Chapter 121 - End Of His Promise

Chapter 121: End Of His Promise

"You are back?"

FengJiu smiled at MinFeng as he walked towards the bed and sat on it.

She sat up and touched his face.

"What\'s wrong?"

FengJiu slowly traced his eyes with her fingers.

Looking at his haggard but handsome face, FengJiu felt vexed.

It was all her fault. It seemed like her luck was very bad. Every now and then, she would get into different accidents, making MinFeng worry for her.

Thinking of her husband who was always doing his best to protect her, FengJiu felt her heart beat erratically.

To have a man like him who loved her more than he loved himself, FengJiu realized that maybe her luck was already used up after she found him. She must have exhausted all her luck to have someone like him.

When FengJiu realized her own silliness, she could not help but laugh. Her fingers were still stroking his face.

She did not see the fire burning inside MinFeng\'s eyes.

The news he wanted to tell her were drowned in his throat. His eyes shook as he felt the electricity in FengJiu\'s touches.

MinFeng wanted to pounce at FengJiu and posses her but thinking of what she went through, he decided to extinguish the fire inside him.

She needed rest.

Plenty of rest.

MinFeng shook his head and grabbed her hand. He pulled her in his embrace and inhaled her scent. After a few seconds, he was able to calm himself thanks to her smell.




"*laughs* Mmm?"


FengJiu raised her head and stole a kiss from his lips.

"Tell me. I can handle it."

FengJiu knew he wanted to tell her something which was related to YanRong. The call a few minutes ago must be from Chen Hao.

"MinFeng kissed her passionately but when he felt his body was starting to react, he immediately released her lips.

"It\'s about YanRong."

FengJiu nodded.

"Was it Chen Hao who informed you?"

MinFeng nodded his head and started to caress her hair.

"Chen Hao was able to locate YanRong and chased her.

When he almost overtook YanRong\'s car, she committed suicide by driving her car towards the cliff. It exploded and fell into the sea.

Chen Hao was currently trying to salvage the car and her corpse."

FengJiu froze when she heard his words.

\'Suicide? Impossible!! A woman like YanRong will never resort in committing suicide and abandon the person they love. Unless MinFeng died, YanRong will never kill herself.\'

MinFeng knew what she was thinking. YanRong will never kill herself.

It must be her scheme to let them relax and lift their guard against her.

"I know. We will know the truth once we see YanRong\'s corpse. Don\'t worry. I will not let you suffer again. Even if I die, I will definitely save you. Next time, I will move faster that your brother YanFei."

FengJiu smiled when she heard his words full of vinegar.

"Don\'t worry. I will wait for you to save me."

FengJiu hugged MinFeng and snuggled herself in his embrace.

The couple hugged each other while saying sweet nothings.

Even just for a while, they felt blissful while in each other\'s arms.


Old Man Lu was sipping his tea when his assistant informed him about the recent news that came from Chen Hao.


"What did you say?! YanRong was also in cahoots with the Feng Branch Family?!"

Old Man Lu who was reclining on the bed felt like his heart contorted.

"Old Chairman!"

The assistant immediately panicked. Old Chairman Lu just got better from shock. The assistant wanted to slap his own mouth.

Old Chairman already said that no matter how insignificant the information was, he must be informed.

The assistant could only grit his teeth and tell him everything even though he wanted to hide it from Old Chairman Lu.

When the assistant finished his report, he prayed that Old Chairman Lu would not over exert himself and avoid riling up his emotions to avoid a heart attack.

Fortunately, the Old Man was able to control himself. Although he was fuming mad, his heartbeat was steady.

Old Man Lu\'s current countenance was very ugly.

He liked YanRong. YanRong was the granddaughter of his best friend.

His best friend was not from any aristocratic family but he treated his best friend as his closest kin. When he died, he promised upon his coffin that he would take good care of his favorite granddaughter.

YanRong basically grew up like his own granddaughter. He did not have any granddaughter and he treated YanRong as one.

When YanRong was young, she saved MinDe once. It intensified his desire to make her his official granddaughter. He even planned to marry her to MinDe a few years ago before he met Xiao Mei.

Unfortunately, his plan was unsuccessful. He never thought that YanRong refused MinDe because she liked MinFeng.

Old Man Lu felt cheated.

He could not believe that YanRong would be as savage as that. Due to her jealousy, she tried to harm FengJiu and her unborn child.

Thinking about the involvement of YanRong to FengJiu\'s accidents, Old Man Lu felt the burning sensation inside his heart. He raised a demon.

\'Xiao Di[1], I\'m sorry... My promise to you ends here. I could no longer protect your granddaughter.

A woman like YanRong must be captured and placed in the mental hospital.

Xiao Di, I am sorry. I will personally ask forgiveness to you once I see you in heaven.\'

Old Man Lu was still feeling sad of YanRong\'s action when his assistant once again entered his room to inform him about the latest news.

"Old.. Old Chairman Lu... Miss.. Miss YanRong... Miss YanRong is dead!!"


Old Man Lu did not know what to feel anymore.

He was once again shocked to his core.

He just learned that YanRong tried to kill his granddaughter in law and great grandchild, making him flare with anger but now, his assistant informed him that she was already dead, making him sad.

\'What the---! Can you please be lenient with an old man like me?!\'

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[1]. Little Brother (YanRong and YanFei\'s grandfather)


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