Chapter 70 - We are Cousins

Chapter 70: We are Cousins

When MinFeng saw the video, he was rooted on the floor. He was not able to react on time and could only widen his eyes while staring at his own face projected on the screen.

On the other hand, Chen Hao who was operating the laptop wanted to die. But before he was able to react, MinFeng already made his move.

When MinFeng saw FengJiu\'s beautiful face and bare shoulders on the screen, he immediately grabbed the wires connecting to the laptop.

He forcefully pulled all of it.

He was very angry.

His eyes were glaring like a laser beam.

He was gnashing his teeth like a beast.

\'How dare those fuckers stare at my beloved wife!!\'

MinFeng wanted to gauge the eyes of those bastards. He could see that almost all of them were mesmerized by FengJiu\'s face.

He did not like other people staring at his own property. He felt like those dirty eyes staring at her would taint the image of his beautiful wife.

He glared at Chen Hao and pointed his finger.

"Office. Now. Five minutes break."

MinFeng immediately strode outside of the meeting room with a dejected Chen Hao who was following behind him.

After MinFeng and Chen Hao left the room, the employees were staring at YanRong.

They could not help but feel shocked. They thought that the woman who was recording the video was Miss YanRong.

It was not a secret anymore that Miss YanRong was their Future Madam. Almost all of the employees in Lu Corporation knew that Miss YanRong had feelings for their Boss. It was an open secret to all of them.

They even though the her feelings were reciprocated but they were wrong.

When they saw the beautiful woman on the video, they could not help but be mesmerized.

Miss YanRong\'s beauty was like a fresh white lotus---very pure. But when she was compared to that beautiful goddess, Miss YanRong\'s beauty paled in comparison.

The woman in the video was like the sunshine. Fresh, lovely and full of life.

Every laugh she made, the way she giggled, all of it pierced their heart.

It made them want to know more about her.

The employees could not help but look at YanRong with pity in their eyes.

One of the female employees snorted.

"Aiyaa.. Who is that woman?? Isn\'t she beautiful?? No wonder Boss was willing to lay on the bed with her. A woman like her would definitely catch Boss\' heart. Don\'t you think so, Miss Yan?"

Almost all the female employees bore grudges towards YanRong due to jealousy. YanRong was the number one beauty in their company.

All of the males in their company worshiped her like a deity.

\'She already had their Boss, why couldn\'t she spare those male employees? Now that Boss likes someone else, let\'s see if you could still act like the Female Boss.\'

The woman who spoke liked someone from their department but was rejected because of YanRong.

Now that she could taunt YanRong, she would not let this chance go to waste.

When YanRong saw the pity in their eyes, she could not help but want to slap their faces.

She wanted to throw things.

She wanted to scream and scratch that Feng-Bitch\'s face.

She wanted to tear that woman\'s mouth who spoke a while ago.

But she endured.

She has to endure and act like she did not care.

YanRong smiled at the woman.

"It\'s very normal for men to play with things that caught their attention. Indeed... She\'s very beautiful...

It\'s just that... beauty fades... In this world, face is unimportant, what matters is the capability of the person.

Besides... It doesn\'t really matter... As long as he is happy, we should also be happy for Feng ge."

She spoke virtuously as if she was the legitimate wife who bestowed a concubine to her husband willingly.

The woman went silent. All the employees nodded in their heart.

Indeed. What their Boss needs is an outstanding woman who would help him manage the company, not some pretty face that could only be brought inside the bedroom.

The employees did not know that the woman in the video was their rival company\'s CEO.

FengJiu was known as a boring and old-schooled woman who dressed like a ninety years old grandma.

When YanRong said those words, the employees agreed to it.

\'In the end, even if Boss laid on a woman, few years from now, Miss YanRong will still become their Future Madam.\'

The employees realized that the reason why their Boss was angry a while ago was because his \'affair\' was found out by Miss YanRong in front of them.

\'It must be that beautiful woman\'s fault. She schemed in order to break Miss YanRong and their Boss. What a nasty woman.\'

When YanRong saw that the employees were swayed by her, she portrayed a magnanimous expression.

"Since this accident happened, I hope that you will not say this to other people. It wouldn\'t be good for Feng ge\'s image."

The employees nodded.

YanRong smiled but deep inside, she wanted to tear FengJiu apart for stealing Feng ge away from her.

\'I know you are just using Feng ge to climb on a sturdy branch. Feng-Bitch, you better not dream of having Lu Corporation. A bitch like you should just focus on managing your cheap company!\'


YanFei had just finished operating someone. He was now sitting on his office when his phone rang.

"Fei gege."

YanFei was taken aback when he heard YanRong\'s voice.

"Rong\'er. You called? Is there a problem?"

"Nothing. Mother wanted you to visit tonight. You\'ve been to Beijing for weeks but you never visited us.

"I can\'t. I\'m busy. But I promise I will visit when I\'m free."

"Ge~. Can you help me?"

"Help with what?"

"You know what I mean."


YanFei shook his head. It seems like he pampered YanRong too much.

"I really can\'t help you.."

"Humpf!! Fine!! Just stay coward for the rest of your life."



"You must not let your anger consume you... There are things that are impossible to reach."

YanRong went silent for a while.

"Wha-What are you talking----"

"Rong\'er, you are my Tang mei [1]. I do not want to see you hurt. Do you understand?"

YanRong once again fell silent.


"I know! You don\'t have to say it in front of my face!!"

YanFei sighed.

"Listen to my warning. Stop now before it\'s too late."

When YanFei heard YanRong cut off their conversation, he felt complicated.

One was his family while the other one was the woman he loved.

YanFei dialed the number of that man who he met few weeks ago.


"Follow her and report everything to me."

"Are you really sure? She\'s your cousin, right? She would feel hurt if she knew that you are hiring someone to tail her."

"We are cousins. That\'s why I have to prevent her from falling into darkness. It\'s my responsibility to stop her from harming others."



[1]. Little sister (Paternal cousin)


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