'s heart. Not just for MinFeng but also towards herself. If she did not roll in the sheets with him, she wouldn\'t experience these kinds of stressful stuffs.

\'This is all MinFeng\'s fault!!\'

If she did not allow herself to experience a moment of weakness, everything would have been the same. She and MinFeng wouldn\'t have crossed path, leading to this problem.

\'What am I going to do?? How can I tell this to Yeye? He really might skin me alive.\'

Feng Jiu suddenly felt nervous. She didn\'t know what to say. Should she just lay down all her cards[4] and say---- \'Yeye, can I not marry? I already found a sex buddy! And I am currently preggy! Yehey!!\' ---- like that?!

\'Yeye might really visit King Yama if I toss a bomb at him like this.\'

Feng Jiu inhaled slowly. She\'s trying to process everything and think of different possibilities. A thought suddenly passed on her mind.

\'Am I really pregnant?\' Feng Jiu fell silent. \'Shouldn\'t I confirm it with a test first before jumping into conclusions? I might be counting chicks before it hatches[5].\'

While Feng Jiu was currently immersed in thinking about her dilemma, Ming Yue who was standing at her side, was feeling awesome. This was the first time in her life that she saw her Madam being unable to remain expressionless while thinking. She was very happy thinking she could brag this later to her officemates.

Her eyes bulged when she saw Feng Jiu smiled while caressing her stomach.

\'Madam smiled?! And why is she caressing her stomach? Is she hungry?\' An idea struck on Ming Yue\'s mind.


After the roller coaster ride of emotions, Feng Jiu decided to calm herself. It wouldn\'t solve the problem by simply feeling nervous all the time. It was useless to cry over spilled milk[6].

Minutes later, Ming Yue carried boxes of food towards her. "Madam, you haven\'t eaten anything since morning. I brought a bunch of egg tarts. You should eat first."

Wanting to curry favor and be on the good side of her Witch CEO, Ming Yue bought a lot of egg tarts for Feng Jiu, thinking she might be hungry due to her action previously.

Maybe due to stress and emotional instability she just experienced a while ago, Feng Jiu suddenly felt that she was very hungry. Without knowing, she already finished the entire box of egg tarts.

Wanting to resume working, Feng Jiu decided to push the pregnancy issue at the back or her mind. Now is not the time to think of any private problems. She should not let her mind wander anywhere. Pregnant or not, she must not let her situation hinder her from doing her job.

Deep inside, she was thinking that she would definitely buy a pregnancy test kit after work. Hours later, as everyone was preparing to go home, Feng Jiu felt something was wrong with herself. Her stomach suddenly contracted and she could feel it was aching inside as if something wanted to escape from her mouth.

Not able to stop her stomach from feeling awful, Feng Jiu couldn\'t help but puke. She ran as fast as she could to the sink and puked her guts out.

She suddenly felt dizzy. Thinking that her menstrual cycle had not arrived yet, Feng Jiu wanted to cry but lacked tears to shed. \'I need to buy a pregnancy test kit!! ASAP!\'

Without saying goodbye to Ming Yue or formally dismissing her subordinates, Feng Jiu immediately drove her car to the nearest pharmacy and brought a pregnancy test kit.

Sitting on the toilet seat, she squatted while waiting for the result.

Few minutes later, two vertical lines almost burned Feng Jiu\'s eyes, visually slapping her silly. Due to shock, the PT kit fell off her hand and slowly crashed on the floor.


Feng Jiu found herself crying. If it was due to happiness or sadness, she fuck\'n don\'t know. She just felt like someone bashed her head with a very, very huge rock. Her brain almost got fried all of the sudden due to shock… but again, she didn\'t feel like fainting at all. *sob*

Feng Jiu inwardly shook herself repeatedly, waking herself up from being frozen like an icicle. She immediately composed herself and thought of different possibilities and contradictions.

\'Pregnancy test kit is just 99.99% certain. It\'s not a hundred percent fool proof. I better go to the hospital.\'


"Miss Feng, how long have you been engaging in sexual intercourse? How frequent do you and your partner have intercourse in a day? When was the last time you had your period?" The doctor asked Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu froze. \'Deja Vu?! The fudge!!\'

Feng Jiu wanted to cry but her tear ducts were not cooperating. \'Am I going to answer these shameless questions again?! I just want to know if I\'m pregnant or not, dammit!!!\'

"Miss Feng, you have to answer while waiting for the result. How frequent do you engage in sexual intercourse a day?"

"Ei-eighteen." She mumbled.

"Miss Feng, can you say it louder? I cannot hear you."

"EIGHTEEN!!!!!" Feng Jiu shouted.

The pencil that the doctor was holding broke in half.


The doctor probed, "Eighteen to...."

Feng Jiu wanted to die badly. \'The torture oh!\'

"Eighteen to... Twenty f-five?... or thirty?" Feng Jiu said while blushing like a ripened tomato.

"Do you use contraceptives like condoms, diaphragm or pills?"


"Miss Feng?"

"N-no... All.. a-all of it were performed raw."

After admitting everything, Feng Jiu felt the coarseness of her mouth\'s surface, making her grimace as if the words she said depleted all the moisture inside her mouth. She really wanted to dig a hole and escape from here.

The nurse went in and handed the paper.

"Doc... a-am I pregnant??" Feng Jiu asked nervously. Her palm was sweating hard.

"You are....."


[1]. Grandfather.

[2]. Already had sex

[3]. Tell everything in one go.

[4]. You should not make plans that depend on something good before you know that it has actually happened.

[5]. Do not expect things without any proper result yet.

[6]. Useless to remain upset about a past loss.


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