Chapter 123 - Shame, Got Reprimanded

Chapter 123: Shame, Got Reprimanded

"Boss. I already received the result."

"Mmm.. speak. Is it YanRong\'s corpse or not?"

" is indeed Miss YanRong."

MinFeng\'s pupils narrowed. He could still not believe that it was really YanRong.

He and FengJiu have been thinking that something was wrong, that it was very impossible that YanRong really died.

Even though Chen Hao already informed him that YanRong was really dead after receiving the DNA result, MinFeng was still unable to feel at ease.

But no matter how suspicious he was, the evidence of YanRong\'s death was already presented in front of him. Her corpse was already found.

MinFeng sighed.

It must be because YanRong had been antagonizing them for so many times that he could not believe that she suddenly died just like that.

"I understand. Send the results here. Also, notify MinDe and Grandpa. Tell them that YanRong has been found."

"Yes. This subordinate understands."

"Mmm... That\'s right. Tell Grandpa that I don\'t need his help. There\'s no need to meddle in my affairs. Just tell him to sit back and watch the show. Now that YanRong is dead, the next target will be the branch family.

After FengJiu is done with recuperating her health, we will immediately return. Before that, do not make a move against them."

"Yes. This subordinate will definitely inform Old Master"

After the call, MinFeng returned his phone inside his pocket. He turned his head and stared at his beautiful wife who was sleeping soundly in his arms.

He raised his hand and stroked her face.

He knew that FengJiu promised her grandfather to forgive her relatives and forget their previous sins.

He, as the husband would also follow his wife\'s decision and forgive them but unfortunately, the last scheme almost killed his wife and child.

He was a man that bore grudges. If someone decided to attack his love ones, he would definitely retaliate and fight back.

Now that the branch family decided to abandon their morality and committed an unforgivable crime, he would not sit and do nothing.

MinFeng knew that FengJiu was also thinking of destroying the branch family after what they did to her on her birthday celebration.

He felt like FengJiu already reached her bottom line and would explode soon.

As the husband, how could he bare to see his wife deal with her own relatives?

He knew deep inside, FengJiu was feeling sad. Even if she turned the world upside down, it would not change the fact that the people from the branch family were FengJiu\'s relatives.

Blood relatives.

The same relatives who decided to plot against her.

Against her child.

Against her family.

They decided to abandon any relationships they had with FengJiu and already shed any pretense about family love and whatnot.

So before they could harm FengJiu and his child, the branch family must cease to exist to avoid future problems.

MinFeng did not want FengJiu\'s hands to be stained by their blood. So he must carefully prepare everything legally before moving in the shadows.

MinFeng\'s thoughts were disturbed when FengJiu stirred.

He slowly patted her back to lull her back to sleep.

FengJiu subconsciously tightened her arms around his waist and snuggled in his embrace.

She took a deep breath before opening her eyes.

She blinked a couple of times before smiling foolishly at MinFeng. She felt so at ease these past few days. She really liked staying like this, away from the capital, away from work and away from those scheming people.

FengJiu raised her head and kissed MinFeng on the lips.


She murmured while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

She looked so adorable that MinFeng wanted to eat her.

Too bad, he was forbidden to taste the delicious delicacy in front of him.

But a little peck would do, right?

So the perverted husband could not help but capture his wife\'s soft lips.

He just wanted to steal a couple of kisses to satisfy his craving. Unfortunately, MinFeng could not control his desire. It had been a couple of days since he last entered the forbidden kingdom. His mighty dragon was already roaring loudly inside his pants.

It wanted to eat the golden fruit inside FengJiu\'s cave.

MinFeng\'s hands were starting to stroke and tease FengJiu\'s body. Their kiss deepened as MinFeng slowly kneaded her breasts.

She moaned as he teased her nipples.

"MinFeng... Mmm-aah~"

MinFeng\'s rationality was almost starting to wane. He bit FengJiu\'s lips as he started to press her below using his body.

Both of them are still wearing clothes but he could feel her body heat.

Unfortunately, they were disturbed by a series of coughs.

When MinFeng turned his head, he saw FengJiu\'s doctor standing near the door.

Because they were engrossed with kissing each other, they did not notice the arrival of the doctor.

FengJiu shyly buried her head inside the blanket while MinFeng slowly sat on the bed.

The perverted couple got caught doing perverted things.

The doctor frowned as he walked towards the bed.

He first checked FengJiu\'s health before looking at Little Bump\'s vital signs.

After the doctor was done checking, he turned his attention to MinFeng.

The doctor was still oblivious to MinFeng\'s status, thus, he reprimanded him fiercely.

"Mister, do you want your wife to recuperate and restore her health? If yes, then you should follow what the doctor told you.

I already said that the patient must not engage in tiring activities that could hinder her recuperation.

I know that both of you are young and you wanted to have time and show your love. Unfortunately, this is not the right time.

As the husband, you must think of your wife first before anything else. I hope this will not happen again. Or I will make sure that the patient will rest... Alone."

The doctor earnestly reprimanded MinFeng although his words were fierce without giving MinFeng face, his words were for the sake of FengJiu. He was already old and he new that MinFeng could not control his self because he was still young. He could only fiercely reprimand him to make him realize his faults.

Aside from his grandfather, this is the first time that MinFeng was reprimanded like that.

He felt weird. He could only nod his head. Besides, what the doctor said was true.

After the doctor left, MinFeng saw FengJiu laughing at him.

He glared at her and playfully bit her fingers.

"Husband~ you are sooo cute!"



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