Chapter 25 - Lu MinFeng

Chapter 25: Lu MinFeng

MinFeng looked at Feng Jiu who was currently facing the refrigerator.

He stared at Xiao Mei as if she was a stain in his eyes. Xiao Mei was scared of his eyes, like a squirrel that was shivering while being cornered by a snake.

"Hohh.. Do you really know me? So, who am I?" his words were soft like a whisper, but it contained deep aggression. It was heavy and dark.

Xiao Mei gulped. \'This bad gege is Ah Jiu\'s boyfriend. This bad gege is Ah Jiu\'s boyfriend.

This bad gege is Ah Jiu\'s boyfriend.\' Like a mantra[1], Xiao Mei repeated those words while trying to calm her heart.

"I-I.. I really don\'t know you... But I think I know your brother."

"My brother?"

"Uhuh.. He looked exactly like you, like 60-80 percent? He looks like you but your personalities are different! You are bad but he\'s not. You are shameless but he\'s shy! He smiles like the sun, he smells like a flower. He\'s shy because he doesn\'t talk much, his eyes are like the stars above the sky.. shining brightly."

MinFeng contemplated for a while before saying, "I don\'t have a sibling like that."

"Impossible!! I am a hundred percent sure!"

"….Are you sure? I didn\'t know that I have a shy-type sibling that can smile like the sun."

"He\'s from Lu Family! So, you must be from Lu Family too!! Did Ah Jiu know?"

MinFeng once again glared at Xiao Mei, forcing her to shut up.

"Oh? MinFeng? Why are you still standing there?" Feng Jiu arrived while holding bottles of soda.

"Nothing. I have to go."

"Huh? Where are you going??" MinFeng just kissed her and went towards the door.

"Don\'t wait for me. I have to meet someone, someone who smiles like the sun." MinFeng smirked.

Xiao Mei suddenly have a bad premonition.



"How long *cough* do I have?"

"Chairman Feng..."

The doctor inwardly sighed. They had been trying to prolong Chairman Feng\'s life but all of them failed to do so.


"Speak. No need to conceal it from me. I know my body. I only have months to live, right?"

"Yes... You are correct Chairman Feng. You only have less than a year to live. 5 months at most."

XuanTian closed his eyes. He inhaled. His voice was quivering while saying, "Then, I thank you Director Lei for everything. Thank you doctor Mu and your team for taking good care of me in this past few years."

"No. We did not do anything at all. We tried but we failed."

Few minutes later, Director Lei and the other doctors went out of the room.

"Long Jin, call attorney Robert and Moyu. I have to arrange everything first before it\'s too late."

"Chairman, how about Miss J---"

"No need to tell her.. All I can do before I die is to marry her to someone that can take good care of her. I have to do it for the sake of her happiness... and for the sake of the company."


Feng Jiu was driving her car. She was very exhausted because of the upcoming Bidding Convention.

All of them in the company were working extra careful to avoid any mishap. MinFeng did not return home yesterday and she was expecting that he would be at home when she returned. She sped up her car, making her early than her normal time coming home.

She was smiling because she wanted to celebrate with MinFeng. The Feng International once again proved that their company would never wane and wither, even if some rivals would appear and try to topple them.

She was walking upstairs and went to MinFeng\'s room. although they slept together inside her room, his things are still inside the previous room he occupied.

Feng Jiu was afraid that her Yeye or other people would suddenly barge inside the house without prior notice.

She went to MinFeng\'s room and was about to knock when she heard him talking.


"How was it?"

MinFeng was currently standing beside the bed. He was undressing himself when Chen Hao suddenly called.

"Boss... Chairman Feng suddenly moved. He was preparing for his last will, and...."


"a-and he already started preparing for Miss Feng\'s wedding"

Chen Hao was full of sweat he was trying to calm his heart from beating so fast. MinFeng did not speak for almost a minute.

"We--we tried to bribe others, but we were still unable to get the details of Miss Feng\'s husband to be."

"Husband.To.Be?" If a voice could kill somebody, Chen Hao would\'ve died instantly.

"I-I mean that bastard who wanted to covet our Future Madam."

"You must get his information at all cost before Feng Jiu finds out that I am the Eldest Young Master of Lu Corporation."

"Yes boss. I will."

MinFeng closed his phone and was about to get dressed when he heard someone was clapping behind him. He turned his head and saw Feng Jiu slowly walking towards him while clapping her hands. MinFeng\'s face paled and wanted to walk towards her, but his feet were frozen stiff.

Feng Jiu smiled sweetly, as if MinFeng did not betray her by hiding his identity. "That was truly awesome. I never thought that you can hide deeply. You even escaped from my radar.. Truly befitting for the new head of Lu Corporation. Decisive and ruthless."

"Feng Jiu... Let me explain." MinFeng wanted to hold Feng Jiu but she moved away.

"MinFeng--- No, I don\'t even know if your name was truly MinFeng or not." She laughed while mocking him.

"Feng Jiu... This is me.. I\'m still the MinFeng you know.. Nothing has changed.. I am still me."

"No.. You are not MinFeng... You are Lu MinFeng. The Eldest Young Master of Lu Corporation. \'The Lu MinFeng\' not the MinFeng that was homeless and unemployed. Everything was just a charade for you. So, no, you are not MinFeng."

\'You are not the man I love.\'


[1]. Words or scriptures that was mostly used by monks in meditating. It will be repeatedly said for hundreds of times in meditation.


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