Chapter 74 - I Am Xiao Mei's Fiancé

Chapter 74: I Am Xiao Mei\'s Fiancé

When MinFeng left Grandpa Feng\'s room, FengJiu came back together with Assistant Long and Doctor Mu.

"Ahh? MinFeng... Why are you outside?"

MinFeng arranged her hair that was sticking out of her bun. Whenever they leave the house, FengJiu always tied her hair in a bun.

Aside from MinFeng and her Yeye, nobody had seen FengJiu\'s long black hair. Even Xiao Mei and YanFei.

MinFeng intertwined their hands after arranging FengJiu\'s hair.

"Grandpa Feng said that we should go back. You have to rest. Remember you are carrying Little Bump."

MinFeng looked at Doctor Mu.

"I will leave Grandpa Feng in your hands, Doctor Mu."

Doctor Mu nodded.

"Do not worry, Mr. Lu, we will make sure to take good care of Chairman Feng. Miss Feng, visiting your grandfather will definitely make him happy. Happiness gives him a positive outlook which is good for his health. I hope you can visit him as often as possible."

FengJiu nodded.

"I will. I will definitely visit Yeye as often as possible. Thank you, Doctor Mu."

Long Jin moved forward.

"Miss Jiu, Mr. Lu, I will send you outside. Doctor Mu, Chairman is waiting for you inside."

FengJiu, MinFeng and Assistant Long left.

When Doctor Mu entered the room, he saw that XuanTian\'s face was full of smiles.

He stepped forward and looked at the monitor responsible for regulating and recording XuanTian\'s health.

"Chairman Feng, seems like something good happened today."

Doctor Mu checked XuanTian\'s chart as he spoke.

XuanTian laughed heartily. His eyes twinkled as he remembered the sensation he felt when he touched his great grandchild on FengJiu\'s abdomen.

"Doctor Mu.. This old man is very happy. Finally, when I close my eyes, I am assured that even if I leave my precious granddaughter, she will not be lonely. Knowing that FengJiu already has someone who will be with her after I die, my soul will forever be in peace."

Doctor Mu smiled.

"Chairman Feng, do you believe in miracles? I am a doctor, but I believe in miracles. As long as you believe, as long as you hope, everything is possible. Be positive."

XuanTian laughed.

"Indeed. After knowing that I\'m going to be a great grandfather, my body feels light. Ayeee... I do not want to ask for impossible things such as having a long life, I only hope that I could see my precious Little Bump before I die."

Doctor Mu touched XuanTian\'s shoulder.

"We will do our best to fulfill your wish, Chairman Feng."


After Xiao Mei met YanRong, she did not immediately go back home.

Like before, she took a stroll outside. It was already evening when she decided to return.

MinDe might be home half an hour later. She must return and prepare their dinner.

When Xiao Mei was \'abducted\', she did not want to stay with MinDe. She wanted to go and find FengJiu and ask her for a place to stay. She also wanted to work in the office. Even as an assistant will do.

But MinDe vetoed the idea. He threw a tantrum by not wearing anything inside the penthouse for two whole days.

Xiao Mei could not stand seeing MinDe\'s naked body so she could only forget her idea.

Xiao Mei\'s was forced to study arts and music like those noble miss in ancient era. Her father groomed her to become a perfect housewife. The perfect wife of a businessman. A wife that could show off her virtuous talent anytime, anywhere.

Since young, she already knew that her father only wanted her to be dependent on her husband. Like a puppet wife who only knew how to nod.

But she refused. So behind her father\'s back, she pursued the thing she loved.


Living with MinDe and cooking food for him made her happy.

She never felt this happy before. Xiao Mei was walking towards her car when she saw an old man squatting under the tree.

"Grandpa, what are you doing?"

Xiao Mei crouched beside him.

"I\'m hungry."


Xiao Mei looked at the strawberry cupcakes she brought. This cupcakes were not easy to buy. You have to set a reservation before you could buy one.

She had been craving for these cupcakes for days but looking at the poor old man who was very hungry, Xiao Mei immediately gave the box of cupcakes.

"Grandpa, eat this. These cupcakes are very delicious."

The old man received the box and stared at her.

"You are a good child. I want you for my grandson. Are you single?"

(A/N: Shameless!! XD)

Xiao Mei was left speechless.

She never thought that the old man was so shameless that he even wanted to pair her with his grandson.

She smiled forcefully. Xiao Mei did not bother ro answered. She stood up and patted her butt.

"Grandpa, eat those cupcakes, okay? I have to go. Do you want to go somewhere? I can accompany you there if you want."

The old man\'s face crumpled.

"Why are you not answering ahh? My grandson is very handsome, I tell you! If you marry him, your kids will be very beautiful!! So, are you single or not?"

Xiao Mei opened her mouth to speak when someone called her name.

"Little Mei.."

Xiao Mei froze. That voice who called her name was very familiar. When she turned her head, she saw Robert Johnson standing behind her.

"Big brother Robert."

She could not believe that he was here in Beijing.

"Why.. Why are you here?"

Robert stepped forward. He wanted to hug her but before he could even touch Xiao Mei\'s hand, the Old Man move between him and Xiao Mei.

"Snotty Brat, who are you?"

Robert looked at the Old Man who was glaring at him.

"I\'m her fiancé. I\'m Xiao Mei\'s fiancé. How about you? Who are you, grandpa?"

The Old Man snorted.

"I\'m her future grandfather in law. You are her fiancé? Ahh? But I don\'t have a grandson like you. My grandson is her fiancé."

Xiao Mei who was standing beside them could only roll her eyes.

\'What the heck is happening ahh?? Why is Big Brother Robert here?? And why is this old man behaving like a child??\'



Author\'s Side Note:

Robert was introduced at Chapter 24:

"Daddy wanted to expand the company so he wanted me to marry Johnson Holding\'s heir, Robert Johnson. Bahh.. I don\'t want to!!"


Who thought that Robert said those words (I Am Xiao Mei\'s Fiancé) on MinDe\'s face? Lols!

I think MinDe would kill him the moment he open his mouth XD