Chapter 127 - The Old Man Is Angry

Chapter 127: The Old Man Is Angry

YanFei was currently driving his car when his phone rang.

He immediately pushed the speaker mode and answered the phone.


"It\'s me."

YanFei clenched his hands that were on the steering wheel.


"Everything has been prepared. We are only waiting for the approval. Are you really sure about this?"

"Mmm... I can only do this."


"I don\'t need your opinion. I only need you to work for me."

The person fell silent.

"I understand."

"Call me when everything is done. Do it ASAP! The earlier, the better."

YanFei ended the call.

\'Ah Jiu... I\'m sorry... I hope you will forgive me someday...\'


MinFeng and FengJiu returned home. After the bombing incident, the media was very busy trying to gather data.

It has been few days after the incident but it was still the talk of the town.

FengJiu\'s birthday celebration was the top search in every Social Networking Sites.

Feng International\'s and Lu Corporation\'s weibo account was flooded with messages.

The two companies were bombarded with calls and reporters were crowding outside the two companies.

The two companies\' tried their best to control everything but their respective bosses were nowhere to be found. The other one was missing while the other one was searching.

The stocks of the two companies were starting to go down.

There were different rumors circulating on the internet. Many false news were starting to appear such as the death of FengJiu, MinFeng was crippled and was recuperating instead of searching for FengJiu, FengJiu committed suicide after being cornered by hooligans and many more.

Fortunately, on the second day, Old Man Lu moved.

In just few hours, the situation stabilized. The rumors vanished instantly.

The stocks went back to the normal range.

The reporters disappeared at the front of the two companies.

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Although everyone was very curious about the recent news regarding MinFeng and FengJiu, they were not able to find anything.

The reporters were called back and were reprimanded bu their superiors.

Every SNS account that was gossiping about the recent incident were shut down immediately. Everyone knew that someone was trying to suppress the news.

After a few days, everybody slowly forgot the bombing incident.

The operation within the two companies returned to normal.

After FengJiu woke up, MinFeng attached someone to take care of Feng International.

Ming Yue was assisting the person MinFeng sent so everything went smoothly.

Everyone soon stopped thinking about the incident.

Except one person, Old Man Lu.

MinFeng and FengJiu was still recuperating outside Beijing and the old man is very bored to death.

He could not visit MinFeng and FengJiu so he wanted to visit MinDe and Xiao Mei but sad to say, his second grandson only told him that he was a hindrance between him and Xiao Mei.

When Old Man Lu heard MinDe, he almost puked blood.

\'Ingrates! You ungrateful bastard!\'

Old Man Lu could only sulk inside his house.

When he thought about the branch family, Old Man Lu felt ecstatic.

\'That\'s right!! I have to avenge my grandfather in law! How dare they bully my precious granddaughter!!\'

"Little Nine! Were are you?!"

The assistant immediately ran towards his master.

"Yes, Old Chairman? Did you need something?"

"Call the President!! Tell him that I want him to do it now! Tell him to make sure the Feng Branch Family will vomit blood!"

"Yes! This servant understa---"


The assistant immediately answered the call.

"Yes! Yes!

Uhuh.... Mmm.. I get it!

Yes, thank you very much!

.....mmm.. I will tell the Old Chairman.

Thank you Assistant Chen."

The assistant closed his phone and placed it inside pocket at the back of his pants.

"Was it Chen Hao?"

"Replying to Old Chairman. It was indeed Assistant Chen. He called to inform you that Eldest Young Master wanted you to stay put and don\'t meddle in his affairs."

"What!? Why?!"

The Assistant only shook his head.

Assistant Chen only said to convey Eldest Young Master\'s words to Old Chairman. He did not tell him why.

Old Man Lu gnashed his teeth.

\'I\'m so bored!!! Why can\'t I play right now?! Can\'t I just toy with the branch family a little bit?? Humpf! That rascal should kowtow and express his gratitude!! I offered him some help but he mercilessly declined, saying I should not meddle with his own affairs!! Ungrateful bastard!! I will definitely tell FengJiu that you are bullying me!\'

The old man was so angry at MinFeng for prohibiting him from touching the branch family.

\'Humpf! Fine! I will behave for now.\'

"Old Chairman, should I still call the President?"

Old Man Lu snorted.

"Didn\'t you hear that bastard grandson of mine? Tsk. Fine."

The assistant bowed and left.

A few minutes later, the assistant once again ran towards Old Man Lu.

"Old Chairman Lu! Someone is looking for you!"

"Ahh? Who is it?"

"He said, he is Miss Xiao Mei\'s Father, Xiao Guan."

"Oh? Hehehehe... Good! Now, I\'m very bored. Luckily, someone sent himself at my door. Quickly! Let him enter!"

Old Man Lu grinned.

He imagined MinDe hugging him while expressing his gratitude.

Although he was still unable to infrom his good friend, Xiao Xiao, about Xiao Mei and MinDe\'s relationship, he was so sure that his good friend will support their relationship as much as he does.

When Old Man Lu saw Xiao Guan, he immediately nodded and ordered the servants to bring foods and drinks for him.

Xiao Guan immediately expressed his respect and saluted towards Old Man Lu.

"This humble man greets elder Lu."

"Mmm.. sit down. What are you doing here? How is your father? I haven\'t seen him for a while. Do you have something that you want to discuss with this Old Man?"

Xiao Guan nodded.

"It is regarding about my daughter, Xiao Mei."

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