Chapter 79 - Fought the Evil Doer

Chapter 79: Fought the Evil Doer

After MinFeng left the office, he immediately went home.

He continuously cursed YanRong for trying to seduce him. If not for giving face to MinDe, he would have killed her the moment she crawled on his bed.

He was afraid that FengJiu might kill him if she found out that his tofu was eaten by someone else.

MinFeng prayed to all the gods. He hoped FengJiu would not get angry at him.

\'It\'s not my fault ah! I\'m innocent!\'

MinFeng was worried about the weird smell on his body. He was afraid that FengJiu would find out everything because of it but when he opened the door, a very pungent odor assaulted his nostrils. He could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows.

He searched for FengJiu and saw her eating bizarre fruits while reading a business magazine.

The first thing he noticed was the huge weird fruit which was placed on the center of the table.

He covered his nose and slowly trotted towards FengJiu. Deep inside, MinFeng celebrated. That stinky odor covered YanRong\'s scent.

"\'Ahh?? You\'re back?? How is your day??"

FengJiu stood up. She wanted to kiss MinFeng on the cheeks but he immediately took a step back.

"You stink."

MinFeng pinched his nose as if telling her that he did not like the smell of her mouth.

MinFeng really did not mind the pungent odor but he used it as an excuse so he could avoid FengJiu. He was being careful.

\'It\'s better to be safe than sorry.\'

MinFeng inwardly nodded. YanRong\'s perfume still lingered on him.

He must take a bath first and brush his teeth.

FengJiu pouted when she saw that he was avoiding her.

"What \'stink\' ah!! You picky eater!! This is durian! It\'s very delicious.. You want to try? There are also dragon fruits, horned melons and jackfruits[1]! Which one do you like?"

MinFeng shook his head.

"I\'m going to take a bath first. Do not eat until you\'re full. You have to eat dinner, okay?"


MinFeng immediately walked away. He did not see the naughty grin on FengJiu\'s face.

He quickly got out of FengJiu\'s sight and ran like he was being chased by a devil.

After he arrived inside their room, MinFeng unceremoniously stripped his clothes and walked towards the bathroom.

As he opened the shower, his heart that was beating fast finally calmed down.

When he remembered YanRong\'s touch, he could not help but grimace.

Like a virgin girl that was defiled by a flower thief[2], MinFeng scrubbed himself until his skin peeled off.

After bathing, he went to the sink to brush his teeth.

When he squeezed the toothpaste, he subconsciously glanced on the mirror in front of him. His eyes went wide when he saw a very huge red dot on his neck like someone sucked on that area repeatedly.


He could not help but curse. If YanRong was here, he would definitely punch her face for trying to take liberties with him.

MinFeng was currently thinking of a plan on how to hide this hideous mark when FengJiu\'s voice called his name seductively.


A naked FengJiu entered the bathroom.


He immediately placed his hand on his neck as if he was scratching it. His eyes were looking everywhere but her.


He answered while trying to cover his hickey by pretending to scratch it.

His move was so sloppy that FengJiu noticed his lame action.

She squinted her eyes and stared at him while walking forward.

MinFeng could feel that his body was shaking really hard.

"What are you doing? Why are you scratching your neck ahh??"

FengJiu grabbed his hand and pulled it down.

MinFeng chuckled forcefully.

"Ha-ha-ha. It\'s nothing. A bug bit me."

FengJiu smirked evilly. Her eyes were glaring at him.

"A bug?? Oh.. what a huge bug ahhh.. it\'s even bigger than those hickies I gave you.."

MinFeng paled. He knew, he could no longer conceal everything.

"Wife.. I-I\'m innocent ahh!! This husband is innocent!!"

FengJiu did not listen to his plea. She pulled a bathrobe and wrapped it on her body.

She turned and walked out so fast that she was out of the bathroom in a blink of an eye.

MinFeng was rooted to the floor after he saw FengJiu\'s reaction.

It took him a minute to gather his courage.

When he went out of the bathroom, FengJiu was still wearing a bathrobe.

She was on the bed while her arms were crossed on her chests.


Before MinFeng could finish his words, the door opened.

A servant carried a large plate and placed it on the table.

She immediately curtsied and left the room.

When MinFeng saw the \'item\' on the plate, he could not help but cry inwardly.

It\'s that stinky fruit called durian.

The plate was full of durian skin.

"Wife... Why is that thing here?"

MinFeng could feel a bad premonition on his heart.

FengJiu touched the durian skin and laughed maliciously when she felt its sharpness.

"MinFeng... Seems like this lady is very lenient on you ahh..."

MinFeng immediately ran and kneeled in front of her.

"Wife... Wife... Please listen to this husband!! This husband is innocent!!"


It seems like kneeling on a washboard is a child\'s play for you. Why don\'t you try kneeling on this durian skin??"

MinFeng almost grovelled on the floor.

"Wife.. listen to this husband. This husband was almost raped a while ago. This husband fought the evil doer and managed to defeat her!! This husband\'s body is still pure ahh!"

FengJiu went silent. She stared at MinFeng, who was still kneeling on the floor.

"Who was it?"

"It\'s.... It\'s Y-YanRong.. Wife.. please do not get angry at this husband."

MinFeng pleaded.

\'It\'s that YanRong again...\'

FengJiu\'s face darkened after hearing MinFeng\'s words.

She glared at him and snorted.

"I don\'t care... Lu MinFeng... I will still punish you for letting her mark on my territory.. but since it\'s not your fault that you are very handsome, I will decrease the level of your punishment..."

MinFeng nodded earnestly.

"This husband will accept any punishment.. as long as wife forgives me."

MinFeng did not have any idea that FengJiu\'s punishment was worse than kneeling on a durian skin.

When FengJiu saw MinFeng nod in agreement, she smiled.

She smiled like a great devil.



[1]. Fruits that were full of spikes

[2]. Rapist


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