Chapter 68 - Stay With Me

Chapter 68: Stay With Me

Xiao Mei was still kneeling on the floor while cuddling MinDe\'s head.

MinDe\'s eyes were still closed while his brows were knitted together.

Xiao Mei felt awful.

What if his little thing would not be able to raise up again?

What if his eggs were shattered completely?

What if he would not have any descendants anymore?

\'I\'m so stupid!!\'

Xiao Mei\'s conscience was killing her.

She touched his cheeks while saying,

"I\'m sorry... I\'m sorry..."

MinDe opened his eyes and stared at her pitifully.

"It hurts.."

His eyes were full of grievance. He groaned as if he was in great pain.

Xiao Mei paled and cupped his face nervously.

"Are you okay? Can you stand? Do you want me to help you??"

She tried to carry him towards the bed.

With great difficulty, Xiao Mei finally reached the bed while half-dragging-half-carrying MinDe.

She slowly placed him on the bed and covered him with a blanket.

She stood up.

She wanted to get some ice to press on MinDe\'s broken little thing. But her hand was grabbed by him.

"Where are you going?"

He asked while staring at her.

"Uhmm.. I\'m going to the kitchen. Cooling it off might help you ease the pain."

MinDe shook his head.

"I don\'t want to.. Do you want to freeze my sperm??"

MinDe pulled her hand and scooted on the other side.

"You can just stay here with me.."

Xiao Mei wanted to refuse. She was afraid that MinDe might take advantage of her again.

Suddenly, MinDe groaned.

Xiao immediately sat on the bed and subconsciously grabbed his arm.

"What happened?! Are you okay?? Are you in pain again?! Should I fetch some medicine for you??"

Xiao Mei\'s guilt was eating her up again.

"No.. No need.. I will just sleep.. But I can\'t sleep without hugging something.."

Xiao Mei immediately grabbed a bunch of pillows and gave it to MinDe.


MinDe groaned once again.

"Hey!! Hey!! Are you okay?!"

Xiao Mei was now panicking to the highest level.

\'Should I carry him to the hospital?? Should he need an operation?!\'

"Let\'s go to the hospital right now!!!"

Xiao immediately stood up to get dressed and send MinDe to the hospital.

But before she could walk away, MinDe pulled her. She fell on his chest.

"W-What are-----"

"No need. Just let me sleep... The pain will go away after I sleep."

MinDe hugged her tightly.

Xiao Mei could only agree to his request. She did not have any choice.

It was also her fault.

If she did not kicked him, he wouldn\'t be in great pain.

(A/N: uhm.. Have you forgotten that you were assaulted by him and what you did was just a self defense?)

Xiao Mei could only hug him back.

She did not notice MinDe\'s lips that was curved upward as he snuggled his head on her cleavage while sniffing her scent.

Inside a luxurious room, two naked bodies hugged each other.


"Xiao Lin!!! Enough with your stupidity!! I know you are still sending money to that ungrateful child!!!"

"Why?! Why can\'t I send her some money?! Xiao Mei is my one and only child!! OUR one and only daughter!! You are very heartless towards your own daughter!!

Since young, Xiao Mei has been filial to us!! But for the sake of business, you are even willing to sacrifice our daughter\'s happiness!!

Xiao Guan!! You can\'t force her to marry someone she doesn\'t love!!"

Xiao Guan grabbed her arms and shook her hard.

"Do not test my patience!! I\'m not doing this for the sake of myself. I\'m doing this for our family!! Why can\'t you understand that?! Xiao Mei will be happy after her marriage!!"

Xiao Guan pointed his finger on Xiao Lin.

"You will cut of her cards right now or else I will divorce you! Do you hear me?! That ungrateful child will come back after she tasted the hardship outside our protection."

Xiao Lin could only cry.

She pitied her daughter but she could not do anything.


Xiao Mei woke up. She found out that MinDe was not beside her anymore.

She stood up and groggy walked towards the bathroom.

When she saw her body was full of kiss marks, small bites and faint bruises, Xiao Mei could only sigh.

She was taken advantage of..

But at least, at the last minute, she was able to defend her small island.

She could not help but cringe after thinking of MinDe\'s \'broken\' little thing.

\'It must\'ve hurt a lot.\'

When Xiao Mei was done showering, the hotel\'s management called her.

They were inquiring if she would extend her stay or not.

She immediately went downstairs towards the receptionist.

But she was greatly devastated when she found out that all of her cards were frozen.

"Wha-What did you say?"

Xiao Mei almost fell on the ground..

"Ma\'am.. I\'m sorry but all of your cards are not working. All of it are frozen. Please proceed to the bank and unfreeze your account."


Xiao could only stare at the floor foolishly.

"Ma\'am.. If you are not going to extend your stay, we would like to inform you that today is the last day of your room reservation. Please vacate tomorrow morning. Thank you."

Xiao Mei did not know how she was able to walk back to her room.

\'Where should I go?? Can I go to Ah Jiu\'s place? How about YanFei gege?\'

Xiao Mei could only sigh.

She did not want to disturb both of them.

She was sitting on the bed when someone knocked the door.

MinDe entered the room.

He stared at her.

"Hey.. Are you okay? You\'re not in pain anymore??"

Xiao Mei managed to ask him while smiling.

MinDe did not answer her.

He went closer and said,

"Stay with me.."

"Huh?? What are you sayin---"

"Live with me. You don\'t have anywhere to go, right? Then stay with me. Live with me. "

Xiao Mei gaped.

\'How did he know?!\'

"How did you know that my accounts were frozen? Are you stalking me?!"

She stared at him suspiciously.


MinDe shamelessly confirmed her suspicion.

Xiao Mei almost choked her saliva after hearing his words.



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