Chapter 114 - I Beg You, Please Help Me

Chapter 114: I Beg You, Please Help Me

When YanFei saw FengJiu being carried away from him, he suddenly felt the emptiness inside his heart.

Deep inside, he wanted to stay by her side even though he knew that he did not have any right to be with her.

YanFei saw MinFeng carried FengJiu inside the car. He also saw MinFeng and his assistant having a tense conversation.

The assistant beckoned one of MinFeng\'s bodyguards to them. After whispering something, the bodyguard immediately nodded and went inside the house.

A few minutes later, the bodyguard came back and whispered to the assistant. The assistant\'s brows wrinkled and turned to MinFeng.

MinFeng waved his hand and the assistant nodded. It seemed like the bodyguard was ordered to drive away the car.

YanFei did not catch up as to what their conversation was all about since MinFeng was very far from him but he could tell that MinFeng had thought of something.

When the car turned around, MinFeng and YanFei\'s eyes connected.

He did not know why but YanFei felt an unexplainable guilt inside of him. He could not continue staring back at MinFeng so he avoided his eyes and turned around to enter the house.

YanFei knew that MinFeng immediately left to bring FengJiu to the hospital. Since the only people they brought were policemen and private bodyguards, nobody could check FengJiu\'s health.

When YanFei was almost at the door, someone called out his name.

"Doctor Yan! Please wait."

YanFei turned and saw MinFeng\'s assistant running towards him.

The assistant extended his hand and introduced himself.

"I\'m Chen Hao, Mr. Lu MinFeng\'s Assistant."

YanFei grabbed Chen Hao\'s hand and shook it slowly.

"I\'m YanFei. Mr. Chen, is there something wrong?"

Chen Hao pulled back his hand and shook his head.

"Nothing. My Boss would like to express his gratitude for saving Young Madam.

If not for Doctor Yan, our Young Madam might have experienced something more horrible than what she experienced right now.

It\'s just that, we would like to ask how Doctor Yan found Young Madam\'s location?"

YanFei expression did not change.

"I was just lucky. When I was almost at the hotel to attend the party at the last minute, I saw someone similar to FengJiu inside a car.

I lost track of her a couple of times until I arrived here and heard someone screaming.

If you don\'t have any other questions, I\'ll bid my goodbye."

YanFei did not give Chen Hao the time to ask him some more questions. He immediately walked away and drove his car.

YanFei could feel the intense gaze on his back but he did not turn his head.


YanRong was sitting inside an empty apartment while listening to the flash report on the television.

[Terrorist attack at LuXury Hotel.]

[Heiress of Feng International---STILL MISSING]

[Celebration turned into Disaster! Latest Report!]

"HAHAHAHAH!! Too bad! The bitch that you are searching for is still receiving customers! Aiyaaa~ Cheers!!"

YanRong laughed loudly and raised her glass to drink it in one shot.

It had been a while since she felt this happy. After that Feng-bitch appeared in her life, she stole everything that was hers.

She would never forgive that bitch for stealing her Feng Ge.

\'I can imagine her screaming while being tortured to death.

HAHAHAHAH!! FengJiu ahh.. FengJiu... Serves you right! Let\'s see if you can still raise your head and look at Feng ge\'s eyes after being disgraced.

If you want to curse someone, curse yourself for being a delusional! How dare you delude yourself that Feng ge loves you?

Hah.. Feng ge only sees you as his plaything. Sooner or later, he will come back into my arms especially now---"




YanRong was disturbed by the continuous knocking on her door.

She grimaced while walking towards the door.

"Who is it?"

YanRong peeped and saw YanFei standing outside. She immediately opened the door and smiled at him.

"Fei ge! You\'re here? Why are----"


YanRong was rendered speechless by YanFei\'s slap. She slowly stepped backwards when YanFei moved towards her.

FengJiu closed the door and glared at her.


YanFei\'s face was full of anger.

When YanRong saw his face, she suddenly felt scared.

\'Does Fei ge know something? No! Impossible! I made sure to take every possible countermeasure to avoid being followed by him!\'

"W-what are you saying, Fei he---"

"It was you, right?! It was you who planted the bomb! It was you who set up the explosion and it was you who kidnapped FengJiu!!"

YanRong paled but she still denied his allegations.

"No!! Why would I do that?! Ge! Are you doubting me?? I\'m your cousin! Why are you always thinking about that bitch----"



When YanRong heard his words, she could not help but flare up.

"Almost?! You----"

YanRong slowly sat on the chair.

Suddenly, she laughed crazily.

"That Bitch is very lucky... Whenever she\'s in danger, Fei ge always saves the day..."


YanFei snapped at YanRong who was staring at him mockingly.

"Enough? Why should I stop? I\'m just telling the truth!! Do you think I\'m blind?!

Ge!! We are the same!! You love that Feng-bitch, right?? Why can\'t you just cooperate with me?! We can separate them and you can get that bitch for all I care!!"

"Shut up! I would never do that!"

YanRong laughed crazily.

"Really? Then tell me, you clearly knew that I wanted to harm FengJiu but why didn\'t you tell her about me?! Why didn\'t you inform MinFeng about my plans?!


YanFei fell silent.

"If you can\'t say it, then I\'ll say it for you. It is because you wanted FengJiu to see you as her knight in shining armor, right? You wanted her to slowly fall for you!!


You wanted to use this opportunity to show her how much you love her, that you are always there for her!!

You are just pretending to be a good big brother but deep inside, you also want to covet her! I right, cousin?"

YanFei\'s face was now as pale as a radish.

He could not believe that YanRong knew his inner demon.

Indeed, there was a part of himself that secretly hoped for the destruction of their relationship.

But he never really wanted to hurt FengJiu. He never wanted her to have a horrible experience like what she experienced a while ago.

He was just... He was just afraid that FengJiu would find out about his relationship with YanRong.

And.. he just wanted a piece of her heart.

YanRong laughed mockingly when she saw YanFei\'s facial expression. She opened her mouth to add salt to his wound when she heard the latest news.


The culprit has been found. She is a previous employee of Lu Corporation, Miss YanRong.

According to the police, the investigation pointed out the involvement of Miss YanRong to the series of explosions at LuXury Hotel.

It was said that it was because of personal grudge. The police was not able to find Miss YanRong inside her house.

The suspect is now being searched all over Beijing. If you saw her, please call the police hotline.]

YanRong\'s picture was shown on the television.

When she saw her own face, YanRong immediately knew she was in deep shit.

Her face paled as she nervously stare at the television. Suddenly, she thought of something.

Without any second thought, she went to her knees and grabbed YanFei\'s hands.

"Ge... Please.. I Beg you, please save me!"



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