Chapter 78 - Her Live-in Partner

Chapter 78: Her Live-in Partner

After YanRong cried for an hour, she stood up and went outside.

Her eyes were still red from crying.

When she passed the front desk, she saw that MinFeng\'s secretary, Rui, was still not on her desk.

It was better for her.

She did not want other people to see her like this.

YanRong went to her office and grabbed her bag.

When she left, she did not return to her place but she drove her car towards the nearest sea.

When she arrived, not a single soul was present.

She sat on the sand and drew a heart. Inside of it was hers and MinFeng\'s name.

"Feng ge.."

YanRong whispered.

When was it?

When was the time she fell in love with her Feng ge?

YanRong tried to recall everything.

She was seven years old when she first saw MinFeng.

That year, her grandfather visited Lu ancestral house.

Her grandfather was busy talking with Old Chairman Lu, so she ran towards the garden.

When she arrived, she saw MinDe sitting on the grass. He glared at her and arrogantly said,

"Who are you? If you want to stay here, you must pay for an entrance fee."

She grimaced and retorted back at him.

"Humpf! Why would I pay? A snotty kid like you is definitely not the owner of this garden!"

She and MinDe argued for almost half a day when an angelic voice spoke.

"MinDe... Do not fight with a girl. You are a boy. You must not bully girls. You should treasure girls."

When she turned her head, she saw a very handsome boy. His face was very similar to MinDe\'s.

That handsome boy was none other than her Feng ge.

Ever since she saw him, YanRong promised herself that she would marry him when they became adults.

While remembering the past, YanRong could not help but cry again.

"Feng ge.. Why are you like this?? What am I to you?? I\'ve been in love with you since we were young.. why can\'t you love me back??"

YanRong stared at the ocean.

She recalled the way Feng ge treated her.

She could still hear his hurtful words.

Those words pierced her heart a million times.

"Feng ge... YanRong loves you... Do not worry... YanRong will definitely accompany you once that bitch dies in my hands."

YanRong grabbed her phone and dialed Feng Jun.

"Hello. Why did you call? Didn\'t I tell you not to contact me unless it\'s important?"

Feng Jun was angry. He did not want YanRong to contact him.

"FengJiu\'s birthday is still far away. I can\'t wait that long."

"YanRong! Are you stupid??! You are going to destroy all of our plan because of your stupidity!!"

YanRong sneered.

"Feng Jun... Let me tell you this. I, YanRong, is the only one you can rely on. If you can\'t cooperate with me, then let\'s just end everything ahh...

It\'s not a big deal for me.. I can kill her on my own if I want to.. but... can you kill FengJiu on your own?"

Feng Jun went silent.

"I know we already planned to strike on her birthday but I realized I can\'t wait that long!!

Do not worry, my plan will not kill her... I just want to humiliate her. I want to show the world how disgusting that Feng-bitch is.

Few days later, there will be a charity event. Many businessmen and other notable people will attend. I want you to make sure that she will attend the event as your company\'s representative."

"What you want is a bit difficult. FengJiu never participated in any event ever since she became the CEO. She\'s aloof and doesn\'t want to mingle with other people."

YanRong snorted.

"She\'s smart not to attend in any event in these past few years. Having a face like her, I believe she will just stay in on the corner. Nobody will want to talk to hear. Humpf. She\'s way inferior and her face is mediocre.

That\'s the reason why I want her to attend the upcoming charity event. I want her to be humiliated in front of those people.

Do not worry. I will plan everything. Just make sure that Feng-bitch will be there."


"No \'buts\'!"

YanRong did not give Feng Jun a chance to speak before cutting the phone call.

YanRong laughed and dialed Xiao Mei\'s number.




YanRong almost threw her phone when Xiao Mei did not answered her call.

She frustratedly kicked the sand and redialed her number.


YanRong was taken aback.

Her call was answered by a man\'s voice.

YanRong felt like the voice was very familiar. She couldn\'t just pinpoint who but she\'s very sure that she knew the owner.


The voice was a little bit impatient.

YanRong coughed and answered.

"Hi. Is this Xiao Mei\'s phone? Where is she?"

"She\'s already asleep."

"Oh... May I know who you are?"

YanRong wanted to know who was speaking on the other side.

YanRong was still thinking hard when MinDe\'s face suddenly popped up on her mind.

She suddenly felt fear.

"... I\'m her live-in partner."

YanRong exhaled. It was impossible that the man was MinDe.

When YanRong heard the man address himself as Xiao Mei\'s live-in partner, she immediately scratched out the idea that he was MinDe.

MinDe hated women. The only exception was herself.

YanRong knew MinDe\'s true character. If that man was MinDe and he found out that she was planning something evil towards Xiao Mei, he would definitely kill her without any second thoughts.

Luckily, it was just a man with a similar voice as him.

"Can you please tell Xiao Mei to call me back tomorrow?"

"Enn. I will."

"Thank you."

When YanRong ended the call, she laughed loudly.

"Little Mei.. Little Mei.. Too bad you have a friend like that Feng-bitch.. I don\'t want to hurt you but I need you for my plan...

Ahhh... Little Mei... Do not disappoint me.."

YanRong laughed and laughed...

\'Xiao Mei, you are very valuable chess piece. must not disappoint me..\'

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